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The Adidas Fear of God Collaboration Rekindled & Reimagined

By December 20, 2022Adidas

Adidas Fear of God Collaboration - AIO BotSo, needless to say, Adidas has not been having the greatest year so far. With everything that happened with Kanye West from ending their partnership to selling Yeezy-less Yeezys; it’s been tough. Therefore, news of rekindling a reimagined look for the Adidas Fear of God collaboration is much needed!

It’s been two years since Adidas and Fear of God announced their partnership together. This was just a little while after FoG’s Jerry Lorenzo left Nike – swapping the Swoosh for Three Stripes. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because Kanye West did the same thing when he left Nike in 2013. However, although we were ALL stoked for the Adidas Fear of God power duo, we didn’t get much of it! The most recent thing we had was the pale yellow capsule released at Shanghai’s INNERSECT festival in January.

But, when Adidas debuted the “Remember The Why” apparel collection, we thought this was it. The entire capsule had extreme FoG vibes. And so, we all thought that this was the latest Adidas Fear of God release! However, in a statement by Fear of God, it was obvious that the collection is not associated with FoG. BUT, it also did include an announcement of upcoming collaborative designs with the Three Stripes! 


“Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God are not involved or connected to the Adidas Basketball “Remember The Why” campaign and collection launching this holiday season. The partnership between Adidas and Jerry Lorenzo has evolved over the past two years to a concentrated focus on the creation and development of Fear of God Athletics.

With the intent to maximize the opportunity with Fear of God Athletics, this unobstructed focal point will provide Fear of God and Adidas the necessary capacity to deliver against an uncompromised and unparalleled performance vision that is set to transcend both sport and fashion.

Both houses look forward to sharing more in the first half of 2023 and remain enthusiastic about the vision for our collective partnership.”

Apparently, the reaction has prompted the Adidas Fear of God pair to speak out on their collaboration. And, if we’re speaking honestly, Adidas needs this! Bad Bunny’s taking a break, the future of the Adidas Pharrell Williams sneakers is unknown, and there’s the Yeezy cemetery. So, things are looking pretty bleak for the Three Stripes. This might be JUST what they need to come back from limbo!


Circa 2023

So, apparently, this Adidas collaboration is now back on track with a whole new direction in mind. You see, there was a specific vision for the collab when it first started. FoG and Nike did amazing work on their court-ready basketball shoes – like the Nike FoG 1. Therefore, Adidas wanted to bring the same energy to its designs! Back in 2020, when the Adidas Fear of God partnership went public, Jerry Lorenzo said:

“Adidas and Fear of God share the same dream for the future of basketball, on and beyond the court and we look forward to changing the face of the industry through a new model that will unfold before us in the coming years.”

But now, the Adidas FoG collaboration might come with a focus more than just basketball. We look forward to the upcoming capsule slated for the first part of 2023. Could this be the next Yeezy alternative? Let’s wait and see!