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Adidas Simpsons Brings the McCarten x Ned Flanders! Toodily-Doo to You!

By August 18, 2021Adidas, Sneaker News

Adidas Simpsons - Ned Flanders Sneaker - AIO BotOkily dokily! Ned Flanders is back in shoe-business! Bear with us, we’re about to ding-dong-diddly give you the greatest sneaker news in Simpsons history! Adidas Simpsons – the latest Adidas sneaker collaboration –  brings the McCarten x Ned Flanders right to your doorstep, neighborino!

Too much? We’re just in a diddly-doodly mood from the news!

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the season 3 classic When Flanders Failed – with a sneaker right out of Flanders’ Leftorium! Adidas also happened to announce the sneaker release on Friday – the same day as International Left-Handers Day! 

The Adidas Simpsons McCarten takes a look completely true to Ned Flanders’s nature. It looks so much like his signature collared shirt and sweater with the whole mustache and glasses vibe! The Adidas Simpsons collection already includes the El Borto and Flaming Moe in the Advantage and ZX 1000 models. So, it’s only natural that our favorite neighborino joins the ranks! Keep reading to find out more!


Left Handers Rule - Ned Flanders McCarten_Adidas - AIO BotWe always love when sneaker brands take inspiration from TV shows or movies. They reminisce on our favorite moments. That includes a lot of laughter with 32 seasons and 700 episodes of The Simpsons! So, the Adidas Simpsons sneaker collection is definitely a fun sneaker cop.

The new Adidas Simpsons started out with the Adidas ZX 1000 Krusty Burger, then the Flaming Moe’s, then the Superstar Squishee, and finally the Forum Low Duff Beer. Oh, and not to forget the El Borto. This time the Adidas Simpsons Ned Flanders comes in a McCarten model – named after renowned collector Bobby McCarten.

Adidas_Simpsons - McCarten Ned Flanders - AIO BotRelease Date: October 3rd, 2021
Retail Price: $120

The McCarten Ned Flanders features olive and brown suede with a pink ankle lining. Kinda like a collared shirt topped with a sweater! It has green leather panellings in between brown suede soles, heels, toe boxes, collars, and tongues – basically the entire sneaker! We’ve got the Trefoil logo under the gold eye stays with debossed leather insoles. Finally, to finish it all off, we have black midsoles and outsoles.

The sneaker comes in a Leftorium sneaker box with a special leather hangtag. They do strike us as pretty comfortable sneakers – especially if you have to go around doing your diddly-doodly chores around the neighborhood! The half loafer half sneaker is the perfect choice for the Adidas Simpsons’ very own Ned Flander McCarten!

The Adidas Simpsons Collabo-Reeno

The stupid, sexy Ned Flanders sneakers might not look like the ultimate cop at first. It definitely does look like something the god-fearing Ned Flanders would wear. The man had a pair of Assassins, and now he’s got himself a pair of Adidas!

You gotta branch out on what you cop online, you never know what kind of chances you might miss out on! And, with the latest Reebok offloading, we’re expecting to see a lot more from Adidas. No more excuses. This sneaker does give off an extreme luxury vibe whether we choose to admit it or not. Ned Flanders has his way around the people. They don’t call him stupid, sexy Ned Flanders for nothing! 

But, if this Adidas Simpsons isn’t your cup of tea; you can always go back to your roots. In other words, cop some Js! We’ve got the coolest Air Jordan 4 coming soon in Shimmer. Click here to check it out now!