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Adidas Sean Wotherspoon: Superstar to SuperEarth With Aging Flowers!

By August 25, 2020March 26th, 2022Adidas, Sneakers

ADIDAS SEAN WOTHERSPOON SUPEREARTH AIO FEATHow would you like to put your feet into corks blasted on special occasions? Because this Adidas Sean Wotherspoon SuperEarth collaboration features a cork insole guaranteed to make you bubbly! Inspired by “personal vintage pieces” from the designer’s memory, the SuperEarth reconstruction of Adidas Superstar is sustainable fashion at its cruelty-free peak. The Adidas Superstar model has served as a creative palette cleanser for designers like Pharrell Williams with his latest patched up sneakers. As well as Sean Wotherspoon with his proactive agenda to create “multiple lives.” 

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What is Adidas SuperEarth?

Adidas SuperEarth is Sean Wotherspoon’s eco-friendly transformation of Adidas Superstar. The sneakers are 100% free from animal products and instead incorporate vegan leather, recycled polyester, paper-made laces, and cork insoles to promote alternate resources. This project is described as “one of the most forward-thinking collaborations” by The Sole Supplier.

Adidas Sean Wotherspoon “SuperEarth”

If you’re anyone who knows anything about real-time trends, it won’t come as a shocker that Japanese sneakers are dominating the current market. Recently in June, Sean Wotherspoon had a three-way go at Japa-sneaks in collaboration with Asics and Atmos. The Asics Gel Lyte 3 took on Japanese streetwear culture like second nature. With Asics velcro brandings popping at the surface!
We’re picking up design traces on Wotherspoon’s SuperEarth pair. With embroidered floral threads falling off the edge of the Earth! A statement of true roots or a gesture to remember? This Adidas Sean Wotherspoon collaboration is both. A vivid Earth portrait is displayed on the tongue underneath paper-made laces. And vegan leather overlays feature baby pink and sky blue colorways only. Possibly a symbol of procreation

SuperEarth and Adidas co-brandings are featured on the tongue and the heel.

Retail Price: $130
Avg. Resale Value: $359

Aging Flowers on a Sneaker?!

We left the most intriguing part for last. The floral patterns on this Adidas Sean Wotherspoon collaboration are symbolic of peace and growth. And the fact that their roots extend beyond the structure of the sneaker suggests that they can pick up the stories of your life on Earth. How about that? That is the reason behind their aging factor. As in, their age is tied to how long and far your feet take you. Who knew dirt could be so soulful, right?

But unless you want your mom to throw out your roots/soul or shove the duo in a washing machine, you better . Or, for a win-win situation, store them right every time. What she can’t see won’t hurt you, right?

AIO Bot Cops Your Story

You can either sign up for raffles (Naked/Footshop/Asphalt Gold/SNS) or wait for this sneaker miracle to drop on adidas. In addition to other expected retail sites like Afew and 43einhalb. Every Wotherspoon, Adidas, and Earth fan is going to want to cop this peace bouquet! 

So stick with AIO bot to grow flowers on your feet or make a fortune out of these petals! Our latest successes choose “I love you” over “I love you not”. And this is a collaboration you do not want to miss.
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