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Supply, Demand and Kanye. What’s Going on with Yeezys?

By July 19, 2018November 19th, 2022Adidas, Sneakers, Yeezy

Adidas Yeezy Resale Value - Supply, Demand, And Kanye - AIO BotAdidas Yeezy Resale Value - AIO BotWell, let’s just put it this way, Adidas Yeezy is self-explanatory. Kanye West built so much meaning, so much hype, so much Yeezy resale value, and Yeezy history to the word. It has become an integral part of the sneaker industry – as big as Jordans themselves. Yeezy is the name of the high-end fashion brand founded by the one and only Kanye West – one of the highest-paid sneaker designers in the sneaker game. The whole thing started with sneakers designed by ‘Ye himself and then grew to include pieces of clothing and even accessories. In short, Yeezys are a fashion statement. Whether or not we get that statement, makes no difference. Yeezys remain the most hyped sneakers in history. For the past decade, Kanye’s growing fame helped fetch him some very interesting and money-making sneaker collaborations – the one that lasted the longest was the Adidas Yeezy partnership.

For the most part, Adidas Yeezy sneakers are you way into the best side hustle you could ever think of – not even in your wildest dreams! If you’re looking for a way to make quick and easy money from home, then getting into reselling Yeezys is the best way to go. For this reason, no matter what hits the industry takes, Yeezys always find a way to come out stronger. So, it really is more like investing in a thriving business. But, the thing is, you gotta figure out how to get your hands on a pair of Yeezys first!

The Only Way to Buy Adidas Yeezy

In summary, Adidas Yeezy sneakers are one of the sneakers with the best resale value on the aftermarket. Do you know what this means? It means that Adidas Yeezy sneakers are also the hardest sneakers to cop on retail – very difficult, but not impossible. There is only one way to cop a Yeezy at retail, and that’s through running a  sneaker bot. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to cop a Yeezy without one! Anyone who tells you otherwise is just waiting for you to cop an L! A sneaker bot gives you the chance of a lifetime – epic speed, flawless efficiency, multiple pairs, and constant feasts! It’s something you could never dream of running solo. Invest in a bot to get your sneaker reselling business going! It doesn’t even have to be an expensive sneaker bot! Just get a sneaker bot that does the job right, and has a reasonable price.

How it Started – Bape Bapesta

Before Adidas Yeezy came to be, Kanye had a different sneaker collab. It started off with a whimsical and unique design alongside Japanese Streetwear brand Bape in 2007. The sneaker designed was the “College Dropout” inspired by his album which had the same title. And, up till today, pairs of the Bape Bapesta x Kanye West sneakers are selling for an average of $4000. Hey, maybe we should all drop out of college at this point. But, this obviously was not Yeezus’ calling. He wanted to move forward – or actually upward into higher fashion. He then decided to join forces with one of the most renowned fashion houses in history – Louis Vuitton!

Luxury Yeezys – Louis Vuitton

Kanye’s infamous collaboration with French fashion house Louis Vuitton took Yeezys to a whole other level of fancy high-end fashion. The result of this collaboration was a collection of 3 sneakers, in 10 different colorways amounting to 30 unique kicks. The whole collection dropped exclusively at LV locations. The retail price for these sneakers ranged anywhere between $840 to $1140 – talk about them luxury sneakers! We totally get why these Yeezys are so expensive – they’re literally co-branded by Louis Vuitton for crying out loud! Today, the resale value for these pairs ranges from.

BUT, the thing is, you can also go for a cheaper Adidas Yeezy and still look like a freakin’ fly genius. You’d look totally trendy without actually having to break the bank. We all look fashionable, but we’d still like to keep both our kidneys.

Checks Over Stripes? Nike Air Yeezys

Checks Over Stripes - AIO Bot BlogAfter his one-time collab with Louis Vuitton, Kanye signed a deal with US top sportswear brand Nike – the biggest sneaker deal since MJ. This partnership resulted in two models only: Nike Air Yeezy I and Nike Air Yeezy II.

