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New Adidas Originals OZLUCENT Looks a Little Familiar…

By April 6, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

Adidas Originals OZLUCENT - AIO BotIt seems that, post Adidas Yeezy breakup, the Three Stripes is feeling a little bit nostalgic. There has been a lot going on for Adidas in the past year after Kanye. They got stuck with a huge stock of Adidas Yeezy sneakers which they decided to sell off unbranded. But then, they figured that they can’t really do that and it will cost them. All of this led to rumors of Kanye and Yeezy getting back together. However, at the moment, all that really matters is the new Adidas Originals OZLUCENT and why it looks SO familiar…

So, the latest installment of Adidas Originals shoes comes from a collaboration between Adidas and Mr.Bailey. The founder of CONCEPTKICKS and Adidas have worked together multiple times in the past and are releasing a “new” concept. However, we’re feeling kinda sus when it comes to the word “new”. If you’ve been in the sneaker industry for long enough, you’ll know what we mean.

Basically, at first look, the new Adidas Originals OZLUCENT looks a lot like none other than the Yeezy 1050 boots. Do you remember the first time the 1050s made the news? It looked weird, new, and definitely out of this world. Not something we would describe as a “new concept”. What we’re trying to say is that the Yeezy 1050s and this OZLUCENT concept look VERY similar. Maybe not identical twins, but maybe Irish twins for sure. Let’s talk about it!


Adidas Originals OZLUCENTThe latest design concept of the Adidas Originals OZLUCENT follows in the footsteps of the OZLUCENT and OZMORPHIS styles. This means that it draws inspiration from nature, specifically sea creatures. Something that also sounds a bit familiar with Yeezy using algae foam for his Yeezy Foam Runners, right? Just saying. Apparently, previous pairs have showcased the lifecycle of sea creatures with each design part referencing a different stage of life.

So, the Adidas Original OZLUCENT concept comes from the “Internal Organisms” approach. The “Internal Organisms” concept is a more simplistic approach, with the designer, Mr. Bailey, revealing only the inner workings of the sneaker by removing the shroud and exposing zipped neoprene offers.

The shoe features the signature arched midsole unit found in the OZLUCENT collection.

Adidas has been trying very hard to secure some kind of win this year. Whether or not the new Adidas Originals OZLUCENT is the answer, we really have no idea. Actually, we really doubt it – but, let’s keep an open mind. You see, things aren’t looking all that hot for Adidas, especially with Beyonce leaving the brand as well. So, all they’ve got left is Pharrell Willaims.

And, if we’re being honest, even with his new appointment as creative director of menswear at Louis Vuitton… he ain’t Virgil and he ain’t Ye. All of this translates to very low hopes for the Three Stripes to come up with anything groundbreaking. Could this be the end of the lifetime Nike VS Adidas feud? Let’s see!