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The Very First Adidas 350 V2 GRANITE (Unbranded YEEZY!)

By January 5, 2023Adidas

First Adidas 350 V2 GRANITE - AIO BotWe have to face the facts, Adidas Yeezy no longer exists. The year 2022 has not been kind to the Three Stripes. And things have definitely changed in the game. Adidas ended its partnership with Ye, people started selling off their Yeezys, and the fate of Yeezy releases became unknown. But, shortly after all the chaos, something even stranger happened. Adidas announced that they will be producing Yeezy-less Yeezys in 2023. This brings us to the topic on hand: the first Adidas 350 V2 release!

Yes, we’re talking about an unbranded Yeezy release. It looks like a Yeezy and probably smells like a Yeezy… But, it is NOT a Yeezy. So, what does that mean for other Yeezy models? Since the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is now the first Adidas Adidas 350 V2, what about the rest?

  • Will the Yeezy Foam Runner become Adidas Foam Runner?
  • And the Yeezy slides become Adidas slides?
  • OR, the Yeezy 700s into Adidas 700?

That’s a world we don’t know if we can live in! But, this is our reality, we might as well accept it. And so, we might as well give this first Adidas 350 V2 a chance. Let’s give it a look!

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So, the very first Adidas 350 V2 release will come in the GRANITE colorway. This all feels like adding salt to the wound considering it looks EXACTLY like the Yeezy Boost 350 GRANITE. One of the dead Yeezys that were stuck in limbo!

It keeps the same exact design as the Yeezy 350 V2 with the exact same colorway. It comes with a GRANITE PrimeKnit upper and the BOOST technology cushioned soles. Plus, it comes with the SPLY-350 knit pattern black side stripe. Also, other details include tonal laces and stitching on the tongue. 

Other details include probably include a Yeezy-less branded insole instead of the usual co-branded ones. The Adidas 350 V2 also comes with semi-translucent grey rubber midsoles. Now, although this feels like we’re describing a Yeezy 350 V2, it’s not. Sorry… 

Adidas 350 V2 GraniteFurthermore, apparently, the Adidas 350 V2 GRANITE will come at a retail price of $230 – pretty steep! In fact, it will come in at $230 for men, $160 for kids, and $140 for infants. Now, we did not have many issues paying $200+ for these kicks when they had the Yeezy brand on them. But now, without Ye, we can’t justify the retail price! Especially when we consider the fact that Adidas is saving around $301 MILLION in royalties

The release of the Adidas 350 V2 GRANITE comes somewhere in January 2023 through Adidas CONFIRMED and select retailers. Also, it is going to come in full-family size which is the same as the Yeezy sizing.


So, the Adidas 350 V2 comes after the end of the long-running Yeezy partnership with Adidas that ended in October. Now that Adidas plans to use the Yeezy designs without the Yeezy, everything is going to change. This 350 is just the beginning of things. In fact, there are rumors of yet another unbranded Yeezy on its way, an Adidas 500! But, the Three Swoosh has not yet confirmed when!

Therefore, we’ll make sure to keep you up to date on all the new things to come. So, make sure you keep it locked on our blog and Instagram @aiobot for more news!