10 Best Places to Sell Yeezy Boost Sneakers

By March 22, 2017June 18th, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

The 10 Places to Sell Yeezy Boost - AIO BotSo, you got a fresh pair of Yeezys or you got one on ice, and want to resell it? Sneaker reselling is one of the money-making side-hustle! You’ll make your investment back PLUS a handsome bit of profit. But, once you’ve decided that you wanna get into sneaker resale, you gotta figure out the best places to sell Yeezy Boost sneakers!

The thing is, Yeezys are a HOT commodity on the aftermarket. So, you have a lot of options at your disposal – each reselling platform has a unique set of benefits and a few drawbacks. You gotta check them all out and choose the best place to sell Yeezy boost sneakers. That’s why we listed 10 of the best places to sell Yeezy Boost below.

But, before we actually teach you where to sell Yeezy Boost sneakers, you gotta first actually HAVE them! And, to do that, you have to run a sneaker bot on every Yeezy drop – you gotta know where to buy them, the exact time to cop them, and the proper bot for the job. From our long-running experience of copping Yeezys online, AIO Bot is the one and only bot up for it. It’s the oldest standing sneaker bot in the industry that supports over 100 websites – including Demandware sites like Adidas and Yeezy Supply! Pair AIO Bot with the right proxies and servers, and you’ll have the smoothest cop in Yeezy history! Wanna get lucky with Yeezys? Click on the button below!



How to Pick a Reselling Platform?

Choosing where to sell Yeezy Boost sneakers, or any limited hyped sneakers depends on many factors – the transaction fees, authenticity check, and the platform’s reputation. You don’t wanna be selling your Yeezys on a shady-ass website – Yeezys don’t come cheap! Of course, once you start reselling, Yeezys will not seem so expensive anymore!

Resale prices tend to go up the ROOF, so no one wants to risk buying fake Yeezys. So, platforms providing legit checks are always a better place to buy and sell Yeezy Boost. Also, to maximize your profit, you should opt for a platform that cuts out a relatively small transaction fee. But, don’t get too greedy! Instead, make sure you find the right balance – a reliable platform with fair, reasonable fees. To learn more about the sneaker reselling industry as a whole, click here to find out more!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Places to Sell Yeezy Boost Sneakers - AIO Bot BlogWhere Can You Sell Yeezy Boost?

#1 StockX

StockX Website - AIO BotYou want to live like the Wolf of Wall Street reselling sneakers? StockX is the perfect site to help you pull off such a feat. This is the official stock market of sneakers. Every time Kanye West releases a new pair of Yeezys, the Adidas index rises in anticipation of the commodity. That’s right, StockX has an index for every major sneaker in the game! Yeezy Boost 350s and 750s often sell for between one thousand and two thousand dollars! This is why selling your Yeezys on StockX guarantees that you will definitely find a buyer.

StockX boasts professional verification methods to ensure your Yeezys are 100% authentic, and you get a fair price each time you sell with them. StockX is also easy to use! Just post your deadstock Yeezys, set your asking price, and once a buyer sets a matching bid, your Yeezys are automatically SOLD.

Or, you can quickly sell Yeezy Boost sneakers by accepting the highest buyer’s offer. They charge fees based on a sliding scale according to your level as a seller – decreasing as your sales increase, and they never charge anything upfront. They want you to be successful. Just don’t flake on a buyer, or they’ll hit you with a fifteen percent fee off the transaction price!


GOAT Website - Places to Sell Yeezy Boost - AIO BotThe platform inspired by buying fakes off eBay turned into one of the best and most powerful sneaker reselling marketplaces in the industry! The idea of GOAT sparked back in 2015 and rose up to the expectations of all sneakerheads very quickly. Just like StockX, and other major reselling platforms, GOAT offers sneakers authentication!

