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Where to Buy The Air Jordan 13 Starfish

By January 12, 2021July 12th, 2022Jordan, Nike

The most hype aspect about the Air Jordan brand is the fact that it releases to tell. With every new sneaker, the legacy of MJ is brought up to the table with a new story. Moreover, every new kick digs deeper into the GOAT’s legend. We’ve seen it in the Reverse flu game. We also knew it in the AJ1 “Lucky Green”. And now, we expect a hype story following the Air Jordan 13 Starfish release. Not to spoil or anything, its is obvious that the brand is bringing back a reminiscent colorway to the table. But before getting into specifics… 

Air Jordan 13 Starfish Back CatWhat is the Air Jordan 13 all about really?

The Air Jordan 13 highlights Michael Jordan’s 13th signature collab with Nike. In fact, ever since MJ signed with Nike in 1984, those two created a tradition to design a new shoe for each season. Thus, the Air Jordan 13 design honors MJ’s nickname “ Black Cat”. Accordingly, AJ 13’s silhouette features two holographic gems. The first is seen on the heel and the second on the outsole. Those gems symbolize the 2 eyes of the panther. Other silhouette dope characteristics include a dimpled upper, a fiber plate, and a Zoom Air cushioning.

The Air Jordan 13 Starfish “Retro”

As part of line 13, AJ is releasing a new Starfish hue sneaker. One look into them and you’ll fall into the nostalgia of the 2015 AJ1 “Shattered Backboard” for sure. The shoe preserves the OG Shattered backboard colorway, featuring hype black, orange, and white. The AJ 13 sports a white-dimpled leather upper, a starfish suede mudguard that overlays the midsole as well. In addition, the sneaker completes the classic look with a black lining and panther paw-like outsole along with the Jumpman logo on the tongue. This release may bring back the all matchy family style as it comes in full family sizing. 

Air Jordan 1 Starfish

Release Date: January 16, 2021
Price: $190

Another Starfish Chance

Five days later, AJ will add another Starfish hue to its Spring collection. Only this time, the AJ4 Starfish is a Women’s exclusive release. Nike is giving you ladies the chance to bring on the sneaker game! The sneaker displays a breathable all black mesh with a titular starfish orange melt-in. 

Air Jordan 4 Starfish

Release Date: 01/21/21
Price: $190

This Starfish, aka Shattered Backboard line, showcases two significant silhouettes. In the business talk, the more significant the shoe is, the bigger the cash label it has! Add to that the fact that bold colors are a 2021 thing and you’ll realize how much of a good cop these two are! While the Air Jordan 13 Starfish can be flipped for $275, the AJ 4 is worth a minimum of $320. That’s an easy $200 per double cop! Som if you’re all about coping and scoring Ws in 2021, make sure you’re only running the top sneaker bots. Anything else will just be a waste of time and proxies!

Where to Buy The Jordan Starfish

Starting out with the earlier release, the Jordan 13 Starfish will drop as usual on, Footsites (Check the best proxies here), and on select retailer sites.