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Air Jordan 1 Volt – The Visionaire of the Summer of [2022]

By March 5, 2022Jordan, Nike

Air Jordan 1 VOLT Release - AIO BotIf it ain’t already clear, we’re over Winter. We’re over Winter sneakers, and we honestly can NOT wait for hot sneakers Summer to start! And, thankfully, we’re not too far off! But, we can live that moment right now by planning our latest Summer cop – Air Jordan 1 VOLT. 

This Jordan, AKA the Visionaire, is one of the epic Jordans in this year’s lineup. We’ve had pretty solid February Js, and the March lineup is literally on FIRE! So, it’s only natural that the Jordan Brand kicks up the heat with the coming SUMMER HEAT! And, if you’re getting a feeling of déjà vu, it is completely justified! In January of 2021, the Jordan Brand dropped the Volt Gold. However, although they sport similar names, they are definitely NOT twins. Brothers maybe, but not twins! In short, this new Jordan is MUCH cooler. So, keep reading to find out more about its release!

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The Visionaire

The Jordan 1 is THE most iconic Jordan in all history. However, this makes sense since it marked the first sneaker of the Nike collaboration with Michael Jordan. But, that isn’t the only reason this model is so hyped! It is no secret that the Air Jordan 1 is a sneaker like no other with so much history and culture behind it. It was the sneaker MJ wore during his rookie year! And, his game-worn pair even sold for 615 THOUSAND DOLLARS! Talk about expensive! Sheeeeeesshhh!

So, this all just makes the new Air Jordan 1 VOLT all that more special – it has a history behind it! This Michael Jordan sneaker is basically the Air Jordan 1 VOLT GOLD with a little 2022 makeover! This time around, it features absolutely no color blocking from the previously existing black overlays. If we wanna pinpoint it, we have to say this Jordan has the same color-blocking as the Air Jordan 1 CHICAGO. But, of course, with the vibrant Volt replacing the Chicago University Red. It definitely is not as vibrant as Billie Eilish’s AJKO with its cracked leather material and distressed overlays!

Make sure to check out the image below for all information related to the Jordan 1 Volt release! Also, if you’re looking for a good Jordan copping guide, click on the button below to learn more. It has everything you need to know about copping ANY sneaker online FOR RETAIL! Cop in bulk, flex your Js, and never have to pay resale again! 

Release Date: June 11th, 2022
Color Scheme:  Volt – Sail – Black
Retail Price: $170
Average Resale: NA


Air Jordan 1 VOLT - Infographic I - AIO Bot