So, you definitely won’t be getting no fakes here. Also, GOAT flaunts a large selection of sneakers, OG, and classic sneakers -you can even find never-seen-before pairs of kicks. Buying and selling sneakers on GOAT is made easy through its first-of-a-kind mobile app. This richness in stock and the impeccable legit check process made GOAT more worthy of its name than ever – legit Greatest Of All Time. And, with the increased fame, GOAT had to expand the business and own a bigger share of the 6 billion dollars reselling industry. 

In February 2018, GOAT Group merged with Flight Club – the renowned sneaker resellers – operating 3 retail stores for rare sneakers – in a deal valued at 60 MILLION dollars. And just 1 year later, Foot Locker makes a strategic investment of $100 Million in GOAT, raising the brand’s valuation to $550 Million! The biggest downfall, however, would be the 25% to 30% cut GOAT takes of every transaction! So, that’s on you to decide – how much are you willing to pay to sell your Yeezys?

#3 Grailed

GRAILED Website - AIO BotNext on our list is Grailed. This is the holy land of all things designer, chic, and downright expensive AF. Wipe your feet before you click on the link – it’s that boujee. Luxury enthusiasts from around the world come here to buy and sell rare apparel and footwear. Everything depends on a system of community promotions and reputations.

So, you got a pair of Yeezy Boost 350s you want to invest in? Hit “sell” in your user profile and post a couple of shots of the shoes. Then, set your price, sit back, and wait. Once a buyer comes along (and they WILL come), and buys your Yeezys, the sale is secure via PayPal. As the seller, you are guaranteed payment, and buyers are protected by Grailed’s zero-tolerance policy for fraud. In return for helping you sell your Yeezys, Grailed asks for a flat-rate fee of 9% per transaction.

#4 Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods Website - AIO BotStadium Goods is the freshest consignment shop on the internet. It’s also super simple to use! All you gotta do is send them your Yeezys and they take care of the rest! The entire selling process is streamlined for the convenience of sellers and buyers. You can meet with a consignment specialist in person or ship your Yeezys through FedEx.

They inspect the Yeezys and store them in their warehouse until the time of sale. Stadium Goods protect Yeezy sellers by guaranteed payment. They protect buyers by multiple authenticity checks. Stadium Goods will keep you updated on the price and sale status of your Yeezys and alert you of any changes. Best features of Stadium Goods? Guaranteed deadstock, cold storage,  and quick sale. For all that, all they ask for is a 20% commission fee in return.

#5 Kixify

KIXIFY Website - AIO BotKixify was founded in 2013 as the worldwide marketplace to buy and sell sneakers. The site is similar to StockX, but there is no bidding system. You set a price to sell Yeezy Boost sneakers and buyers will decide if they want to purchase them at that price. Kixify founded its global community on a system of trust and PayPal-protected payments. Any frauds or counterfeit sneakers are refunded and the seller will be banned.

Kixify connects sneaker collectors worldwide and asks for an 8% commission fee in exchange for each sale you make – straightforward, simple, and easy.

#6 Flight Club

Flight Club Website - AIO BotThere are two rules in Flight Club. Rule number 1: Only dope kicks on Flight club. And rule number 2: ONLY DOPE KICKS ON FLIGHT CLUB! Ain’t no breaking these rules. This site has a long-standing history of selling the best quality sneakers on the market. They have been around for over a decade and have a large following of sellers and buyers. They have stores in Fairfax, NY, and Los Angeles, CA.

Selling is pretty simple! You send in your Yeezys and their professional consigners set a price with you according to market data. The consigners sell your Yeezys and send you a check worth 80% of the buyer’s price. Selling with them IS easy, but in return for their reputation and expertise, they ask a 20% fee for every sale.

#7 K’lekt

KLEKT Website - Places to Sell Yeezy Boost - AIO BotK’LEKT is another worldwide marketplace for you to sell Yeezy Boosts sneakers on. It supports buyers and sellers by keeping a unique marketplace with sign-up! You can post your Yeezys for sale whenever you want, and wherever you are. PayPal protects the buyers through PayPal Buyer Insurance!

