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Adidas Selling Yeezys Again: A Closure Or A New Page Opened?

By May 12, 2023Sneaker News, Yeezy

AIO - Adidas Selling Yeezy AgainWhen will Adidas sell Yeezy Again? A question sneakerheads have been asking nonstop since the Three Stripes terminated their relationship with Ye. But how do we know of this news, you ask? Well, our source was neither Adidas nor Kanye West, at first. Although the latter has had a lot of controversial moments that have gone viral over the years, this time it isn’t anything of his doing. Matter of fact, the longtime source of everything Yeezy-related- YEEZY MAFIA- announced this news via a tweet. 

Mind you, YEEZY MAFIA has gone MIA right after Kanye’s split with Adidas but came back to life not a month ago. I mean, we should’ve known something big has been planned. Because them emerging out of the blue into the industry again isn’t something that just happens randomly. And the secret Yeezy show that took place a week ago was all the confirmation we needed. This aside, news of Adidas selling Yeezy sneakers again was confirmed as Adidas’ CEO himself commented on the matter. So, let’s see what went down in more detail. 

Is Adidas Selling Yeezy Sneakers Again?

Sell Yeezy stock? Keep Adidas Yeezy stock? How about burning Yeezy inventory? That’s basically how Adidas have been contemplating their overflowing Yeezy-stocked warehouses. They even entertained the idea of bringing Kanye back. But THAT did not happen. Instead, the duo has finally reached the middle ground regarding what to do with the remaining Adidas Yeezys. The Three Stripes were on the brink of great financial losses if they didn’t find a way to sell the remaining Yeezys. 

Now, according to YEEZY MAFIA, it looks like Adidas and Kanye West have finally decided that the right way to settle the matter is by agreeing on the following terms: Ye will receive a 15% commission on all sold Yeezy products. While Adidas first contemplated donating all of the kicks but then decided against it. Because this might lead them to reach the market in a volatile way

“What we are trying to do now over time is to sell some of this merchandise…burning the goods would not be a solution,” was Bjørn Gulden’s comment on the matter. 

When Will Adidas Sell Yeezys Again?

As for WHEN is Adidas selling Yeezy again, we have no actual date, yet. But rumor has it that Adidas will announce all information about Adidas Yeezy sneaker launches sometime in the upcoming months. Now, there’s one renowned Twitter account, called YEEZY GOD, implying that the Yeezy 350 Pirate Black will be the first Yeezy to drop. However, we’re not sure of THAT info. But as the market has been taking it slow for a while any of the unreleased Yeezys would be great to have back. We sure missed a good old Yeezy cop with AIO. So, to get yourself ready to cop the heck out of possible upcoming Yeezy drops, you gotta master your sneaker copping– At Retail- game.

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And if you’re questioning whether Kanye is back with Adidas, nothing is confirmed yet. This could be the start of a new chapter. Or, on the contrary, the closure the duo needed for a very long time. Now, we’re still waiting for official comments on the matter from both sides. So, till then let’s wait and see how things roll out!