It kicked off with the Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey on April 4th, 2009; and ended with none other than the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October, on February 9th, 2014. The total was 6 sneakers in about 3 years. Talk about crazy rare and exclusive sneakers! But, the end of Nike Air Yeezy meant the birth of Adidas Yeezy. So, we ain’t mad!

Those sneakers retailed at $250 and made THOUSANDS of dollars as profit for those who actually got a chance to cop them. And up until you read this, you can still buy pairs of Nike Air Yeezys, if you’re willing to fork up an average of about $5,000.

Adidas Yeezy Resale Value, So Far

So far, so good for Kanye. After all, Kanye is a self-proclaimed Christian Genius Billionaire! Well, he truly is a marketing GENIUS. , if you ever wanna learn how to sell ANYTHING Kanye style, just check out this guide!

Therefore, his first steps into fashion and sneakers with Adidas Yeezy were a HUGE success. He is a man with a vision, a man on a mission, and obviously isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Besides, you can’t forget the fact that they’re a Kanye West original creation, many other factors increase the demand for Yeezy sneakers.

#1 Design & Technology

New Yeezy Material - Yeezy Monofilament - AIO BotSneakerheads aren’t your average consumers. At least, not the OG sneakerheads who have been in this industry for decades. We aren’t talking about hypebeasts or those who just follow the trends. We’re talking about detail-oriented, die-hard sneakerheads. They know every tiny detail that goes into the manufacturing of sneakers – ain’t nothing fooling them! So, it’s only logical that the more effort and technology put into a shoe, the more attention it’ll gain. This is exactly why Boost technology became a selling point for Adidas Yeezy sneakers. Add the Primeknit material to the mix, and you’ve got a winning Yeezy! But, with the latest Yeezys skipping out on the Boost, and replacing the Primeknit in the 350s, what will happen to the economy of Adidas Yeezy?

#2 Stock Levels

Cream Whites Stock Level - AIO BotIn short, stock levels are critical. Most sneakerheads are, in reality, sneaker resellers and join the game for the sole purpose of making money out of their sneakers. Who wouldn’t want to make a couple of grands from home? It is the BEST side hustle out there! Any punk knows that the more elusive an item is, the higher the Yeezy resale value will be – ain’t rocket science. For this reason, rumors of stock level may have an effect on the way sneakerheads cop sneakers. Kanye’s approach to releases and stock levels has seen its ups and downs since the dawn of Adidas Yeezy sneakers – releasing only a couple of thousands of pairs of one colorway one day and flooding the world with a million pairs of Cream Whites the other. 

But Kanye did promise Yeezys for all! So, we can’t blame a man for trying to stay true to his word. However, ‘Ye managed to find a compromise by the end of December 2018 and started releasing 2 versions of each shoe. One that’s regular, and another one that shines bright like a diamond. 

In addition, the man took it a step further and went for REGIONAL releases – ones that keep everyone ENVYING what the other region had. And that created a major gap in resale value!

#3 Profit

How to Resell Sneakers on the Aftermarket - AIO BotOf course, making big bucks is almost why everyone is in this mess in the first place! Why else would anyone bother if they aren’t making a couple of bucks off Yeezy resale? Tbh, the flex is good. But, the FLIP. Oh god, the flip. Now that’s something else! That’s why Yeezys got retailers, sneaker resellers, bot makers, and proxy/server providers all busting their asses trying to get lucky with Yeezys sneakers! We all want to make money from Yeezys – ain’t that the truth! So, whichever pair makes us more money, we COP! It’s all about the moolah babyyy! Period.

#4 Marketing

Kanye West Marketing Strategies - AIO BotNow, we’ve said this before. But, we’ll say it again: Kanye West is a marketing GENIUS. There’s this thing about celebrities wearing a pair of sneakers right before it drops that makes everyone go NUTS about it. So, every sneaker brand has its celebrity brand ambassadors that can increase the hype of any sneaker or piece of apparel they wear. But, Kanye takes it even more seriously. He got armored cars giving away Yeezys, he’s got celebrities dressed up as his WIFE (soon to be ex-wife) dressed up in Yeezys… Heck, the man even got naked people modeling his Adidas Yeezy sneakers. Whole other levels of marketing right there. 

