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Adidas Cuts Yeezy Prices by Half & We’re Shooketh!

By June 11, 2024Sneaker News, Yeezy

AIO Bot - Adidas Cuts Yeezy Prices By Half (2)From flying off shelves in a matter of minutes to struggling to get ‘em off the shelves. This is one short sad story based on the real-life events of Adidas Yeezys! So, what exactly happened to lead up to this point? And why did Adidas take such a step of cutting the price of new Yeezy releases by HALF? Read through to learn more about this!

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Adidas Slashes Yeezy Prices by Half

Adidas Cuts Yeezy Prices By Half - AIO Bot Well, pre-breakup, Kanye West did promise us that everyone will be able to afford a Yeezy, sometime in the future. But, for the life of us, we would’ve never thought Yeezys would actually have to lose half their value for people to afford them. 

So, let us break it down to you one step at a time. Last weekend, Yeezys were spotted at Adidas outlet stores in Dubai at half their retail prices. One week later, following an inelegant (for lack of a better word) sell-off of remaining Yeezy stock, Adidas cuts some Yeezy models’ prices by half! These silhouettes include the YZY 450, the 700 MVN and the 350 CMPCT. And the sale will last till the 13th of June. 

But, why would Adidas cut Yeezy prices in half instead of giving them more time to clear out completely? Well, as far as we know, the Three Stripes wants to liquidate all remaining inventory and clear its name from Yeezys once and for all!

What Does That Exactly Mean? 

You see, ever since Ye and Adidas called it off, Adidas has been suffering from great losses. To the point where its place on the foot chain was threatened. This is mainly due to the whole Kanye controversy that happened during AND after the clumsy fallout

In other words, Adidas gave up potential profits for the sake of clearing out Yeezy stock and getting this controversy either way. Because, as you may know, Yeezys has been standing in the way of Adidas’ future with everything kind of undecided. So, Adidas is basically up for a financial hit after cutting Yeezy prices in half, for the sake of washing its hand off Yeezs for good. 

Now, logically speaking, Adidas needs to complete and end this half-finished business to put its all and completely focus on future strategy. Because as we’ve just mentioned, the Three Stripes doesn’t exactly want to lose its place in the industry. It’s also the company’s way of clearing the way for new designs. 

So, does this mean that Yeezys are officially dead? Well, here’s our analysis of the matter!