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The 7 Most Amazing Air Jordan Releases - November 2016

7 Amazing Air Jordan Releases – November 2016

By November 4, 2016July 30th, 2020Sneakers

It’s hard not to love fall when it’s the start of the basketball season! But whether you’re part of the game and hitting the court or want to beat the norm of heavy boots in this season’s casual wear and aim for a fresher look, one thing’s certain– Nike Jordan’s are the perfect go-to brand! Their consistent new Air Jordan releases, multiple lines, and color schemes make it easy to find something everyone will love and this month, they have some awesome releases you’ll be thankful for!

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1.) Air Jordan Releases: AJ16 “French Blue”

November 5th, Nike Jordan will bring this bluer than blue style to men’s fashion in an exclusive introduction only at the Marcus Jordan Trophy Room in Disney Springs. With its combination of full-grain and patent leather features, as well as each shoe, being individually numbered, it’s easy to see why they’re keeping it on a personal level. Although the retro sneaker’s launch date is later than originally planned and the pricing isn’t set yet, it’s definitely worth the wait if this color is essential to your wardrobe.

Air Jordan 18 French Blue

2.) Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”

Talk about a day of big Air Jordan releases! November 5th will also provide another epic selection in men’s footwear as this shoe makes a comeback for the first time in three years. Running around $160, the gym red heel, white leather base, and the famous black toe spell for an eye-catching effect whether you’re at the local basketball court or out and about with friends and family.


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3.) Air Jordan 31 N7

If you’ve been searching for a sneaker style unlike any other, look no further! This $185 design, launching November 7th, is as deviant as it comes. From the white and blue fly weave to the white, purple, and metallic gold color-way in the soles and branding.

Air Jordan 31 N7

4.) Jordan Dub Zero “2016”

On the 9th of this month, We’ll see 3 new Air Jordan releases. One of which is the Jordan Dub Zero 2016. Although it features the familiar baseline, these sneakers stand out from the Dub Zero Oreo. It’s black and white cookie-inspired twin, as well as the gray and pink Dub Zero GG, with their white and silver color scheme accented by volt yellow.


5.) Air Jordan 13 “What is Love”

When it comes to shoes, options are definitely something to love. With this Asian launch, the What is Love line draws inspo from Single’s Day. And the Jordan brand respectfully included two incredible designs for both men and woman, which both are available for grade-school kids as well! The fiery red, wear-away sneaker paired with a mesmerizing black pattern on the back of the base and above the sole makes for a masculine look while the more elegant light turquoise style is a perfect style for women.

Air Jordan What is love

6.) Air Jordan 12 “Royal Blue”

Following the day after the What is Love launch, we will find the second all blue take-over shoe! These $200 12 Royal’s are made of blue suede, leather mudguards, and rubber soles along with minimal white and silver accents on the heel, tongue, and branding. Its contrasting features make for a unique appearance.


7.) Air Jordan 9 “Kobe”

Zipping through time, we land mid-month on November 19th. When we’ll be meet the first retro pair in Lakers’ color scheme. With a special dedication to the famous Kobe Bryant, even though it features Michael Jordan’s number embroidered on the back. Yet, the white base with vivid purple patent leather and bold gold details make this $190 pair of sneakers worth investing in.


With all these amazing Jordans releasing before Thanksgiving, you could rock the Holiday season with the best look! For more news on Nike styles and appealing footwear, visit our blogs: AIObot blog and ANBbot blog

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