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Yeezys Adidas BOOST Technology: Could It Go for Good?

By October 31, 2017July 21st, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

Adidas Boost Technology - AIO BotThe Adidas Boost technology used on our beloved Yeezys is one of the most innovative sneaker technology in existence! Not only did it change the course of sneaker cushioning in the whole sneaker industry, but it altered Adidas’ future.

Although Adidas integrated the Boost technology into their running line back in 2013, it was YEEZY that shattered the game! According to Yeezy history, the very first time we’ve seen the Yeezy Boost duo in action was in the 750s! Needless to say, they were and still are one of the most legendary and coveted sneakers to date. Later that same year, Adidas x Yeezy came out with the line of 350s. It was the Boost and the Primeknit love story of the century! Here’s a rundown of the Adidas Boost story:

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Adidas Boxes - Banner - AIO Bot

Adidas Boost is a revolutionary performance sneaker technology! The Adidas Innovation Team (AIT) and the German chemists of BASF worked together to produce this groundbreaking technology. At that time, it was all about the EVA foam that everyone was using around the industry. Boost was about to change it all.

They introduced a midsole composed of THOUSANDS of expanded particles that work together to deliver a surge of energy. BUT, Adidas doesn’t actually own the Boost technology. No. Adidas just pays BASF for the exclusive rights to this technology. 


The Adidas Boost technology includes thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material expanded to create closed cells surrounding little pockets of AIR! In other words, it is expanded thermoplastic polyurethane – eTPU! Its properties include:

  • High elasticity
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Super flexibility and durability
  • Has the power to absorb and return power and performance
  • Cope with a wide range of temperatures (can withstand whatever weather)



Boost_Technology in Yeezy 750s - AIO Bot

So, the reason we care so much about the Adidas Boost technology is because of the Yeezy Boosts! Therefore, we gotta wonder whether or not the production cost of this technology contributes to the expensive Yeezy retail price.

Here’s the thing! Badische Anilin & Soda-Fabrik (BASF) manufacture this unique material overseas in their chemical lab in Germany, and it is NOT cheap!

The Yeezy 700 Wave Runner, which came with Adidas Boost in the soles, had a hefty pre-sale price of $300. And then, sometime later, the Yeezy 500 came out! It loosely resembles the 700s with the chunkiness and bulkiness. However, it does NOT contain the Boost and retailed for $200. 


Therefore, here’s our theory: removing Adidas Boost from Yeezys apparently made them cheaper to buy. But, will Kanye keep doing that in the future to make Yeezys more attainable to all?


Adidas Boost Technology in Yeezy 700 - AIO Bot

Another reason we think our precious Kanye shoes might lose the Adidas Boost mojo is following trends. We’ve seen sneaker styles move from sleek futuristic looks to Chucky retro dad shoes, and then back to modern alien vibes! The trends keep changing all the time!

The point is, trends happen fast. If sneaker designers want to comply with the changing trends, they need to be QUICK on their feet.

Adidas Boost material is manufactured overseas and takes time to make. Even Yeezys are made overseas! This offers no help when Kanye wants to quickly board the trend train. Probably the biggest reason why Kanye wants to move Yeezy production to the U.S. (without the Boosts?)


In short, our second theory on the Adidas Boost technology disappearing is sneaker trends. Prioritizing on following trends by making quick productions instead of waiting for Boost material.


Yeezy_350 Boost_Technology - AIO Bot

Adidas Boost technology took YEARS to develop, and it doesn’t even belong to Adidas. Therefore, relying on material that is rare and out of your direct control is too risky. Adidas is dependent on the manufacturers of Boost, the BASF, giving them the upper hand in Boost-related production. 

Therefore, removing the scarce and expensive material can lower the production price, and increase the stock levels. Ditching the Adidas Boost material might be the answer to the big issue regarding Yeezys’ stock levels. Obviously, something Kanye is VERY interested in. If Adidas relies on their OWN technology, like the adiPRENE, they will have more control. 


Another reason why Kanye might be keen to slowly take the Boost out of the picture is stock levels! Removing Adidas Boost from Yeezys will definitely make it easier to increase the stock levels.


Imagine a future where Yeezys are affordable and widely available. A future where EVERYONE could easily cop a pair of Yeezys. What would happen if everyone could go to their local FootLocker and buy a pair? Wouldn’t the Yeezy hype for Yeezys die?

There are a couple of different factors that create the hype surrounding Yeezys. Adidas Boost is just one of them. In addition, there’s the fact that these shoes are exclusive, which makes them very popular among sneakerheads. Also, of course, Kanye and his “Halo effect”. So, we can’t really say that taking away one factor can take away all the hype, but it will surely affect. 

In short, as long as they’re hyped, you’ll still be needing a sneaker bot to actually cop them. The button below is for all the information you need regarding sneaker bots.