Adidas Yeezy – The Journey

Adidas Yeezy History - Yeezy Sneakers - AIO BotKanye West’s journey with Adidas started on February 14th, 2015 with the release of the Yeezy 750 OG Light Brown. Up to this day and out of all Adidas Yeezy, this pair is still making the highest profit on the aftermarket. It’s already 2021 and Yeezys are still here. Every year we see more Yeezy releases, and their hype just seems to keep on growing! And, the thing is, it seems like they’re here to stay for a long long time! Everyone wants to cop a Yeezy. The whole industry is all about finding the best sneaker bot out there just to cop Yeezys. Forget about all the other sneakers in the industry. If you’re in this for the cash, you’re copping Yeezys. Ain’t about checks over stripes when it comes to money.

Supply & Demand

What happened to Yeezys in the past years that impacted the loss of hundreds of dollars of what they were originally worth on the aftermarket? The prices haven’t changed, the designs are still unique and progressive, and Kanye is still Kanye. So, what gives? What’s going on with Kanye West’s sneakers?

Generally, up until mid-2017, everything was just fine. Everything was FINE. WE were fine. Adidas and Kanye would drop a Yeezy every once in a while and sneakerheads would go WILD after them. This was the case with the 750s, Adidas Yeezy 350s, and A LOT of the 350 V2s. The last Yeezy to be treated as an actual Adidas Yeezy – in terms of Yeezy resale value – was the Semi Frozen Yellow.

What Changed in Demand?

Blue Mineral Foam Runner Yeezy - AIO BotWhen demand for any product changes, there are factors that caused that change, or shift. And these demand shifters are the same even in the case of Adidas Yeezy or any other sneaker in the industry.

#1 Price of Related Products

Of course, copping limited-edition sneakers, regardless of the quantity available on the market, is always difficult. So, whether you like it or not, you’ll need to use a sneaker bot, a sneaker server, and sneaker proxies. This combination can cost a lot of money – don’t forget to add the price of the sneaker itself with the delivery/shipping fees. 

So sneakerheads would have to pay up to $1 per proxy and $2 per server per day (average of $60/month).

  • Proxies: 25$  (For only one pair of Yeezys)
  • Server: $2 (Running more servers would add to the total cost)
  • Delivery fees: $20 (Could increase or decrease depending on location)
  • Price of a pair of Yeezys: $240 (Average price of the three designs currently manufactured)

The cost literally adds up to a minimum of  $287 per pair per release. ِAnd, since Adidas and Kanye West are releasing multiple pairs of Adidas Yeezy in one month, this cost could double or triple even.  And that’s a lot to pay. What happens when Kanye finally moves Yeezy production to the US? This will probably increase the retail price of Yeezys! So, you better start copping Yeezys while they’re still made in China.

Quick Fix?

The price we estimated will probably skyrocket if you don’t already have a sneaker bot and have to buy a new one. A sneaker bot alone could cost you somewhere between $100 – $500 – if you’re lucky! And while some sneaker bots, like AIO Bot, are worth every penny, some other bots just scam you out of your money. You need to invest in a sneaker bot that works – one that supports Yeezy retailer websites, one that’s fast and efficient, and, above all, a sneaker bot that has a reasonable price tag! AIO Bot broke the stereotype of sneaker bots being crazy expensive. It is the only long-standing bot in the industry that costs less than $500 and actually cops! With hundreds of thousands of Adidas Yeezy pairs recorded on its success list. So, if you wanna be on the A-team, check out AIO Bot now!

button#2 Expectations

Another factor that could kill the demand for a certain product, is future expectations. If a consumer believes he can buy a product at a lower cost, later on, he’ll probably wait. And this will result in a short-term or a long-term decrease in demand. That’s definitely the case with Adidas Yeezy. When they’re first announced, the first few backdoored pairs go for a much higher price. This makes sneakerheads wait for a little, or a lot longer, until the price of that pair decreases – or until a pair that’s less-hyped drops.

