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How Does the Adidas Confirmed App Work? Find Out More…

By August 20, 2021August 25th, 2021Adidas, Bot

How to Use the Adidas CONFIRMED App - AIO BotThe Adidas Confirmed app is an app that offers a curated selection of exclusive sneaker collaborations and limited-run releases. CONFIRMED is the place to go for all the best Adidas releases.

Obviously, Adidas owns this app. Duh! That much is pretty self-explanatory. What we really wanna know is how it works and how to use it. Sneaker brands are using a lot more exclusivity with dedicated apps and exclusive access. Such was the case with Yeezy day, SNKRS day, and Nike’s latest Exclusive Access. So, these apps are staying for the long run, and you gotta know how to use them to up your copping.

What Is Adidas Confirmed App?

Adidas Confirmed App LOGO - AIO BotThe Adidas Confirmed app is not the only place to buy sneakers online. You’ve got tons of online sneaker retailers, different consignment stores, and (if it comes to it) the resale market.

But, finding places to buy sneakers online isn’t the issue here. Brands like Adidas and Nike supposedly created their confirmed apps to make sneaker copping easier. They also simultaneously made their app the HUB for exclusive products and releases. If you wanna get your hands on epic sneaker collaborations, you’re gonna need the app! High-heat limited-run releases? Still need the app.

Adidas created this app in 2015 that resurfaced (revamped) in 2020. We get what they’re trying to do here. They’re trying to make sneaker copping fair game. But, what about connections and backdooring? It isn’t just about bots.

People started using all kinds of ways to increase their copping chances. They put effort into getting the best proxies, renting out a server, and dedicatedly running their sneaker bots!

Plus, this is not like the Adidas app. You can’t buy Adidas general releases – ONLY hyped collaborations dropping.

“With a community-first approach,” Adidas said, “Confirmed will be the meeting point between exclusive products, a unique take on content built by the most relevant tastemakers, and the type of storytelling that fuels culture.”

What About Bots?

The Adidas Confirmed app is just another anti-bot security measure. Sneaker brands are just being bitter at this point! Since most of their tactics to keep out bots have failed so far, they’ve resorted to dedicated apps.

The funny thing about this all is that brands do not understand that almost all sneakerheads are resellers at heart. Everyone would jump at the chance of reselling a hyped sneaker for a couple of grand if they could! 

So, if they think they’re selling their sneakers exclusively to people who won’t sell them, they’re WRONG.

But, they’ve been trying to do this for YEARS. And, the thing is, we’re still copping. They still haven’t found a strategy without sneaker bots finding a loophole. So, the Adidas Confirmed app ain’t got nothing on us!

How Does the Adidas Confirmed App Work?

Adidas_Confirmed Application - Phone View - AIO Bot

  • First things first, you have to download the Adidas Confirmed app to get it to work. Pretty basic stuff. You go to your app store or play store or whatever app-providing platform you have, look it up, and download! 
  • Next, you have to create your very own account. We also suggest that you fill out all your personal information right off the bat. Put in your delivery address, your default sizing, and your payment method. This will make the entire process move a lot smoother on release day.
  • Moving forward, after you’re settled and registered, you can scroll through the app for upcoming sneaker releases.
  • The app is split into three sections (big surprise).
    – You’ve got the HOME menu – for scrolling through the most popular upcoming sneaker releases, plus featured articles.
    SHOP section – features all the products in-stock and all those coming soon (with release dates and sign-ups for reminders)
    PROFILE section – the place where you can check, update, or change anything regarding your address or payment methods

Now, although the Adidas Confirmed app sounds pretty easy to use, you have to know one thing. Most sneakers on this app are available through a raffle and then sell out instantly! You have to know when they drop and be ready to go for it. Raffles on the Adidas Confirmed app usually start around 9:00 AM EST.

You will have a set period of time to enter the raffle. So, get ready, set, and GO!

  • Go to the app
  • Select your size 
  • Confirm 

After that, sit back and wait for your W or L. It’s totally random which means all users get the same chance of winning (or losing!).

Don’t Blink!

During the time of the actual release on the Adidas Confirmed app, you’ll mostly be waiting. You’ll be in a waiting room with a loading screen. But, no matter how long it takes, absolutely do NOT refresh. You will most likely get banned if you do that. The page has its own automatic refresh.

When, or if, you do get picked, the screen will take you to a process of picking the size. This is where speed makes all the difference. If you blink, you miss! 

Adidas Golden Ticket

The Adidas Confirmed app is giving people a chance to cop a whole bunch of Ws using the Golden Ticket. If this sounds like something straight out of a Willy Wonka movie, then that’s because it basically is!

It has the same concept: Up until August 23rd, 2021, users can enter the raffle before Members’ Week starts. You will get a chance to win the Golden Ticket on the app and have a guaranteed opportunity to cop some heat!

That’s basically it, folks!

We know that the Adidas Confirmed app seems more like a hassle than your regular sneaker copping. But, let’s just humor Adidas and have some fun with the raffles! All while simultaneously copping sneakers, like the new Air Jordan 36, using a top-notch sneaker bot!