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[2021] Best Sneaker Bot – Sneaker Copping Done Right!

By August 20, 2021March 23rd, 2022Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

The Best Bot for Sneaker Copping in 2021 - AIO BotFinding the best sneaker bot out there has become our very own personal mission!

You see, there is no such thing as the perfect time to get a bot. Especially since we’re never short on EPIC sneaker collabs, crazy colorways, and wild silhouettes! You’re always a few days or weeks away from a sneaker drop that can make you anywhere from $50 to $1000 profit per pair. 

And, you control how much money you make by choosing the right bot. Did you invest in the best sneaker bot? Or did you waste all your savings on some false-advertisement-bot? Here’s how you can do it right!

If you’re interested in finding a specific type of bot, just click on one of the links below! It’ll take you to the section that you care about the most! And, if you want a full list of the best sneaker bots in the industry, click here.

Don’t be Bot-phobic! Get Over It!

We’ve already gone over the pros and cons of having and running a bot. But, just in case you keep getting cold feet, we’ll tell you again! There’s no better or more efficient way to buy sneakers, especially in mass, except by using the best sneaker bot. 

In short, sneaker bots do what you do when shopping online, but much faster. And, they do it all while stepping over any kind of anti-bot security or limitation. So, get over whatever it is that you have against bots. And, join the ranks of the botter copping Ws!

Best Sneaker Bot 2021-2022

We’ve ruled this game since 2016. We KNOW how things go. And, we know how costly it can get to choose the wrong bot. The best sneaker bot does not come free. But, we also know the GREAT potential profit behind every sneaker release. So, believe us when we say, only invest in the top bots if you really want your money’s worth!

Things have been really hectic in the sneaker industry lately. Sneaker bot rankings change on every single drop! But, the best sneaker bot earned that title for a reason! Even if their performance fluctuates, they’re always up for a challenge.

Nevertheless, even those sneaker bots work better on some sneaker sites than others. So you really gotta know what to look for in your bot. 

Here are the best bots to buy sneakers on the market! *Note that they are listed in alphabetical order, and not in order of performance!

Best Bots By Type – 2021

Best All-in-one Bots

Best Bots for Demandware Hosted Websites - AIO_BotFor those of you going all in, an all-in-one bot might be the best sneaker bot for you. Get the best bang for their buck. – which is pretty smart and efficient, in our opinion.

As the name implies, AIO bots are bots that support many sneaker sites. These might include Adidas, Footsites, Yeezy Supply, Shopify sites, and sometimes even Supreme

Plus, AIO Bots are amazing in the sense that your options are UNLIMITED. You can try to cop the same sneaker from multiple sites, infinitely increasing your chances of purchasing. Now, as unbelievably nice as this sounds, AIO Bots tend to be somewhat pricey. And, the lack of focus on ONE type of site might mean inconsistent performance among these sites. MIGHT.

The best AIO sneaker bots now include:

      • Wrath Bot
      • Cybersole
      • AIO Bot
      • Nikeshoebot

Best For Shopify

Best_Bot for Shopify Sites - AIO_BotSo, Shopify stepped into the sneaker game in 2017. Back when Yeezy Supply was still a Shopify site and copping Yeezys was a real pain! 

Shopify as a platform that took anti-bot security to another level – making any sneaker dropping there THREE TIMES more hyped. But, no one really complained. Platforms like this with tricky drops are what really spice up the game for us. Soon after the best sneakers bots got the hang of Shopify, copping there was a breeze!

But, there are always top-performing bots that NEVER skip a drop. Those are the bots you need in your life! So, the best sneaker bot for Shopify:

      • Wrath bot
      • Cyber sole
      • Balko bot
      • Sole AIO
      • Mek AIO

The Best Sneaker Bot on Footsites

Best_Shoe_Bots for Footsites - AIO BotIf you don’t know what Footsites are, this guide will walk you through it. But, in short, Footsites are actually a group of sneaker retailers under the brand name Footlocker. 

For decades now, Footlocker’s name has been synonymous with sneakers and athletic gear. But, the past few years brought all Footsites into the limelight. Dropping all sorts of sneakers and limited edition items there made Footsites an obvious destination for sneakerheads. 

And, a somewhat easy target for the best sneaker bot out there. Now, if you were to drop your AIO Bot for a single-type sneaker bot, you should choose a Footsites bot like:

      • Kodai Bot
      • Ganesh
      • EasyCopBots
      • Wrath Bot
      • AIO Bot

Best Bot For Adidas 

Best_ for Demandware Hosted Websites - AIO BotSo, when we talk about the best sneaker bot to cop Adidas, we’re actually trying to cop Yeezys. That’s the truth. Adidas and Yeezy Supply are both the best places to buy Yeezys online at retail. Both are Demandware-hosted websites – which also means, they both use Akamai for anti-botting.

When both websites first shifted to Demandware, it was a bit of a cultural shock for sneaker botters. But, soon enough, the best sneaker bot found a loophole. And then, a few others cracked the code too! Even with the use of the Adidas CONFIRMED app, sneakerheads always find a way!

And, considering that Yeezys are one of the best sneakers to resell, you’ll definitely want a bot that cops Adidas! So, here are the best bots to cop Demandware-hosted websites:

      • AIO Bot
      • Balko Bot
      • Wrath Bot
      • Nike Shoe Bot

Best For Nike

The Best Nike_Bots - AIO_BotFinding the best sneaker bot for Nike might just be one of the most difficult things to do in this industry! Nike is MAD smart and they’re always updating their security measures. This makes copping without a sneaker bot very hard and tiring!

A lot of Nike sneakers drop on Footsites or other sneaker retailers. BUT, others drop on Nike SNKRS that has three types of drops – the FLOW, the LEO, and the DAN.

But, nonetheless, bots out there still figured out a way past that! With SNKRS specific proxies and the best sneaker bot out there, you can cop Nike like there’s no tomorrow! These bots include:

      • The Shit Bot
      • Project Enigma
      • uSNKRS
      • NeoSNKRS

The Best Sneaker Bot for Supreme

The Best_Bot for Supreme - AIO_BotThe best type of investment you could make that has guaranteed cashback is investing in a Supreme bot. And, the best sneaker bot out there HAS to support copping Supreme sneakers and apparel. Considering that they are one of the most hyped products on the planet, it would be ridiculous not to!

Also, some sneaker bots – like AIO Bot – offer Supreme copping services making it the ultimate all-in-one bot. But, others bot specialize strictly in Supreme, like:

      • AIO Bot
      • Balko Bot
      • MEK Robotics AIO
      • Wrath Bot

The Best Sneaker Bot Doesn’t Stand Alone!

On a final note, the thing you should know about the best sneaker bot in the world: it needs help. No matter what kind of bot you go for, you’ll still need a few extra things to help.

A bot is a well-oiled machine that requires fuel and a proper working environment. This means that it needs proxies to get it going and help you cop in bulk. And, you might need to rent a server depending on your internet speed and computer specs. 

So, check out the guides below. You’ll find out more about using your bot efficiently, choosing the proper proxies, and why you need a server!