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Adidas X Dragon Ball Z Collection is All You Ever Dreamed of

By January 23, 2018October 29th, 2020Adidas, Sneakers

Now that all is in the clear, we got ourselves 8 legit reasons to freak out and wish time would fast forward straight to August. The full Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collection was just revealed and we’re losing our sh*t! Even non-DBZ fans can’t wait for the 8 sneakers to drop. And wait for it… Every pair comes the character’s collectible figurine. This is more than die-hard Dragon Ball Z fans and sneakerheads could have ever asked for!

For the past two weeks, sneakerheads like you and me speculated, imagined, and dreamed of all the possibilities to come out from this collaboration. And though there aren’t any Yeezys involved, we weren’t disappointed when the Yeezymafia announced the official rollout. Well, TBH we were loving the idea of a Yeezy Boost 750 as Goku’s blue and yellow boots. But we’re happy with whatever Adidas has to offer.

Adidas X Dragon Ball Z Collection

The Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collection consists of a diverse range of Adidas sneakers (new and old), so there’s a shoe to satisfy everyone’s taste. Basically, every shoe from this collab represents a character from the DBZ series. The characters are presumably chosen to drop together to replicate battles between protagonist and antagonist. For every Saiyan that drops, there’s an opponent sneaker.

Son Goku vs. Frieza

Goku or “Kakarotto” is the main protagonist in the DBZ series. The Saiyan managed to fetch a new rendition of the ZX 500 RM as its representative sneaker. Featuring Goku’s signature colors, orange and blue with some details in red throughout the uppers. In addition to white Boost outsoles. Of course, more detailing on the shoe will become clearer as we come closer to the FW18 season.

This will be the first time the Adidas ZX 500 RM features BOOST material, to keep up with Goku’s speed, strength, and high endurance level. The ZX 500 RM will come face to face with another sneaker from the Adidas X Dragon Ball Z, the YUNG-1 in August 2018.

The YUNG-1 will be the shoe version of Frieza, the emperor of Universe 7. Much like the character’s appearance, the YUNG-1 is a big and powerful-looking silhouette with white uppers and purple accents. The YUNG-1 is still a new Adidas sneaker that will not debut until June 2018.

Son Gohan vs. Cell

In September, the world will witness the mighty battle between Son Gohan, Goku’s eldest son, and Cell, the bio-Android who possesses the powers of all warriors on earth. We’re rooting for Gohan, but Cell’s apparent sneaker is also quite sexy!

For Gohan’s opponent in September’s fight, Cell, Adidas chose the Prophere. Prophere is a really controversial sneaker. It’s safe to say that it’s one of Adidas’ most wild creations. Cell’s Prophere comes in different hues of green accented by the eye-catching purple details all to match Cell’s suit. A white sole unit that has a scale-like texture and looks completes the design of the shoe.

And for Gohan’s character, Adidas went with the Deerupt, a rather new, and interesting silhouette. According to the YeezyMafia, on the shoes, there will be yellow details and thunderbolts. It looks like a purple Dellinger web overlay covers the whole sneaker. The midsoles of the Deerupt will feature BOOST technology, in contrasting white which brings the whole design together. Son Gohan and Cell’s sneakers will drop in September 2018.

Vegeta vs. Majin Boo

Vegeta is the star of the next sneaker from the Adidas DBZ collection. The exclusive Ultra Tech Oregon will embody this prince. His dark hair equates the dark midsole of the shoe, and the blue, yellow, and white of his bodysuit inspire the colorway of this silhouette. The sneaker features a combination of mesh and Suede, as material covering the outers.

Adidas Dragon Ball Z Kamanda Majin Buu

Vegeta’s opponent, Majin Buu is animated by way of a bulky Kamanda. This new silhouette is the perfect one for none other than Majin Boo. Its upper consists of pink suede material with hints of blue and yellow. And the outsoles have the same scale-ish texture like Cell’s Adidas Prophere.

