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The 10 Grooviest 90s Sneakers You And Your Dad Can Flex Together

By January 11, 2022Food for thought, Sneaker News

The Top 90s Sneakers - AIO BotThe 90s was definitely THE time to be alive – especially with all the greatest sneaker releases ever! The Nike x Jordan collaboration kicked off during that decade. We had Nike to Jordan, New Balance to Reebok. And so much more! The list is truly endless! But, we’ve put together 10 of the best and grooviest 90s sneakers ever! 

Also, it’s worth noting how certain sneaker styles have changed over the years. We’ve actually noticed this with a lot of trends! If you want, you can check out 60 years of sneaker style evolution by clicking on the button below!



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Nike Air Trainer SC - 90s_Sneakers - AIO BotOne of the coolest and most popular 90s sneakers is the NIKE AIR TRAINER SC. This is one of the greatest Tinker Hatfield kicks of our time! It is a classic sneaker that offers optimum support for all kinds of activities. A shoe that does it all! It features increased ankle support with a PU midsole and a bubble Air unit! PLUS, the waffle pattern at the outsole gives it even better traction! Its models and colorway are popular to this day! Groovey!
Original Release: 1990

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Nike SB Dunk - 90s_Sneakers - AIO BotIt’s needless to say that the Nike Dunks are timeless 90s sneakers! They SLAM DUNK-ed 2020, even 2021! They’re uber-cool. It started out as a skater’s favorite due to its stability and low collar. But, then became a sneaker for all! It has extra paddings and Zoom Air insoles. Also, it has some of the coolest colorways ever! Not to mention the coolest collabs like Supreme, or Travis Scott!
Original Release: 1998

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Nike Air Flight Huarache - 90s Sneakers - AIO BotThese 90s sneakers work to provide the basic necessity of an athletic sneaker! In other words, they’re comfortable and functional – as any Nike kick would be. It doesn’t have any extra features for aesthetic purposes. It is 100% functional, light-weight, breathable, and super comfortable! Some describe these sneakers as feet-hugging kicks. Very fetch.
Original Release: 1992

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Air Jordan 4 - 90s_Sneakers - AIO Bot.jpg

Next, we’ve got Jordans! Technically, these were THE 90s sneakers considering it was around the time that Michael Jordan debuted his kicks! The Air Jordan 4 concentrated on performance on and off the basketball court. In short, it was a work of pure Tinker genius! It has extra ankle support and molded mesh! Also, it is a Jordan that you can lace in over 10 different styles! That’s PHAT! Check out the upcoming AJ4 Red Thunder in 2022!
Original Release: 1990

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Jordan Retro 6 - 90s Sneakers - AIO BotSo, the AJ6 was the first-ever Jordan with an internal bootie, Porsche-inspired pull tabs, and a visible Air unit! PLUS, it was the shoe that MJ wore to win the league and Finals MVP! So, a very classic 90s sneakers indeed! He wore them for the first time in 1995 and often wore them with suits! This is kinda why it also featured patent leather! Totally rad! Check out the upcoming AJ6 Midnight Navy in 2022!
Original Release: 1991

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New Balance M998 - 90s Sneakers - AIO BotNext, we’ve got the New Balance M998 – a sneaker for heavy-runners! But, the sleek design on these kicks made sneakerheads everywhere wanna wear them too! Also, it was kinda like a breakthrough in sneaker technology with its retro-techno style lacing system. Hella fly!
Original Release: 1993


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New Balance 1500 - 90s_Sneakers - AIO BotAlso, we’ve got the New Balance 1500 – another 90s sneakers favorite! People called it ‘the closest thing to the perfect running shoe’. Which is a big statement! But, considering that Steve Jobs kept rocking New Balance kicks, it has to be true! Now, they’re one of the most popular streetwear style sneakers! Definitely all that and a bag of chips!
Original Release: 1993

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Vans Half Cab - 90s_Sneakers - AIO BotAnd, we can’t forget about the Vans Half Cab. A classic 90s sneakers that everyone – including your mom and dad – owned! It featured suede uppers in a technical mid-collar skate-sneaker style. If you really wanted to know the 411, you had to have a pair of the Half Cabs first!
Original Release: 1991

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Reebok Omni Pump - 90s Sneakers - AIO BotPlus, we’ve got the Reebok Pumps – one of the most revolutionary kicks with an automatic pump feature. It inflates the tongue as you walk which makes it super fun and different. Also, it is one of the most popular Reebok designs in history. The biggest model was the Reebok Pump Court Victory that tennis star, Michael Chang, wore! Speaking of Reebok, teasers on a new Bape collab are out. check them here. Totally tubular!
Original Release: 1990

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Asics Gel Lyte III - 90s_Sneakers - AIO Bot

Finally, we’ve got the Asics Gel Lyte III with its signature gel cushioning! It had special features including the Sure-lace system and the Abzorb technology. It has a very timeless design and a complete athletic feel. Also, it’s very famous for its contrasting colors and amazing color-blocking. Doesn’t get cooler than that!
Original Release: 1990