Even in the case of Yeezys dropping in limited quantities, the demand now is still low. This shows that sneakerheads look at Yeezys as a whole entity. They consider all Yeezys equal, so if one will be difficult to cop or will cost a lot on the resale market, they’ll just wait for another less limited and more affordable release. And that’s just what happened with the Yebras. Sneakerheads’ interest in that particular pair, faded when they sensed a higher chance at copping the Beluga 2.0

#3 Preferences/ Interests

Well, this one is actually very obvious. When consumers lose interest in a certain product, they stop buying it. Simple. Now, it’s not like people are no longer interested in Adidas Yeezy sneakers, but it seems that the designs dropping lately are not really crowd-pleasers. Sneakerheads take advantage of the announcement of any new Yeezy to express their need for a new Yeezy 750 colorway. But the last we got a whiff of the 750s was on Yeezy Day 2019!

So we’d really like to see a new 750 dropping to test our theory. Would it sell for a couple of thousand dollars? Or are sneakerheads genuinely indifferent to Yeezys anymore?

And then, there’s also the competition. Remember how 2018 was the year of the Nike x Off-White collab? Well, 2019 is almost a tie between Kanye’s designs and Travis’ new sneakers. Oh, and the Jordans. The year 2019 was loaded with new Jordans, with every colorway dropping even better than the next. And, 2020 seemed to be all about different sneaker collabs and a lot of the Dunks! So, it really is a fiercely competitive industry!

What Changed in Supply?

Ultimate Yeezy History Guide - AIO BotLong story short, quantity supplied increased big time!

Clearly, everyone saw that coming. Kanye always had the intention of making Yeezys available for everyone. “Eventually everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Adidas Yeezy.” These were his words and it’s great that he’s staying true to them. As the Yeezy Mafia’s rarity chart implies, quantities produced of the Yeezy 350 V2s are increasing with time.

So, supply is increasing, and we can see that. But, it’s the “why” behind this increase we’re most interested in figuring out. Since Yeezys prices are fixed, the only way for Adidas and Kanye to make more profit out of them is to make and sell more pairs. For them, the Yeezy resale value doesn’t really matter much. As long as all pairs are selling out, which they are.

Yeezy Mafia Rarity Chart - Adidas Yeezy Resale Value - AIO BotKanye wanted sneakerheads to get Yeezys at retail and he’s doing exactly that. As more pairs are produced, copping Adidas Yeezy kicks is getting relatively easier. So, rather than paying an average of $600 for a pair of V2s, you’d be able to buy them at the original price of $220. In fact, this rumored increase in supply pushed more sneakerheads to sell their Yeezys as long as they still make money.

And, with all those pairs available for purchase online, competition is only getting worse. But always for the better of the average consumer/sneakerhead.

Kanye West Vs. Adidas Yeezy Resale Value

So, to study these strange phenomena we decided to take a look at the two most popular Yeezy models that have seen the highest amount of volatility in Adidas Yeezy history! Of course, any sneaker that Kanye drops has its good days and bad days. But, for some unknown cosmic reason, the Yeezy Boost 370s and Yeezy Boost 350s are the two most popular and most unstable models that ‘Ye created – not to mention the fact that the 350s are a never-ending line. So, what are the possible reasons affecting resale value on Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezy shoes? Let’s try and find out!

