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Why AIO updates? & why now?

By February 7, 2017October 29th, 2020News, Yeezy, Yeezy Boost 350

Why AIO updates? & Why now?

Sneaker bots come and sneaker bots go, every week more and more bots come up only to disappear a few months later. As for AIO Bot? We’re the oldest bot in the market and the market leader at that, this week we once again took leadership with an industry first, paid updates. While we’ve always made it clear that updates were only free for the first 6 months it wasn’t till this week that we put it into effect, so you may ask why now?

As everyone in the industry knows there’s a reason we’re number 1 and its simple… WE COP. And this isn’t by mistake, we’ve never went for the quick buck and instead invest everything back into the product to make sure we demolish stock come release time. While we’re already the best bot on the market this year we’re going even further with our HMAC Destroyer/Native Mac Bot/Auto-Captcha Solver/AIO Turbo/Reseller bot projects and much much more to take you to the next level! Let’s have a quick look at what we’ve got for you!

A look at our numbers in 2016

26,000+ Successful Checkouts on Limited Releases

$750+ Profit on Average made by clients using the bot (from reselling)

260% ROI on bot Purchase ( Return on Investment from reselling)

549% ROI on 6 Month Updates Purchase ( Return on Investment estimate from reselling)

7.7 Hour Average Customer Support Reply time (72 Hour Industry average, try it yourself! Contact us and contact a competitor 😉 )

100% Customer Satisfaction Rating (No industry average as were of the very few using customer support systems)


Our Helpdesk Stats for last month.

A look at our team

You don’t demolish release stock and become the number 1 bot for years by being mediocre. We employ the best engineers in the industry utilizing the best practice methodologies to bring you enterprise level software. Our development and project management teams come from top tier companies ranging from Amazon, Thompson Reuters, Government agencies all the way to Forensic Software Penetration Analysis Firms. This is no two man shop, we are located in 4 offices across the globe to reach an international talent pool whose sole purpose is to help you cop!

What’s coming!?

Dominating the market with our copping performance is not enough for us, we want to give you MORE. That’s why we’re once again taking the initiative to take the sneaker cooking game to the next level. We can’t tell you everything (our competitors would kill to know) but we can tell you there’s a whole heap of goodies coming your way in 2017 including a HMAC Destroyer, an Auto Captcha algorithm, native MAC bot, Mobile Bot, a turbo injection for the AIO bot to run at 8x the performance, a tool JUST for resellers who want to cop over 100 pairs a release and much much more! This armada of tech will especially dominate the stock!

So again, you ask why aio updates and why now? Its because our updates are worth something, its worth you taking your cop game to a whole other level. You want to cop more Yeezys than you can sell? What are you waiting for, get updated and get cooking!