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AIO Bot Proxies

Sneaker Proxies are the perfect addition you can bring into your copping game. Using Sneaker Proxies, you increasing your chances at copping while reducing your risk of getting banned.

Sneaker sites give every customer a single chance at getting the sneakers they want. But a single pair is not what you're here for. Is it?

Proxies give you as many chances as you need. So the more Sneaker proxies you add the more likely you'll get the pair, or pairs you wanted.

Pairing AIO Bot with the proper proxies, will get you the best out of your bot.

A proxy per task is the perfect ratio to keep IP addresses in your bot from getting banned off sneaker sites. In addition, Sneaker Proxies offer the speed you need to cop with more efficiency than the rest in the game.

Created specifically to maximize your copping power on limited edition sneaker releases.


  • Dedicated ISP Proxies
  • Quality ISPs
  • Instant Delivery
  • Supports US Sites
APE Resis
These proxies are specialized in copping Sneakers in General. They have worldwide Locations and Low Ban rates.


  • Residential Proxies
  • Worldwide Locations
  • Speed as low as 100ms for most IPs
  • Instant Deliver

Why are proxies limited?

To create optimised sneaker proxies take specialised resources which are limited in availability, this is why we can only sell a LIMITED number of proxies, unfortunately they may sell out close to sneaker/supreme release dates so we recommend you make your sneaker proxy order as soon as possible.

AIO Bot Proxies

When you set your mind on copping sneakers, or any Supreme item, you know there are things you just can't do without. A sneaker bot is the first and most important element in this whole process. But to get copping on a whole other level you need more. The trick is to add some sneaker proxies, to get yourself as many chances, and pairs as possible. That's why we now have our own AIO Bot Proxies.

AIO Bot proxies, cover all your needs, whether you're copping from Yeezy Supply, Adidas, footsites, Supreme or any other shopify site. They offer optimal performance and can get you through any release no matter how tricky things get.

Time Matters!

When copping Supreme, Yeezys or any limited edition sneaker, time is a crucial factor to consider. Therefore your Yeezy Proxies or Supreme Proxies must be very fast and manage to get passed any splash page or queue in no time. The speed of these sneaker proxies, is affected by how close they are to sneaker site servers. The closer they are the faster your get at copping. So you need to get sneaker proxies that are based in the same location as the sneaker sites you're copping from. Otherwise you'd be stuck in a vortex of high ping latency and endless Ls.

The Price of Success

Yeezy Proxies, sneaker proxies and dedicated Supreme Proxies they don't come cheap, and they certainly aren't reliable if they're free. Fast and dedicated proxies can cost you some cash, but in return they're your best shot at copping multiple items and sneakers. Think of them as an investment where every penny you spend can get you a pair of Yeezys or Jordans that will make you 100s of dollars. The cost per proxy can differ depending on the type and number of proxies you need.

The Best Type

As for which proxies you should get, well, that's up to you to decide on eventually. But keep in mind that buying shared proxies, or ones that are located halfway across the globe will do you no good. The perfect proxy should always be dedicated!