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As new sneaker releases hit the market, it’s important to know the most efficient way to get your hands on a pair of sneakers. One of the ways is to get a Sneaker Bot. But then the question becomes, which sneaker bot should you choose? You could choose from one of the many Bots featured on Chrome Extensions, or, you could save yourself the time and energy of filtering through all of that and go simpler by choosing AIO (all-in-one) Bot.

aio bot beats all extensions

Chrome Extensions

For those of you who don’t know, chrome extensions are software programs you can add to your Chrome browser in order to modify or enhance its functionality. To expand on this, they’re web pages, or features, that interact with your web browser.

An example are Bots that are becoming very popular. Bots were built, the first one by Nike, to make a consumer’s shopping experience easier. The Bot keeps trying to add the product you want into a shopping cart. But, yet again, we’re left with the question, which bot is the best bot?

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Generally speaking, most of the Sneaker Bots available on Google Extensions only work for Nike.  Not only does this make it difficult to get your hands on Yeezy Boost sneakers, but it limits the amount of stores you can get access to if you want to get a pair of shoes.

Furthermore, the only one I was able to find was expensive. It started at 5 British pounds as a first payment. Not bad, until you read that after seven days, that membership expires. You then have to spend another 5 British pounds for another seven days and every seven days after that. That can really add up at the end of the year. This is especially true when you factor in the conversion rate. Furthermore, the Bot only has access to 17 stores.

AIO Bot on the other hand has access to over 40 retail stores including, Nike US/EU, Adidas, the NBA Store, FinishLine, and ChampsSports, just to name a few. The name really says it all, as this Bot has a lot of features all in one place. Some of these features include a multithreading process at the various order processing stages, constant product search, consistent retries on transactions, and express check out. Other great features include immediate email/SMS notifications, automatic bank/PayPal account setup, a link monitor, and so much more. However, one of the best features is free updates from your favorite stores and styles for up to 6 months!

When you factor in all these great features, it seems like a much better deal than what the Sneaker Bots on Google extensions offer you. This is especially true when you think about the free updates for 6 months. Don’t make the wrong choice. If you choose AIO Bot you won’t be disappointed. Visit our homepage or ANBbot website for more information and assistance.

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