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Adidas Bad Bunny Response CL Dresses in All Black this Summer!

By June 22, 2023Adidas, Sneaker News

Adidas Bad Bunny Response CL Triple Black AIO BotSo in the past year or so, Adidas has been struggling with its collaborations and partnerships. From breakups to failures, the three stripes brand really is in deep… trouble. But you see, there’s always something good to pull from the bad. And no, we don’t only mean sneakers for under-retail. There’s always at least something to look forward to! And by that, we mean the new Adidas Bad Bunny Response CL. Who knew black-on-black would change the vibe of this silhouette?

Bad Bunny and Adidas Servin’ Colors and Style!

If you thought the J Balvin and Jordan Brand is the only collab that can serve colorful kicks, you’re wrong. Bad Bunny and Adidas are totally knocking it out of the park with all the kicks they dropped. From the Forums to the Campus and Response CL, the partnership is certainly one of the most versatile. And if we’re honest here, the Nike vs Adidas clash certainly went to another level with the Latin artists! Anyway, summer 2023 is turning the heat up with the new collabs including the new Adidas Bad Bunny Response CL!

This Ain’t the First Rodeo for Adidas Bad Bunny Response CL

When you ask peeps about summer colors, black certainly won’t be one of the top 5 answers. But well, leave it to Bad Bunny to make shit look happy even if it’s monochromatic as heck. Long story short, the new Adidas Bad Bunny Response CL is the complete opposite of the first version. In March 2022, we got two colorways of the Response CL. The first was a muted white and grey pair, but the second was a poppin’ yellow shoe! It’s safe to say that the yellow colorway was a hit, because why not?

Bad_Bunny Logo - AIO BotAdidas Bad Bunny Response CL: Black Is Such a Happy Color!

But now, 2023 is bringing in a whole different vibe yo! Instead of a light theme, the kicks will be just black. The upper will rock the usual wavy details over an all-black mix of materials. But, the three stripes will come in dark purple. If you ask us, it’s giving some serious Wolverine vibes, and we ain’t complaining about that at all!

Feeling a Bit Black and Purple?

We get it, and you should totally go for these if you’re a fan. The new Adidas Bad Bunny Response CL will drop on June 24, 2023, and will retail for $160. If you’re thinking of copping kicks in bulk, this is a great option for you! Why? Because you can flip the kicks for $251 on average. And finally, the bulky dad shoe trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so why not hop on the bandwagon?

Adidas Bad Bunny Response CL Triple Black 

Release Date: June 24, 2023
Colorway: Core Black – Legend Ink – Utility Black
Style Code: HQ2153
Retail Price: $160
Avg. Resale: $251

Triple Black Bad Bunny Adidas response AIO Bot

Bad Bunny Adidas Response Black