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What is HMAC Anyway?

HMAC is the security system Adidas uses in response to sneakerheads using bots.  They basically stuck a gorilla-sized guard on the website and, unless you knew the secret word, the bouncer wouldn’t let you in. And what happened? IPs banned, orders canceled, some guys never even made it past the splash page. It was mayhem. When Adidas and other copping sites introduced HMAC destroyer, sneakerheads were in big trouble.

HMAC stands for the keyed-hash message authentication code. It is a method of sending a message and making sure the message hasn’t been tampered with by either the sender or receiver. They also make sure the sender and receiver are real parties. Simply put, HMAC says the server (Adidas) has Yeezys, the client (Jack) wants the Yeezys and has money. Adidas sends an encrypted cookie with a decryption key to Jack’s phone or computer. The cookie takes note of information like your browser, IP, timestamp, and OS to send back to Adidas after being encrypted with the secret key. Once Adidas authenticates that cookie, you can pass the splash page. This security system protects your information and stops the bots from copping Yeezys.

HMAC Security Technology

There has been an ongoing battle between bots and online retailers. Adidas introduced this system to prevent sneakerheads from using bots to cop Yeezys. If the market was going to survive they needed to evolve their methods of copping and become stronger. Developers hit the lab and started training. After many hours of trials and testing, they mastered the technique that would destroy HMAC. When dropped on Adidas.com, the game was on. The HMAC Destroyer technology proved itself in the battle and helped sneakerheads around the world to cop Yeezys. It went down in history as a cook fest for the ages.

So How Does The HMAC Destroyer Work?

It’s our secret sauce.

Adidas HMAC Destroyer

So, the HMAC Destroyer uses advanced proxy threading to fool the HMAC security. Each proxy creates unique HMAC threads on the splash page and keeps refreshing the page until one of them grabs the cookie and moves onto the product page. Once one of your proxies hits the product page, the bot creates a new task to cart the Yeezys, then a final task handles the automatic checkout. Better proxies, more threading, and faster tasks. That’s how the HMAC Destroyer powers up. So, step up your game for the Triple White Yeezy Boosts drop on April 29! Or bite the dust.

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