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Air Jordan 1 ‘First Class Flight’: Packaged & Ready for Shipping

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  • September 24, 2019
Air Jordan 1 "First Class Flight"

Air Jordan 1: The one that started it all. Air Jordan 1 first came out in 1985 having the rebel vibe from the start. Jordan says that he was fined $5000 every time he wore the AJ1’s because the BRED colorway broke the uniform dress code.
But Nike didn’t let this throw them off the court! They literally paid the fine each and every time! They even took it to a whole other level by making a badass banned’ commercial. Way to milk the situation for all it’s worth.
So yeah, that was 34 years ago! And now, the Air Jordan 1 is making a comeback with a whole new look – the First Class Flight.
A look inspired by the company’s own packaging and shipping system.
Wait, what?

Don’t act all weirded out! Nike’s KNOWN for pulling stuff like this all the time. Jordan loves speed! He even has his own motorsports racing team! That’s why the Air Jordan XIV looks so much like a Ferrari 550 Maranello!

What about the
Nike Air Max CB 94 with the straitjacket inspo? Or the human spine with the Nike Air Max 95? Heck, even the signature Air Jordan XI was inspired by a freaking LAWN MOWER!
Weird place to look for inspiration. But, they work!

So, thanks to Nike’s packaging system, the Air Jordan 1 “First Class Flight” came into existence. And thanks to the high potential profit you will probably not be able to cop unless you run a sneaker bot. So make sure you have a powerful sneaker bot, with a long successful history of copping Jayz. Like AIO Bot. Click below to learn more.Learn more

Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight

Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight
Release Date: September 26, 2019 – in EU
September 28, 2019 – in the US
Colorway: White – Dynamic Yellow – Black
Style Code: 555088 – 170
Resale: $406

So, the resale on these kicks is pretty high! Which isn’t much of a shocker since Air Jordan 1’s are probably the best selling Jordan silhouette!
Now, it might not make it to the most expensive sneakers list. We know! BUT, it will make you some much needed extra cash to survive the holiday season shopping.

AJ1 FCF Features

It is kinda weird though, considering this is a VERY bright shoe to wear when Fall’s right around the corner. Plus, the perforated uppers. What’s with that? We get the whole breathable is a better thing, but like… wet socks?
We won’t judge if you’re into that feature though.
But, you could always wait out till October for the AJ 12 “Sunrise” or the AJ 9 “Gym Red”. It’s pretty awesome to see big brands like Nike trying to expand their community, reaching all women out there!
Way to go Nike!

On the other hand, you could always just cope with it and learn how to clean your Jordans every time you wear it. Every. Time.

The colorway is also really off the BRED train for the FCF. So unlike the Air Jordan XXXIV, which drops tomorrow, the Air Jordan 1 FCF is FAR from red! So Nike ditched the red/black combo this time. However, this colorway does offer its own unique set of features which we are LOVING! It has barcodes on the heels! It even has Michael Jordan’s own signature stamped on the collar.
So yeah, Air Jordans will probably never go out of style!
Even if they decide to put a weird silicone dinosaur figures on them! Oh wait,
they did!

Where to buy the Air Jordan 1

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