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Adidas CLOT Collab: Is That What a Sneaker Death Wish Looks Like?

Adidas CLOT Rumors AIO BotThere’s only so much that our sneakerhead heart can handle all at once guys. And this year has been a rollercoaster of breakups, collaborations, and everything in between! So just when you think that you’ve seen it all, CLOT drops the latest bomb. But y’all know that we have so many questions. And the main question we have right now is: Does CLOT have a freaking death wish?! Let’s find that out and check out the rumors about an Adidas CLOT partnership! (We didn’t imagine we’d be talking about this either man…)

CLOT and Nike No More?

Since 2006, Nike and CLOT have been solid collaborators with even more solid drops. I mean, who doesn’t remember their Kiss of Death Air Max 1? That’s not all though, because year after year, the two brands built a whole repertoire! You can take a look at the full history of the partnership here if you want. Anyway, their latest drops are still fresh in our minds. From the Clotez to the three-way CLOT Fragment Dunk, they did not disappoint at all.

One Last Hurrah!

But you see, even the best things must come to an end… and that sadly applies to Nike x CLOT. According to the latest rumors, the brands are going to drop one last collaborative Nike Dunk Low. These kicks will drop under the name “What the CLOT”. And well, the “What The” line is a celebration of all previous successful colorways of a collab or silhouette. And with the rumor of CLOT leaving Nike, this colorway seems like the perfect send-off, huh?

Nike What the CLOT Dunk Low AIO BotAdidas CLOT Collab: Another Partnership to the Graveyard?

Not to be a pessimist, but you know what happened to previous Adidas collabs everyone got excited for? Some ended up not looking good, others a complete flop, and some dropped the whole thing altogether. If anticlimactic was a sneaker, it would be some of these collaborative releases. (We’re saying this with love of course…) From Kanye to IVY PARK and even Fear of God, the prospect ain’t looking good.

And when we heard that CLOT is moving over to Adidas, it was a complete shocker. It’s not every day that a brand chooses the stripes over the checks. Anyway, there is no confirmation on this specific news yet. The only current source of information is a sneaker insider, but what do we know? In the meantime, we recommend that you take a look at the age-old Nike vs Adidas debate. And if you’re looking for something more current, hold your horses! The upcoming July Jordan releases are dope AF. They’re as hot as the month itself… which is very! Check ‘em out here and maybe add some of these babies to your shopping list!