Adidas Yeezy BOOST Technology: Gone for Good?

By October 31, 2017 October 29th, 2020 Adidas, Yeezy

Boost-less Yeezys… Again!adidas-yeezy-desert-rat-500

The new Yeezy “Desert Rat 500” surfaced and besides its new dad-shoes design, the most interesting part is that it does not include Adidas Boost technology. And not that it’s the first time in Yeezy history, BUT it was a shocker!

We’ve seen the Yeezy Powerphase before, which similarly, didn’t feature boost material in the soles. And we all know those weren’t as hype as the V2s. This leads us to think that maybe the boost technology was a great selling point for previous Yeezys. So now we’re skeptical about whether or not Adidas and Kanye are letting go of Boost Tech. We’ve made some hypotheses for y’all so here it goes!

Following the Trends

Currently, we are witnessing Adidas Yeezys moving from the sleek and futuristic look, to a more chunky retro dad shoe style. We can see it with the Wave Runner 700 and now with the Desert Rat 500. It isn’t the first time designers revive an old fashion model. This year, dad shoes were trendier than ever, and we can clearly see the Yeezys shifting into that direction.  

The point is, trends happen fast. If sneakers designers want to comply to the changing trends, they need to be quick on their feet.  Adidas Boost material is manufactured overseas and takes time to make. This offers no help when Kanye wants to quickly board the trend train. However, one major step Kanye’s taking toward speeding Yeezy creation and release is moving Yeezy production to the U.S. And though this won’t happen until 2021, we now know that Yeezy Boost isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s coming closer to us, and to Nike, fighting on its own land. Speaking of Nike, have you seen their creative and highly unique Nike Joyride technology?

Hypothesis 1: Prioritizing on following trends by making quick productions instead of waiting for Boost material.

Adidas Boost and Production cost

Adidas Boost your game

When wondering why Yeezys are so damn expensive, you can always expect the answer to be: “it features Adidas Boost”. This unique material is manufactured overseas in a chemical lab in Germany, Badische Anilin & Soda-Fabrik (BASF), and it’s NOT cheap!

The Yeezy Wave Runner 700s, that came with Adidas Boost in the soles had a hefty pre-sale price of $300. But very recently, a new Yeezy appeared, known as Desert Rat 500, and it loosely resembles the Runners in its chunkiness and bulkiness. However, it does not contain the Adidas Boost.

When one Twitter user wondered how he’ll explain to his parents why he spent $300+ on the Desert Rat 500, the Yeezy Mafia responded, “You won’t have to drop $300 my g.” Perhaps, removing Adidas Boost from Yeezys can make them cheaper to buy. That means Kanye’s dream of making Yeezys more attainable to everyone could come true after all.

Hypothesis 2: Removing the Adidas Boost from Yeezys to lower the price.


Stock Level IncreaseAdidas Boost Soles

Boost technology took years to develop, and it doesn’t even belong to the Adidas. Relying on material that is rare and out of your direct control is too risky. Adidas is dependent on the manufacturers of Boost, the BASF, giving them the upper hand in Boost production. Therefore, removing the scarce and expensive material can lower the production price, and increase the number of produced units. Ditching the Adidas Boost material might be the answer to the big issue regarding Yeezys’ limited stock levels.

If Adidas rely on their own technology, like adiPRENE, they will be able to govern how many Yeezys to produce. However, when it comes to the Adidas Boost technology in performance sneakers, it seems that Adidas will still work with BASF since we’ve recently seen its Ultra Boost 4.0 making an early appearance.

Hypothesis 3: Removing Adidas Boost from Yeezys to increase the stock level.

But what about the hype status?

Imagine a future where Yeezys are affordable and widely available. What would happen if everyone could go to their local FootLocker and buy a pair? Wouldn’t the hype for Yeezys die?

That’s precisely what happened to the Jordans. A company can learn valuable lessons at the expense of its competitor’s failures. So the wonderful world of Yeezys for all seems pretty unrealistic.

There are a couple of different factors that create the hype surrounding Yeezys. Adidas Boost is just one of them. In addition, there’s the fact that these shoes are exclusive, which makes them very popular among sneakerheads. Plus, there’s, of course, Kanye and his “Halo effect”. So we can’t really say that taking away one factor can take away all the hype, but it will surely affect. After all, you all know how things went with the Yeezy Powerpahse. And if you don’t, that just proves our point! So as long as  Kanye and the Kardashians flaunt unreleased Yeezys, they will remain hyped.

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Update 2019: What How’s The Boost Looking?

2 years later, The Adidas BOOST technology is still standing strong!
In fact, Adidas and Kanye have gone a bit too far, we might say, with the number of Adidas Yeezy Boost sneakers they’ve dropped during these 2 years. Not that we’re complaining, but it looks like Adidas Boost stock is pretty high. 2019 alone saw the release of over 36 Yeezy sneakers, out of which 28 featured Adidas BOOST beads in the soles. And with so many previews of the 2020 Yeezys, it seems that BOOST is here to stay!