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50 Years of Adidas Superstar – 4 Pairs to Get You Celebrating!

By March 7, 2020September 1st, 2022Adidas

Three Stripes Ago

Adidas has been around for quite some time now. For just about 71 years. And though the history of Adidas sneakers is a long, rich, and tech-loaded one, there’s one silhouette that defined the brand. Yes! We’re talking about the Adidas Superstar.

This year, the Three Stripes Brand commemorates 50 years of the iconic Adidas Superstar. And in celebration, we’ve got so many unique and limited-edition versions worthy of copping, collecting, and even reselling. 

Adidas Superstar 50th anniversary50 Years Ago….

Before Yeezys, before Pharrell, and even before Jordan Brand, the first Adidas Superstar saw the day of light. Little did anyone know then that this simple, subtle-looking silhouette would change so many worlds.

The Superstar of sneakers was initially intended for shooting hoops. It was and still is one of Adidas’ most high-performing sneakers. Which explains its appearance on-court on the feet of legendary BB players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Adidas Superstar X Pop Culture

Almost a decade following the first launch, Run-DMC released their single ‘My Adidas’ turning the brand into one of the most sought-after names EVER! And the Adidas Superstar made a special appearance in the 1986 music video. Hey! If you’re looking for some styling inspo, check the video and up your sneaker flexing game!

Shortly after this appearance, the Adidas Superstar made one of the biggest shifts in the history of footwear. Going from a Basketball sneaker to hip-hop fans favorite to a lifestyle shoe and a global staple of style and trend.

The Adidas Superstar: Fit, Features, and Colorways

The OG Adidas Superstar sneakers feature smooth all-leather uppers, rubber soles, and The zig-zag edged three stripes holding the “Superstar” wording. 

But the most notable feature of the Adidas Superstar is the iconic rubber shell toe. 

The Adidas Superstar is a real classic pair. And over 50 years we’ve seen an unlimited number of revamps, collabs and colorways. However, the OG colorways will always be the classic white/black, the reverse black/white, and the perfect dark black/black combo.

If you’re about the purchase your first pair of Adidas Superstar, stick to your true shoe size for a close fit. But if you’re into the loose fit, then cop half a size up. Buying a Yeezy? Here’s our ultimate Yeezy Fit & Size Guide.

Adidas Superstar Collabs

Being the iconic silhouette it is, the Adidas Superstar has held the name of infinite artists, musicians, and brands. One brand that’s revamped the Adidas Superstar more than once is the Japanese giant Bape. Other than Bape, Adidas has launched variations of the Superstar alongside Disney, Missy Elliot, Neighborhood, Atmos, CLOT, SNS, Palace, and very recently, Prada. This last collab was a major boost to the luxury sneakers industry and all our fancy fam out there.

Let The Celebrations Begin!Superstar Gold

Hitting the age of 50 is no joke. And just like you’d celebrate your dad’s 50th big time, Adidas is sparing no dime celebrating the Superstar’s 50th Anniversary. Honoring this OG Adidas kicked off the celebrations by releasing the first-ever Mashup of the iconic Superstar and Stan Smith. The result is the Superstan pack. The sneakers are simple and just what you’d imagine this mashup to be. The pack features the signature shell toe of the Adidas Superstar shielding the famous stan smith Tennis silhouette. The branded heel tabs are available in Green, Red, and Navy Blue. But that’s not all.

Adidas also released a Golden, shimmery pair, 500 pairs actually, and they featured 24K Gold accents! But for our top 4 upcoming Superstars, read below!

Another Chance, Another Prada

Silver PradaQuestioning the worth of the Adidas Superstar? Well, nothing screams credibility like partnering with a luxurious and world-renowned fashion house like Prada.

Back in December 2019, “Adidas Prada” became a thing. By releasing a very limited and exclusive bowling set, Adidas and Prada have set the bar really high for their rivals in the footwear game. A few months ago The Three Stripes Brand launched their first-ever Adidas Superstar and Bowling bag alongside Italian luxury fashion house, Prada.

