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Air Jordan 1 University Blue Is the BEST Release of 2021! Here’s Why!

By February 24, 2021November 16th, 2021Jordan, Nike

Air Jordan 1 University Blue - AJ1 Tips - AIO BotThese days, the only thing that sets releases apart is the resale value of the release. In other words, if it’s not a money-making flip, then it’s not worth our time! However, we’re lucky enough to say that this year had a lot of flipping opportunities! One of our favorite releases of the year happens to be none other than the Air Jordan 1 University Blue!

It is one of the best and sleek-looking Jordans of the entire 2021 lineup with a $350+ profit from a resale. This Jordan is one of the best, affordable sneaker investments of the year, especially with its timeless colorway! The AJ1 University Blue is one of those Michael Jordan sneakers that have a special place in our hearts. Let’s get into it more!

Jordan 1 University Blue
Release Info

So, the Jordan 1 University Blue is one of those silhouettes and colorways that doesn’t need an introduction. But we’re going to give it one anyway! This OG silhouette and colorway get every hypebeast, sneakerhead, and sneaker collector excited.

These kicks take on one of MJ’s signature colorways that pays homage to the University of North Carolina. The new Jordan 1 University Blue features a white leather base and University blue overlays. It also comes with contrasting black laces, Swoosh tongues, and heels.

Air Jordan University BlueRelease Date: March 6th, 2021
Retail Price: $170
Resale Price: $427

So far, on average, the Jordan 1 University Blue has the potential to make you around $300 in sneaker profit. You can check it out on the resale market and find ways to profit further off of it! If you missed out on buying it at retail, odds are you messed up your sneaker copping game. OR, you just didn’t have the right bot by your side. 

Therefore, to avoid what happened with the AJ1 University Blue, you might have to reconsider your copping strategy!

Tips to Copping the University Blue & More

Copping Jordans online can be a struggle – especially when you’re going up against sneaker botters. This means that the only way to beat them is by joining them. It’s very counterproductive to try and go against sneaker bots. So, here’s how to join them!

Copping the Air Jordan 1 University Blue and other Jordans, you’re going to need a few things:
– Get a sneaker bot that supports websites like Footsites and Shopify sites
– Keep your eye on AIO Bot blog and other sneaker blogs for the latest release info
– Get the right proxies and rent a server

It is almost guaranteed that you will never miss out on a Jordan cop if you have all these things. Even if you missed out on the AJ1 University Blue, you could still redeem yourself. There are many upcoming Jordans left in the year 2021! So, you have to make sure you’re prepared – especially in the Holiday season.

Follow these tips, and your chances at copping any Jordan, even in bulk, will increase EXPONENTIALLY. And so will your reselling profit once the dust settles and your orders arrive at your doorstep. 

Where Did the Jordan 1 University, Blue Drop

It’s important to keep in mind that Jordans like the Air Jordan 1 University Blue drop at select sneaker retailers. Although this release is already done, you can always see a pattern with retailers – which helps in future Jordan releases. A lot more Jordans drop on these sites every week! So, make sure you’re keeping up with all the sneaker news in the game provided by our blog! We’ll let you know where Jordans drop, and provide the sneaker links to help!
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