That ensures you’ll always have people to sell your Yeezys to! K’LEKT charges up to 20% commission fees and it comes directly out of your PayPal account. The commission fee comes right with the price set. So, buyers can’t really tell that there is an added fee, and sellers don’t actually pay anything extra. It works both ways!

#8 Amazon

Amazon Website - AIO BotAmazon is one of the MOST popular websites for online shopping ever. We’d know because we’ve spent a good amount of money there buying all kinds of crap AND Yeezys! Over a BILLION people visit Amazon – a freakin’ BILLION! Hey, sneakerheads gotta do some online shopping on Amazon too! So, it’s no surprise that you can sell Yeezy Boost sneakers there as well.

But, when selling on Amazon, you have to take time to build up your reputation as a seller since there are so many frauds on the site. You gotta get people to actually trust you! You sell Yeezy Boost in an auction-style, set the price, and buyers will bid up to their highest offer. 

If you are a professional seller, they will not charge you a selling fee. But for individuals, they will charge about 6 – 25% fee for each sale made. Just, make sure you ain’t copping fakes.

#9 Craigslist

Craigslist Website - AIO BotCraigslist: an easy way to sell Yeezy Boost sneakers with no fees. It kinda feels like a virtual dark alley where you try to buy shady stuff. If you’re into that, this is the website for you! You place an ad and wait. The buyers in your area will either call or email to set up a “meet”.

Ain’t nothing shady about that. We love one-on-one meetings with strangers off the web coming to sell you some Yeezys, right? The downside is that Craigslist is pretty local, so you got a very limited span of selling area.  You really gotta spread some Yeezy love and put your Yeezy up on broader websites. And besides, the websites offer absolutely no type of protection whatsoever

#10 eBay

eBay Website - Places to Sell Yeezy Boost - AIO BotFinally, we got eBay! We told you we’re gonna cover every place you can sell your Yeezys on – and that includes eBay. eBay is time-tested, tried, and true. This is possibly the biggest online marketplace for anything you can possibly want. And who doesn’t want those new Yeezy Foam Runners? So fresh.

Like Amazon, it may take some time to become an established seller on eBay – a total turn-off for some buyers. The website is an online auction house – sellers set the price for their Yeezys, and buyers bid up to the highest price they are willing to pay. You can make some serious money selling your Yeezys on eBay, but buyers must beware as there are potential fakes on the market. eBay charges sellers 10% of the total sale amount up to $750.

In recent news, and in efforts to further strengthen its presence in the reselling game, eBay is eliminating sneaker selling fees. According to Jeff Chan, eBay’s head of men’s footwear and apparel is making a comeback. While other reselling platforms have taken a big share of the market – thanks to their low selling fees and legit check services – eBay had to cancel selling fees once and for all. However, for now, this applies to North American sellers only, and sneakers sold for $100 or more. Not too shabby for now, but we’re hoping this generosity reaches all regions sometime soon.

Just One More!

If you’re looking to maximize your profit and cut back on selling fees, you might wanna reconsider flipping through a reselling platform. Thanks to social media, and platforms like Discord you can now Sell Yeezy Boost or any sneakers you want, for 0% fees. You can set up your own account, take incredible pictures of your sneakers, and start selling. However, this method of reselling has a downfall, like all the others.

In order to make it in such a field, and with the absence of experts legit checking your sneakers, it might take you some time before you establish your name as a reseller. But you’d be making more profit. And one more piece of advice: always handle your payments through PayPal. You gotta protect your business and reputation.

You can also check out Another Lane, a new sneaker reselling platform that puts the community first by fighting the gentrification in the sneaker resell market. Another Lane encourages communication between seller and buyer. It is a membership-only platform that requires newcomers to undergo thorough investigation and have references before they’re accepted. And, to add to that, the sneakers on Another Lane are NOT deadstock. So, you can also consider them as a place to sell your Yeezy Boost!

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