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New Adidas Gucci Collection Features $120k Shoe Trunk [2023]

By April 20, 2023June 23rd, 2023Adidas

Adidas Gucci CollectionWhen it comes to best sneaker collabs talks, Adidas x Gucci gotta be mentioned one way or the other. If you thought last year’s collection was all the duo was able to offer, then you couldn’t have been more wrong! You’ll be getting a second round of the Adidas Gucci collection. And from the looks of it, we sure can get used to such drops being an annual thing. Might we give you some kind of heads-up first? You’ll need some serious old money here, especially if you decide to order the $120k shoe trunk this line offers. 

In today’s world, you see people looking for ways to survive the ongoing recession. And then you’ll find some boujee sneakerheads on the lookout for their next expensive luxury sneakers, not minding the inflation-caused sky-high prices. Gotta look it, even if we can barely afford it, you know! But in all honesty, we can’t blame such sneakerheads one bit. Fancy sneakers are tempting beyond limits. And we ain’t solely talking about styles, materials, and the brand itself, but the resale value that has a copping war breaking out upon every single release. That side cash never hurt anybody, after all. 

Everything You Need To Know About The Adidas Gucci Collection!

As we mentioned above, the first Adidas Gucci collection launched in 2022. This collection isn’t your typical one, where you get a couple of sneakers and some apparel here and there. However, the 2023 Gucci Adidas line specifically focuses on footwear: Gazelles, ZX 8000, and slides. The co-branded kicks arrive in bold colorways, where the Gazelles retail for $850 and the ZX 8000 for $980. So, with such prices, you getting your shoe size wrong would definitely be a bummer. But, if you think that’s way above your budget, we still got you! Air Jordans’ list for this month still got some of the coolest new drops. Check them out here!

Jordan Gucci Collection 2023But despite this stress on footwear, this collection still includes apparel and accessories. From long sweaters, tracksuits, anorak jackets, and bags, to other accessories, such as hats and gloves, there’s a great variety to choose from. And if you’re wondering where the inspiration for this line came from, below is Adidas’ statement reagrding the matter. 

The Statement 

The adidas and Gucci collection enters a new chapter where the three stripes Trefoil continues to intermingle with the GG monogram print. Signature silhouettes connect with nostalgic-driven creative codes to create something distinctly new. 

With the heritage of adidas and Gucci encoded in a trio of lines, a fixation on stripes plays out across iconic footwear styles from the adidas archives.  

Reminiscent of the ’80s and ’90s, the collection builds upon a narrative where sartorial streetwear inspires sporting icons, celebrating the legacy of both brands.

There’s More To This Line? 

You wouldn’t think Adidas and Gucci would just offer something similar or just a little different from last year, would you? It’s a given, one of the most successful sportswear brands in collaboration with one of the most luxurious brands delivers something above expectations. But what no one would have called for the duo to deliver, is exactly what the two offered. Which is a co-branded shoe trunk… worth $120k! And you thought Louis Vuitton’s shoe trunk was way too expensive?

The best part about this trunk, it doesn’t come empty. On the contrary, if you buy it, you’ll also be getting not one, not two, but TWELVE pairs of Gucci x Adidas Gazelle! Their styles are a mix of the old and the new line. This Adidas Gucci shoe trunk comes in the Three Stripes’ original blue color, with Three Stripes and Gucci brandings on the sides. It also includes a mirror and footrest. 

Adidas Gucci Shoe Trunk

Now, you might think this is some F&F or a very exclusive product, not just anyone can have. Well, let’s do the pleasure of informing you, the opposite is true. All you need to do is order it through the website and you’re good to go. Okay, and don’t forget the $120,000, which you have to pay. So, if you’ve been contemplating buying a house, you might want to reconsider your choice. And what a tough choice is this to make!

All in all, the new Adidas Gucci collection for 2023 is available at and And if it’s the trunk you want, contact Gucci on their official website to place your order.