At first, you’d think the set wasn’t worth the hassle. But fast forward 3 months, and you realize what big of an L you got missing out on these Superstars. And the Bowling bag? Well, that’s another $1,700 you’ve lost. But this story is long gone. 

Your second chance, or chances, are here! Prada is releasing 3 versions of the iconic Adidas Superstar. So if that L still hurts, don’t sleep on these upcoming drops. 

So we’re expecting 2 classic options: the Black/Core White and Core Black/Core Black/Core Black. But the star of this lineup will be the “Metallic Silver” version. Although still grey-ish, this rendition will add shimmer to your collection and dollars to your bank account. The only issue you might face here is that this investment, due in March 2020, will have you shedding $450 USD before you start cashing in. And your best chance at copping it for the retail price is using AIO Bot!

button“My Adidas” on Repeat?

RUN-DMC 50One of the biggest ways Adidas is celebrating the Superstar is by replaying that good ol’ ”My Adidas” with none other than RUN-DMC themselves. So as part of the Adidas Superstar 50th Anniversary, a total of three color options will be available. Including Black/Footwear White/Hi-Res Red, Footwear White/Core Black/Hi-Res Red. No official images have surfaced yet, but we’re expecting some major branding elements to show on these Superstars. As for the release date, we’re expecting the new Adidas Superstar X RUN-DMC to release in April 2020 for the price of $150.

Sean Wotherspoon’s Superearth

Adidas Superstar Sean WotherspoonIt’s still early to tell if the highly-awaited Adidas Superstar will be a part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations. But this pair has had so many words circulating around it that we’d consider it a stand-alone party. 

Following the biggest trend in the sneaker industry “sustainability”, and his breakup with Nike, Sean Wotherspoon’s Adidas Superearth will be eco-friendly.

“It’s going to be a huge step forward in sustainability and a lot different than what you have seen from me in the past as far as materials,” Sean Wotherspoon on his New Adidas Superearth collab. 

The sneakers feature 100% recycled paper laces, cork insoles, and recycled composite padding. As for the sock-liner, it’s repurposed ortholite material and 10% of the rubber of the soles is recycled. Design-wise this version will honor the Adidas Superstar by keeping the overall looks intact. But for that Wotherspoon touch, colorful floral sketches will cover the outers and a “Superearth” branding appears loud and proud on the tongues.

But that’s not all Sean’s up to. Apparently, in addition to his Adidas Superstar, he’s soon to have a collab with Asics, and Guess!

Pharrell Williams X Adidas Superstar

Pharrell Williams Adidas SuperstarPharrell Williams is no stranger to Adidas. He’s been on board so long, they’re practically a fam now! But for as long as he’s been there, Pharrell has only worked on the Adidas Superstar once. Ok so it’s 50 colorways, but they dropped once. Now in 2020, Pharrell will be joining the celebrations by releasing his own take on the Superstars. Which we got a peek on in Adidas Originals‘ new Change Is a Team Sport campaign launch film.

The shoe features the usual white leather upper and shell toe cap. And for that Pharrell flavor, a yellow overlay covers the lateral mudguard while two different shades of green dress the medial side paneling.

No word is out just yet on a release date, but we’ll surely cop these, sometime in 2020.

Got a Pair?

Whether you’re a sneakerhead, a sneaker reseller, or just an observer, you probably own a pair of the Adidas Superstar. Chances are you’ve even got your little ones a pair or two. The superstars are now a part of so many cultures and a symbol of comfort and style that you just can’t not like them. And honestly, only a few silhouettes reached this level of fame in the game. And so it’s safe to say that regardless of Yeezys, Off whites, or even Travis Scott sneakers, the big battle here is between the real 2 giants; the Adidas Superstars and the OG Air Jordan 1s.