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Blue Tint Yeezys Are Making a [2021] COMEBACK! Restock Details!

By November 25, 2017November 4th, 2021Adidas, Yeezy

Blue Tint Yeezys - RESTOCK 2021 - AIO BotThe OG sneakerheads of the game know what this is about. They see the magnitude and momentum of this insane restock. The Blue Tint Yeezys have always caused a mix of emotions in the game. Which is the reason why we don’t know how we feel about this restock too!

Bringing back a silhouette that flooded the industry with buzz back in 2017 is a blessing and a curse. This was the pair that was supposed to dethrone Nike and completely change the sneaker trade for life! It was the pair that Kanye claimed would box out the Jumpman himself! It was one of the most popular silhouettes in Yeezy history dressed in a peculiar Yeezy colorway! So, it was bound to stir the waters.

Adidas announced the Blue Tint Yeezys on November 15th, 2017, and dropped a month later in December. The “Saint Pablo Loves You” sneakers will always have a special place in our hearts with all the 2017 memories. Like copping Ls on the Semi-Frozen Yellows or getting excited about the drop of Beluga – which is restocking this year too!

If you’re feeling confused about all this, you should brush up on your sneaker knowledge, especially if you weren’t in the game back in 2017. This is why we’re got the most perfect, fantastic guide to pull you through. Just click on the button below and get reacquainted with the game!

News on The Blue Tint Yeezys

Blue Tint Yeezys Restock - AIO BotLike previous releases, the Blue Tint Yeezys feature Primeknit based uppers with a Zebra-like striped pattern all across. This popular silhouette has a colorway of light pastel turquoise with grey stripings. Other pops of color include the vibrant red stitchings on the pull tab and the SPLY-350 branding across the midfoot. The branding sits atop a post-dyed monofilament side stripe.

And, of course, we can’t forget about the full-length Boost cushioning encapsulated in the midsole. Also, we’ve got the tiny details in the Blue tint inner lining and pastel-blue laces that tie it all together.

This is a Yeezy Supply cop that you should never miss out on. Also, people are already copping the kicks off the aftermarket – even with the restock sneaker news. This could mean that sneakerheads expect the Blue Tint Yeezys to have a higher resale value post-restock possibly. 

Adidas YZYs Boost 350 V2 - BLUE_TINT - AIO BotRestock Date: November 2021
Retail Price: $220
Average Resale Value: $508

Where to Go From Here?

So, the Blue Tint Yeezys are making a comeback. Beluga’s coming back too. And a whole bunch of other silhouettes dropping on Yeezy Day next August. It is the year of restocks. 

Which has us wondering – is this Adidas and Kanye’s survival strategy? Killing the Yeezy hype by making them so accessible? Although we’ve seen some new Yeezys, including Boost-less Yeezys, monofilament mesh Yeezys, and all-new foam runners. Foam Runner Yeezys, not Foam Runner Feezys.

But, we still expect more from Yeezus!

The Blue Tint Yeezys Past Cameos 

The Blue Tints made their initial comeback in 2019’s Yeezy Day, where sneakerheads around the world spent a whole day behind their screens clicking like crazy to get the pairs they love the most – even if they lived three continents away

Would it bother us to get some more Yeezy Boost 350 V2? Of course not. But it wouldn’t hurt to make some space for new and fresh designs, dare we say other than Yeezys, which is kinda what happened in 2020!

In 2020 we saw more Yeezys than we could count. We got the all-new Yeezy 380s, Yeezy MNVNs, and Foam Runners. We estimated about 40+ Yeezys in 2020. This goes against the rumors that the 2017 Blue Tint Yeezys were the last 350 V2s for a while. 

But, what’s still in question is the actual worth of Kanye’s Yeezys on the resale market now! And how supply and demand rules apply to this extraordinary line. So far, Yeezys have become entirely affordable, reselling for below retail

And TBH, that’s how it’s always been with Yeezys—going from one extreme to the other in terms of design, inspiration, and reselling price. But isn’t that what makes them so unique! Keeping us on our toes!