Adidas Yeezy 750s Release Date Initial Resale Value Current Resale Value
750 Light Brown




750 Black




750 Light Grey




Kanye West Vs. Taylor Swift
750 Chocolate





Adidas Yeezy 350s V1s  Release Date Initial Resale Value Current Resale Value
350 Turtledove




Kanye Announce His Run for 2020 Presidency
350 Moonrock




350 Oxford Tan




Kanye Is $53 Million In Debt
350 Pirate Black





Adidas Yeezy 350 V2s Release Date Initial Resale Value Current Resale Value
350 V2 Black Copper




350 V2 Black Red




350 V2 Black Green




Kanye Would’ve Voted for Trump
350 V2 Oreo




350 V2 Bred




350 V2 Zebra




Crazy High Stock Level of  Cream Whites
350 V2 Cream White




Most Limited V2 Ever: Frozen Yellow
350 V2 Semi Frozen Yellow




Very High Stock Level of the Beluga 2.0
350 V2 Beluga 2.0




350 V2 Blue Tint




350 V2 Butter




350 V2 Sesame




Kanye Introduces Reflective Yeezys
350 V2 Static Reflective




350 V2 Static




Regional Exclusive Releases
350 V2 Hyperspace




350 V2 Clay




350 V2 Trfrm




350 V2 Glow




Release of First Black 350 Since Bred
350 V2 Static Black Reflective




350 V2 Static Black




350 V2 Antlia Reflective




350 V2 Antlia




350 V2 Synth Reflective




350 V2 Synth




350 V2 Lundmark Reflective




350 V2 Lundmark




350 V2 Cloud White Reflective




350 V2 Cloud White




350 V2 Citrin Reflective




350 V2 Citrin




Kanye’s Extreme Religious Phase & Considered Quitting Rap
350 V2 Yeezreel




350 V2 Yeezreel Reflective




350 V2 Yecheil Reflective




350 V2 Yecheil




350 V2 Yeshaya Reflective




350 V2 Yeshaya




350 V2 Marsh




350 V2 Flax




350 V2 Tail Light




350 V2 Earth




350 V2 Desert Sage




350 V2 Cinder




350 V2 Cinder Reflective




350 V2 Linen




350 V2 Sulfur




350 V2 Zyon




350 V2 Israfil




350 V2 Carbon




Kanye Promises to Run for President
350 V2 Natural




350 V2 Fade




350 V2 Sand Taupe




News of Kanye and Kim’s Divorce & Replacing PK with Monofilament Mesh
*Note – all values mentioned are from StockX.

Kanye and Adidas Yeezy Resale Value

What About Kanye West - Yeezy Resale Value - AIO botIn summary, if you take a look at the tables above, you’ll notice that every line of Adidas Yeezy kicks went through some ups and downs. The tables show the Adidas Yeezy resale value of almost every Adidas Yeezy sneaker when it first released vs. their current value on the resale market. The only explanation we found for the extremely turbulent nature of Yeezy resale prices was: Kanye. So, we can talk about numbers and economics all we want, but what about Kanye? Doesn’t he have anything to do with this drop in Adidas Yeezy resale value? Or more, in people losing interest and faith in them?

It always seems that the Adidas Yeezy resale value is completely and directly tied to Kanye West – personal life, his Twitter account, marriage, and life decisions. The man literally can’t make a move without affecting his Yeezys. It’s a pretty risky thing to be so heavily influential on such a coveted line of sneakers. But, that is also what gives us the rush of the industry. You want a mentally stable and an overall calmer experience? Cop a Jordan then. With Yeezus, it’s all about excitement, need, desire, and downright stubbornness – THAT’S how you get a Yeezy.

Adidas Yeezy 750 Chocolate BrownAdidas Yeezy Boots 750 - Adidas Yeezy Resale Value - AIO Bot

The first major drop of Yeezys resale value happened with the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Chocolate – initially reselling at $925, which isn’t so bad, right? Wrong. Just take a look at the three 750s that dropped before it! Resale value on those babies ranged between $2,000 and $3,000. WTH? What makes the Chocolates any different than the Browns, Blacks, or Greys? If anything, we like this Yeezy colorway even more! Actually, taking a look back at the year 2016, we think there might be something linked with this unfortunate drop.

Well, do you remember “I made that B… Famous” clash with Taylor Swift? And all the controversy, scandals, and trash talks that followed? Apparently, this had happened right before the Chocolates dropped, and that brought the resale price waaayyy down. Is it a coincidence? Very unlikely. Can’t mess with Swift’s fans. Obviously!

Adidas Yeezy 350 Moonrock

Adidas Yeezy Moonrock - AIO Bot

The second change in Yeezy resale value- the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock – was actually a change for the good with resale value picking up after Turtle Dove! Apparently, that significant increase happened right after Kanye announced he was planning on running for the US presidency in 2020. We guess sneakerheads really wanted to get their hands on some of the future president’s shoes! Pretty smart. If only it actually HAPPENED! But, who knew Kanye fans and sneakerheads are that much into politics? We would have never guessed it! 

Yeezy 350 Pirate Black

Yeezy Black Reflective Adidas - AIO BotAnother change for Adidas Yeezy sneakers happened around the same time that the Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black dropped in 2016. The Yeezy resale value dipped a little in comparison to Oxford Tan but then picked right back up. And, you see, the reason behind this little strange change is actually very interesting. We peg it all down to possible charity! You see, Kanye West sent the whole industry into overdrive in a few series of Tweets. What did he have to say?

In February 2016, Kanye took to Twitter to announce that he was $53 Million Dollars in personal debt! 53 MILLION DOLLARS! What the hell are you buying, man? 

I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome…This is my true heart…This is all is fun all in good feelings… We will all be gone 100 years from now but what did we do to help while we were here!!!

Not only that, but he turned to Mark Zuckerberg for help. Again, on Twitter “Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas after realizing he is the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time.” 

It’s pretty funny that Kanye went to ask the CEO of Facebook money through a Twitter post. Of course, this probably caused fans to worry about Adidas Yeezy shoes disappearing off the face of Earth because of financial setbacks! So, what did they do? They copped the Yeezys like crazy! We all did!

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Oreo

Black White Oreo - AIO BotSo, after that, Kanye was doing pretty well all year! We even got the Black Friday release with 3 brand new Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 pairs dropping on the same day making between pretty well on the resale market – Black Copper, Red, and Green. So, one would think the pair looking exactly the same and dropping a couple of weeks later would sell for the same amount. It literally is the exact same Yeezy! The Adidas Yeezy 350 Oreo dropped halfway through December 2016 – not even a month after the first three released! So, what’s the deal with that?

Apparently, Kanye had other plans for this Adidas Yeezy. Speaking at a concert in San Jose, California, the rapper clearly stated that if he had voted in the 2016 presidential elections, he would’ve voted for Donald Trump. Yikes.

Kanye is no stranger to provocative opinions, but this particular statement clearly didn’t appeal to his fans. So, the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Oreo did start off with a resale value less than its brothers – even the average resale along the years ain’t so hot compared to the Black Red!

Adidas Yeezy 350 Semi Frozen Yellow

Semi Frozen Yellow Sneakers - AIO BotFurthermore, the next major drops in Adidas Yeezy resale value were probably due to high stock levels of the Cream Whites and Beluga 2.0 – which is exactly why both Yeezys have pretty low resale value! Well, that’s what we suppose considering the fact that Kanye was keeping a low profile at that time.
On the other hand, another time the stock level had a really major impact on Adidas Yeezy resale was when the Semi Frozen Yellow dropped. Backdoored pairs of what was then sold for $1900! Now, that’s the kind of drops we like! In other news, apparently, Trump and Kanye have rekindled their bromance which kinda got us all worried. So, we’ll have to wait and see if their mutual respect could bring Yeezys resale value back up or sink it even deeper.

Yeezy 350 Static Reflective

Static Reflective - AIO BotKanye HAS to do something right! Whatever shit goes down, he always finds a way to make it up for his sneakerhead fans! This sounds like a very toxic relationship, but we’re all in for it. So, to make up for the whole Cream Whites debacle, Kanye introduced the most epic creation in sneaker history at the end of 2018: the REFLECTIVE Adidas Yeezy. The Primeknit on the new Adidas Yeezy got a major update laced with 3M reflective detailing for the first time – a complete game-changer for Yeezys and the whole industry. And, as expected, the Yeezy resale value picked right back up!

Regional Exclusive Hyperspace/Clay/Trfrm

Regional Release - Hyperspace Earth Trfrm - Yeezy Resale Value - AIO BotAnd, in 2019, to make things even more interesting, Kanye decided to pick up the pace on the sneaker game and go for regional exclusive releases! The first trio-pack to go regional was the Adidas Yeezy Hyperspace/Clay/Trfrm trio! Now, that probably didn’t sit well with most sneakerheads – we don’t like people telling us what we can cop and what we can’t! This is why the Yeezy resale value dropped A LOT compared to the Static Reflective – we got a taste of them reflective, we want them! And besides, a sneakerhead green with envy is a spiteful sneakerhead. So, it isn’t very surprising to see resale drop.

Adidas Yeezy Biblical Pack

Biblical Pack - Adidas Yeezy Resale Value - AIO BotAt this time Kanye was obviously going through some kind of tough phase. He came out with a complete Biblical pack complete with Hebrew colorways and reflective iterations. The sneakers were pretty sick, but what about all the talk about quitting rap after being saved by Christianity? Kanye claimed it was the devil’s music! Now we’re all for a man finding himself in the arms of god, but we can’t lose Yeezus! The College Dropout has left a huge mark on all our sneakerhearts! It was all-in-all a very stressful and confusing time for everyone! Even the resale values seem confused!

Later, Kanye goes and drops Yeshaya in bleach – ruins the complete Yeezy fantasy of a purple 350! No one has any idea what happened that caused the sudden change in the color of Yeshaya to make it look like another Cream White – an experiment gone wrong maybe? But, sneakerheads were definitely not happy. That’s why the Adidas Yeezy Yeshaya had the lowest resale value of the trio.

Is It The End for Adidas Yeezy Resale Value?

In this case, we have to ask. Are people demanding fewer Adidas Yeezy? Moreover, are they over Kanye’s strange outbursts and reactions on social media? Is the market overflooding with Yeezys?

Well, probably not. On the contrary, Yeezys are still selling out, regardless of the stock level. Sure, it may take more time for that to happen, but we’re left with absolutely no pairs at the end of the day. Plus, Yeezy Supply is opening warehouses all around the world to keep up with the high demand. Regarding stock level, well, you can buy any Yeezy you want for retail now. So, is that really a bad thing? This increase is actually long overdue. We’ve been anticipating this growth in stock level for a while now. Then, why is everyone acting so surprised? Chill.

In fact, the only person you should probably worry about is Kanye. Still, as long as he’s being the creative artist we respect, all will be ok. But, whenever he acts outrageous, things will go downhill. Again!

Back from the Dead!

Nevertheless, Kanye always finds ways to bring his Adidas Yeezy back from the dead – as he did in 2019! Ups and downs with over 20 Adidas Yeezy sneaker drop – some brand new, shiny, colorful, and very very limited, and some are actually restocking for the 100th time! But they still made the list of most expensive and portable sneakers of the year! 

Moreover, it seems that Kanye’s transformation is the latest factor to change Adidas Yeezy, their design, and the HYPE! The year 2020 witnessed one of the most colorful and lively sneakers – just like Kanye’s Sunday Services. The man literally created Yeezy sneakers out of algae foam and it SOLD! Who does that? Every step he makes generates a ton of buzz in the industry, let’s just hope he doesn’t screw it over for us now that Kim’s out of the picture. But, at least now I can praise the heavens for more coppable and flippable Yeezys to last us for years to come. Kanye West remains to this day the most creative, out-of-the-box sneaker designer in the game.

To this end, and forevermore, we will always be copping us a Yeezy feast. Because, as long as ‘Ye stands, so do Yeezys.