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Address Jigging: How to Jig Address for Copping Multiple Sneakers

By October 23, 2023Bot, Sneaker Tutorial

Address Jigging - How to Jig Address - AIO BotYou know what’s even better than copping sneakers for retail? Copping sneakers IN BULK! Investing in the $6 Billion industry has become one of the most profitable side hustles out there. All you have to do is learn how to buy multiple sneakers for retail and later resell them on sites like StockX. But you probably already know that and you’re here to take your copping game to the next level. And we’re gonna give it to you straight, the secret to copping in bulk comes down to two things: address jigging and proxies. In other words, it all relates to your sneaker copping method and strategies.

We know this might sound a bit confusing, or contradictory. Isn’t copping in bulk using proxies enough? Well, yes! However, what are you going to do about shipping, billing, and other info? Your jig is up! How are you supposed to pull off the masquerade of “multiple people” and then use the same billing/shipping information? Your cover will be compromised, and so will your entire copping attempt. And, all your efforts will be for nothing! Unless you learn how to jig address for copping multiple sneakers at the same time! Keep reading to find out!

A Rundown On Sneaker Copping

In case you’re not a veteran in the sneaker industry just yet, let’s give you a quick rundown on the basics of sneaker copping so you don’t get confused. The basis for it all is finding yourself one of the best sneaker bots out there. If your focus is primarily on Nike and Jordan releases, look for a top-notch Nike bot.

Once you’ve got your bot in place, the next step is securing suitable proxies. Make sure to use the right ones and the right amount. And to avoid last-minute setup crashes and internet lags, consider renting a sneaker server. And as we’ve just told you, to buy multiple kicks and become a reseller that makes tons of cash on the aftermarket, you gotta learn how address jigging works. 

Now, for a more thorough guide on mastering sneaker copping, you’ve got two options. You can either choose a specific topic of interest from the list below. OR you can click on the red button for a complete CHEAT SHEET on mastering sneaker copping. 


1. Learning about anti-bot security
2. The best sneaker bots in the game
3. The best sneaker servers you can rent
4. And, all the best proxy providers out there
5. A full, complete list of sneaker cook groups
6. Why do you need to solve CAPTCHAs for copping?
7. Where to find early sneaker links for hyped releases?
8. How do website browser cookies help you with copping?
9. The best online sneaker websites to hit on a sneaker release
10. Finally, how to resell sneakers online and make a ton of money!


Address_Jigging II - AIO BotBefore you learn how to jig address, you have to know the different types of address jigging there are! Also, if you’re looking into becoming a sneaker reseller, you have to have a lot of options to help you out. A single method is just not gonna cut it! So, here are the 5 types of address jigging: 

  1. Phone number jigs
    2. Email address jigs
    3. Shipping/billing address jigs
    4. Credit card number jigs
    5. IP address jigs


First, we’re gonna begin with the address jigging journey by learning how to jig PHONE NUMBERS! It’s actually one of the easier jigs on this list! The key is using different phone numbers for each customer profile you use.

But, you don’t need to actually go out and buy different phone numbers! You can just make them up. However, you have to make sure they all have the same area code as the billing address.


Next, we’ve got address jigging in the form of EMAIL ADDRESSES. The best and most effective way would have to be using catch-all emails to purchase a domain and create emails using that domain. This way all your messages will come to the same inbox! But, it isn’t AS safe as using a trusted email provider. You can create different email addresses in a pinch! This is the most time-efficient and common way to jig email addresses.

You can always create variations of your currently existing Gmail. But, that’s more of a hassle.


Address Jigging III - AIO BotHowever, the most important part of learning how to jig address is the SHIPPING AND BILLING ADDRESS jigging. Of course, you can always use friends and family addresses, but that won’t cut it for a reseller! So, here are  tried and true methods to jig your address:

The 4-Letter Jig
Add 4 random letters at the START of your address
0101 All-in-One Blvd → ACHK 0101 All-in-One Blvd

Abbreviation Jig
Use common word abbreviations to create a whole new address where street turns into str! Apartment into apt, road into rd, and so on! You can even switch out certain words where apartments could be called units!
0101 All-in-One Boulevard → 0101 All-in-One Blvd

Number Jig
Add random numbers AFTER your address
0101 Sneaker Bot Str → 0101 Sneaker Bot Str 0193

Apartment Jig
Add a random apartment number! *Note – use this technique only if you do NOT live in an apartment complex. Or else, someone else will get a BIG surprise!
0101 Botting Street → 0101 Botting Street, Apt. #1

On & At Jig: Add the word “on” or “at” BETWEEN street number and street name
0101 Botting Street → 0101 on/at Botting Street)


Address_Jigging - AIO BotAnd, then we have address jigging for CREDIT CARD NUMBERS. Here’s where things get the tiniest bit tricky but still very feasible. You see, for successful multiple sneaker cops, you have to have multiple credit card numbers. Every billing profile has to have its own credit card number! And, you can easily learn how to jig address credit cards online!

You go for banks that have the option of creating virtual credit cards (VCCs) linked to your main account! This way you can create tons of credit cards for as many sneaker cops as you want! You can get VCCs from the following places:

Citi VCC
Capital One Eno

BUT, you can use each VCC on ONE specific website. They call this a merchant lock! This means that once you use this card on a specific sneaker site, you can’t use it on another.


How to Jig Address - Address Jigging - AIO BotFinally, we have the last and our personal favorite trick for address jigging – IP ADDRESS JIGS! Now, this isn’t much of a trick as it is a true precaution and necessity: proxies!

Since we’re all about learning how to jig address, an IP address also counts! Proxies help you use different IP addresses for every task you send out. And, if you’re using a sneaker bot, you’re gonna need them anyway! So, just make sure you use good proxies for jigging and copping alike!





– Any VCCs will do
– Random phone numbers (they don’t call)
– Gmail works fine
– The 4-Letter Address Jigging for home address
– Use ISP proxies
– Check for the best Shopify bots



– Privacy or Revolut VCCs
– Random phone numbers (they don’t call)
– Gmail works fine
– The 4-Letter Address Jigging for home address
– Use DC and ISP proxies
– Check for the best Adidas/Yeezy bots



– Capital One or Citi VCCs
– Random phone numbers (they just send confirmation text)
– Gmail works fine
– The 4-Letter Address Jigging for home address
– Use Residential proxies
– Check for the best Nike bots



– Any VCCs will do
– Random phone number with matching area code
– Different emails (any provider)
– You do not need to change your home address
– Use ISP or Residential proxies
– Check for the best Footsites bot



– Any VCCs
– Random phone numbers with matching area code
– Different emails (any provider)
– The 4-Letter Address Jigging and Apartment Jigging for home address
– Use DC and ISP proxies
– Check for the best Supreme bots