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All Adidas Boost Shoes That Aren’t Yeezys!

By April 20, 2022Adidas

If you were to keep track of all upcoming sneaker releases and news, you’d probably lose your mind. A lot is going on in the sneaker industry, and standing out as a brand is challenging – Even for big names like Adidas and Nike. That’s why most brands resort to incorporating new technologies that meet everyone’s needs. And one example that easily outshines all others is Adidas Boost shoes.

Adidas Boost Shoes Feature

Very few sneaker technologies have made it so far, to have their name become synonymous with the shoes they’re featured in. So, if you’re all about comfort and practicality, this guide here will help you. However, if you’re looking to flex the Yeezy aesthetic, check this guide on Yeezy alternatives.

The Story Behind Adidas Boost Shoes Technology

Unlike what you might think, Adidas’ infamous Boost technology isn’t entirely Adidas’. And it didn’t start first with Yeezys or NMDs. This technology has a long history and is a product of the Adidas Innovation Team (AIT) and German chemists BASF. Boost mainly aims at delivering soft and responsive cushioning. This breakthrough technology managed to overthrow EVA foam, an industry standard for running shoes. But the introduction of Boost changed how we define comfort, durability, and high performance. A Boost midsole features thousands of expanded particles that offer more energy return in every stride.

Adidas introduced Boost into its running sneakers line back in 2013. And over the years, this technology made it into the soles of over 15 Adidas silhouettes. These include the iconic Yeezy 350s and 700s, which turned boost into a staple of the streetwear industry.

Non-Yeezy Adidas Boost Shoes

So Boost was there before Yeezys; just to put that debate to rest . This means there must be Adidas Boost shoes that date back to before the Kanye West X Adidas partnership.

And so, the first pair of Adidas Boost shoes were the Energy Boost launched first in 2013. Following that initial reveal, Adidas incorporated Boost in many of its lifestyle and running shoes. You can check most of them below.

nonyeezys Adidas Boost shoes

Do all Yeezys Have Boost?

Since the Yeezy silhouettes taking most of the fame are the 350s and 700s, and since they feature Boost, you might believe that all Yeezys come with boost.

But in reality, as time goes by, Adidas and Kanye have been utilizing other materials in different models. However, the first Yeezy sneaker to ditch Boost was the 500. And at the time, it was such a big deal that the sneaker industry was buzzing with news that Boost technology was dead! That’s clearly not the case, but go ahead and read about it here.

So Which Yeezys don’t Feature Boost?

We all think the iconic Yeezy 500 was the first to break the Boost cycle, however, the first Boostless Yeezy wasn’t it. The Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas was the first-ever Boostless Yeezy. Now, some might argue that this shoe isn’t even a Yeezy. But, well, if Kanye calls it a Yeezy, then it is!
Other silhouettes include Yeezy Boots, Yeezy 450s, foamrunners, and the phenomenal Yeezy slides

What Adidas Boost Shoes Should You Buy?

If the price was an obstacle to you, Yeezy Boost sneakers will automatically drop off your shopping list. So, going for Adidas Boost shoes that aren’t Yeezys makes a wiser decision in this case. You’ll get the same level of comfort, a variety of colorways, and lower prices. Moreover, occasional discounts and deals apply to these silhouettes, unlike Yeezys which always sell for the same retail price. However, if nothing can replace Kanye’s creativity for you, then Yeezys it is.

But here’s the catch! Most Yeezys are still hype and buying a pair online for retail is almost impossible to pull off. So, you’d have to pay resale and buy a pair off the resale market. A good pair of Yeezys will cost you an easy $100 to $300 OVER the retail price. But you can’t put a price on love!

Boost less Adidas Yeezy

Now, the better, more efficient solution is to buy Yeezys online using a Yeezy bot. A sneaker bot can automate your purchase process helping you on so many levels:

  1. Buy Yeezys for the retail price
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It all sounds too easy to be true, but it is easy! Using one of the best sneaker bots out there you can accomplish so much, and cop any pair of limited edition sneakers you want! Not Just Yeezys or Adidas Boost Shoes, we’re talking about Dunks, Air Max, and most importantly Air Jordans!