Shenlong Is Summoned

Shenlong’s dragon skin and blazing red eyes are the inspiration behind the colors on this smooth and sleek silhouette. This was supposed be the final release of the formerly 7 Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collaborative creations. The EQT MID ADV is a new take on the EQTs that will become a mid, and release this February. Shenlong’s long dragon body is animated by the EQT MID ADV design, which extends smoothly from heel to toe. We actually believe that this shoe was the most representative of the character it belongs to.  

Super Shenlong Appears

Right after they revealed the 7 sneakers collection by Adidas and Dragon Ball Z, the Yeezymafia announced that there will be the eighth sneaker to join the pack.

The Adidas Exclusive, EQT MID ADV Super Shenlong will be the last to drop among the Adidas X DBZ collection, reportedly in December 2018. This Super EQT, unlike Shenlong’s pair, features a more subtle combination of colors. With Black and gold/ Sand uppers and an all-black outsole.
This pair more than all other pairs, had people talking for days about the inspiration behind it. Until finally a REAL Dragon Ball Fan put an end to all speculations. The EQT MID ADV is inspired by the Super Shenlong form the Manga and not the Series.

Adidas X  DBZ Release Information

No specific days were assigned just yet for each release. We assume, however, that they will drop in pairs, as they appeared in the rollout poster. But you can see that 2018 is going to be a really big year for sneakerheads around the world. And to get a chance at their favorite kicks, sneaker fanatics must shed some real sweat, blood, and money.
As for the retail price of the sneakers in this collaboration, we assume that each of the 8 silhouettes will retail for the same price as the original iteration. So what you can expect is something like this:

Goku ZX 500 RM: TBD
Frieza YUNG-1: $130
Son Gohan Deerupt: ~ $120
Prophere Cell: ~ $120
Vegeta Ultra-Tech: ~ $ 100
Kamanda Majin Buu: TBC
EQT MID ADV Shenlong: ~ $180
EQT MID ADV DTC Super Shenlong: ~ $130

Remember that’s just an assumption. You need to keep in mind that the figurines are quite valuable. And that might cost you a little more than the sneakers alone.
Based on the images of the shoes, one can say that Adidas is taking extreme care to ensure the characters are accurately emulated through this collaboration. Things like the character’s colors, shape, even skin texture have been taken into account, making the silhouettes used look and feel like the DBZ characters. That’s a good move because devout DBZ fans will have no mercy!

The Marketing Strategy

The intelligent way the sneakers release dates were announced shows that they will for a fact be battling. A face-off for the love of sneakerheads. This makes us think that the whole Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collection is going to drop in pairs, like every 2 silhouettes on the same day. But that’s still not clear yet.

What’s worth mentioning is the fact that Adidas did not use any of its usual or classic silhouettes for this collection. Rather they used their collab with Dragon Ball Z as a way to introduce their customers to new designs. And although it seems like a normal reaction to reject them and drop them off your list, you should bare an open mind and learn to accept the changes. If not for the sake of the shoes themselves, do it for the sake of the collectible figurines that might make you more profit than the shoes themselves.

Hypebeasts have been having mixed opinions and feelings about this collection. Some people don’t understand the hype behind DBZ. It’s more than just a fictional story- it is the base of upbringing for many people out there! Copping one of these sneakers won’t be enough for loyal fans, they’ll need them all! But that will not be an easy task.

A lot of sneakerheads don’t believe in the hype. But as with all limited sneakers, by the time the Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collection starts dropping, people will have changed their minds. Everyone will eventually want to cop them.

If you’re a real sneakerhead, and Dragon Ball Z fan, get yourself in line from this moment and be prepared for this will not be an easy battle. Get a running head start in the game before everyone else. You deserve these kicks before the resellers chop them up and try to sell them for quadruple their price tag.
However, if you’re still not interested in this collection, this year is loaded with hyped sneaker releases like the Yeezy Desert Rat 500s and Yeezy Boost 350 v2s, you can try to cop them instead.