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Adidas Strikes Again with the New Adidas Foam Runner Sneaker!

By July 11, 2022Adidas, Yeezy

Adidas Foam Runner Fake - AIO BotThings are pretty heated at the Three Stripes headquarters with the latest Adidas strike – the Adidas Foam Runner sneaker Yeezy lookalike. Is this another power move against Kanye West? Will this be the last straw for Ye? Keep reading to find out!

So, most recently, Adidas announced the release of their Adidas Adilette 22 – slip-on slides in an array of neutral colorways. However, that’s not where things started going downhill. If you take one look at these slides, all you can see are the Adidas Yeezy Slides. They’re the exact fraternal twin of Ye’s slides, with a few changes to them. This includes a ridge-patterned construction that makes it look like it was 3D printed. And, needless to say, Kanye was LIVID. Read more about the fake Slides here! This makes the Adidas Foam Runner their second fake Yeezy!

But, why would Kanye be mad? Well, for starters, this isn’t another Walmart Feezy incident. Kanye’s longstanding sneaker partner from 2015 is manufacturing sneakers with HIS design. Kanye’s brand prerogative. And, the Foam Runners happens to be one of the best-selling Yeezy models to date! So, this is Adidas Foam Runner VS Yeezy Foam Runner. Find out more!

Yeezy Foamies VS Adidas Foamies - AIO Bot


Last year, pictures of what looked like another Yeezy Foam Runner surfaced online. However, upon further inspection, it turned out to be an Adidas Foam Runner sneaker! People first thought that this was the next iteration of Ye’s Foamies – like Foam Runner V2. Or, perhaps another new take on the Foamies like the YZY Rose

But, weirdly enough, it only sported the German sportswear’s name! Only Adidas, no Adidas YEEZY? Odd…

Adidas Foam Runner Sneaker - AIO Bot

These shoes don’t currently have a name but people are sticking with Adidas Foam Runner or AdiFoam Runner! It featured a sculpted exterior in a single-piece blend of EVA material. It also has cut-out perforations similar to the ones on the Foamies but in a more curved shape. Also, it comes with an all-black rubber outsole giving it the only actual difference from the Yeezy Foam Runner. 

BUT, Adidas didn’t stop there! They engineered a knit sock that fits into the upper complete with in-built laces to complete the Adidas Foam Runner. It comes with branding in orange stitching and a Trefoil on the tongue. Call us biased, but we think they’re pretty atrocious. 

Three Striped Conspiracy Theory

So, why would Adidas opt to release the Adidas Foam Runner sneaker after going for a slide too? Well, could it possibly be that Adidas is getting fed up with Kanye randomly wearing Nike merch? Or, maybe it’s all the random outbursts? But, that never stopped him or them before!

Yeezy Foam_Runner - AIO BotAlso, other ideas could be the slight decrease in Yeezy demand with the increase in supply. But, taking into consideration that Yeezy Day is right around the corner, it doesn’t make sense! The Yeezy Day buzz has the ENTIRE industry excited! And besides, regardless of the demand-supply thing, Yeezy remains Adidas’ biggest partner! So, why the Adidas Foam Runner?

In short, we have no idea why Adidas is going for such a move. Guess we’ll have to wait and see! But, as for now, we have no news on a release date or retail price JUST YET. But, make sure you keep it locked on our blog for any new updates.