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Are Adidas and Kanye West Back Together? A Rumored Deal!

By February 25, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

Are Adidas and Kanye West Back Together - AIO BotAre Adidas and Kanye back together? Yes, people have been asking that question lately. And, not without reason!

So, we’re going to go on a limb and say that we called it FIRST. We recently discussed the whole incident of Yeezy Supply shutting down. We said that Kanye West will be back, Yeezy will be back, and Yeezy Supply will be back.

Now, to put a little context to our little rant, we have to give you some background information. You see, Kanye West is a controversial man — not just with Adidas. Some might argue that he is THE most controversial man in sneaker history – which we agree with. But also, others might argue that he is THE most genius mastermind in history – which we also agree with. However, no one can deny that Ye has had moments that were HELLA controversial and not at all genius.

Starting with his anti-Semitic comments which ultimately resulted in his direct breakup with Adidas. Of course, there were a lot of things that led up to that decision like his “White Lives Matter”. Or, going up on an episode of Drink Champs and saying that “Adidas can’t drop me”. Like, bro! Even if that IS true, you CAN NOT say that!

He went from creating the cancel culture to getting himself canceled!

In short, Adidas and Kanye West have a VERY toxic relationship. Maybe even worse than his relationship with Kim K… someone had to say it. But, now Kanye has a new wife; should Adidas move on too?

Well, apparently, they can’t!


Adidas and Kanye Back Together - AIO BotHere’s the thing. Rumors are circulating that Adidas and Kanye West may have reached an agreement to revive their collaboration. However, we’re very sorry to break it to you…

That’s just clickbait.

Because, although Adidas and Kanye DO seem to have come to an agreement. It is not actually about getting back together. This is all more like a custody case as opposed to rekindling an old sneaker romance. The actual agreement is about selling the remaining $500 MILLION in Yeezy sneakers. But, why would Adidas want to strike a deal with Kanye after everything that has happened?

Easy. The money!

The Adidas and Kanye West breakup cost the Three Stripes a LOT of money. Apparently, Adidas stands to lose around $1.3 billion in unsold Yeezys. Obviously, the choice of Yeezy-less Yeezys proved to be the WRONG one! Let’s be honest, Pharrell Williams’ collaboration isn’t enough to save Adidas – even if he IS now working with Louis Vuitton.

What does this “new agreement” include?

Yay Ye - AIO BotSo, if Adidas and Kanye West have reached an agreement, what are they agreeing about? Well, obviously, Adidas wants to get rid of the remaining stock of Yeezys. The new deal reportedly includes selling select non-branded Yeezys with no production of new Yeezy designs. And, we assume that Kanye will still be getting royalties for them.

But, why do they need Kanye to sell the Yeezys?

Well, the remaining Yeezys in stock all had the Yeezy logo on them! And, unless Adidas wants to send them all to produce and conduct a full sneaker autopsy… they can’t take them off! So, in short, they need Kanye.


To cap it all, Kanye went under for a while then came back with a new wife and a new deal! If Adidas and Kanye do actually end up getting back together, that will most likely break the internet. Even more, than Kim K’s ass did. But, it will also wreak havoc in the sneaker reselling industry. We expect the Yeezy resale value to skyrocket once again.

So, to those who said that Yeezys are dead, or to those who sold their Yeezys or BURNED them… we have one thing to say: