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AIO Bot Is The Best Snag This Black Friday! [2020 Success Recap]

By November 27, 2020Bot

AIO Bot Black Friday 2020This Black Friday has a whole different vibe with everyone heading online instead of physical stores. That’s all due to the Coronavirus pandemic around the world. But most of you already know that! And you also know that the AIO Bot team was with and for the users during this rough patch. So in order to make 2020 a little bit happier, we’re going all in on Black Friday!

In Case You Missed It

Black Friday is drawing closer and we’re all excited because anyone can find something to buy. And our sneakerheads will get a good share of the offers with a 40% discount on AIO Bot! The AIO family stood by the community we love throughout this year. ALL users got free license renewals and Supreme was added to AIO Bot for FREE since April! Finally, the big finale is a discount on the bot itself. So if you, or anyone you know, wanted to get started in the industry but can’t spare thousands of dollars, now’s the chance! Make sure you make the most of it! However, a sneaker bot with no success isn’t worth it to anyone, let alone sneakerheads and resellers. That’s we’re taking a step back to check out all the success and profits that AIO generated in 2020!

Air Jordans: The Piggy Bank of Kicks

This year, Jordan Brand went all out on us and we’re lovin’ it! The year looked really good with lots of interesting releases that AIO copped really hard. In fact, AIO users generated over 1.7 Million Dollars from Jordan releases in 2020 only. That’s what we’d call Footsites domination (and other sites as well). Some of the best releases were: Jordan 1 Court Purple, Flint 13s, Smoke Grey 1s, and more. However, two releases stand out from the rest even more.

Total Jordan Profit - Checkouts AIO Bot 2020The first pair is the Air Jordan 1 Dark Mocha. This pair was one of the most hype of the year, and the security on Footsites went to a new level! Footsites introduced Datadome security troubling the performance of even the best bots in the game. So besides being hype, the Mochas were pretty hard to get. However, our users managed to catch a lot of pairs!

The second pair is the mighty Air Jordan 1 Royal Toe. This is a pair that brings back memories of the OG royal Jordans. Why is it so important? Because our users copped more than 5.5K pairs! This number is from all the sites and includes the restocks. The revenues from this release alone surpassed $600K!

Yeezys: Always Hype. Always Valuable.

This year Kanye kinda held back on the number of releases if we compare them to previous years. However, this year’s kicks are on another level and got their fair share of hype. And AIO Bot managed to eat up many of the releases. Our users generated an average profit of more than half a million US dollars thanks to Yeezys only! And though we got new silhouettes and new colorways of older silhouettes, the 350s always stand out!

Total Yeezy Profit - Checkouts AIO Bot 2020Some of the pairs that AIO dominated are Yeezy 350 Zyon and Yeezy Natural. Our users copped more than 2,000 pairs of each colorway! That’s a total of about $150K in profit from both. The third pair of Yeezys that AIO killed on release day is Yeezy Boost 350 Carbon. With more than $3.5K pairs checked out, users’ profits add up to around $250K+.

Numbers Are Worth a 1000 Words!

Although we saw what the best drops were, we still haven’t taken a look at the bigger picture. So besides the best releases, how did AIO do this year?

Total 2020 Profit - Checkout GraphsWell, AIO users copped the best releases this year adding up to more than 65K items! A good part of this success was Supreme, thanks to the free addition of Supreme to AIO. The total profit that our botters generated this year only is a whopping 3.5 Million US Dollars! And we still have 1.5 months to go before resetting our swag-meters!

Bottom Line

Despite all the bumps in the road in 2020, AIO bot users managed to make the best possible out of it. With more than 200 updates and 8 months of free license key renewals throughout the year, AIO stood by the community. And because the sneaker industry is ever-growing, it’s time to ride the sneaker bot wave if you still haven’t! That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on Black Friday’s deal this year: a 40% discount on AIO Bot V2. And because Black Friday this year is like no other, the offer will be valid until Cyber Monday! So make this holiday 10x happier for your sole by purchasing the bot. That’ll get you coppin’ and kickin’ in 2021. Happy Holidays!

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