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Here’s Why Air Jordan 2 Is Treated Like the Middle Child It Is!

By July 24, 2020June 22nd, 2023Jordan, News

AIR JORDAN 2 AIO FEATYou’d think that being purposely conceived after the Air Jordan 1, Air Force 1 designer Bruce Kilgore would be smarter than treating the second model as if it were an accident. The Jordan 1 silhouette with its basketball-inspired, high cut banned reputation was and is to this day, top game. So, gambling with the Air Jordan 2 was a deep water venture after the Jordan OG. And arguably the GOAT Jordan sneaker. 

“Made in Italy” For a REASON!

Tinker Hatfield should have talked some sense into Peter Moore and Kilgore (…sent them a warning pigeon, or something). But perhaps that’s just what happened. The Air Jordan 2 was originally made in Italy in 1987 with faux lizard skin. Which, come to think of it, was possibly an escape scheme from the sporty American scene. The design team knew that following in the first model’s footsteps would likely be a failed attempt. So, they went big and far instead. All the way to Italy, apparently. With the intention of bringing sophistication and an elegant legacy to the Jordan brand. We’re not objecting to self-fulfillment, but did they have to remove the Swoosh?!

Dazzle Much, Air Jordan 2?

Swoosh, gone. A rip off without the band aid, but we’re here still. Air Jordan is not solely defined by the Jordan 1 features and we’re keeping an open mind. But frankly, the Air Jordan 2 is as unmerged as a sailor on a disco ball. The sleek line features call out “aye aye captain.” And the glittering colorways of retros like Nightshade and Iron Purple fit right into That ‘70s Show. The 1987 low/high OGs weren’t as bedazzled though. They featured a brand new structure but they identified as Jordans. So, what went wrong over the course of time?

Air Jordan 2 Destroyed After 1994

In the time period between 1994 and 2001, the OG models of the Air Jordan 2 got lost. Or, as rumor has it, destroyed. Similarly to what happened with the Brooks brand. Except it was founded in 1914 and tapped into several shoe types like baseball cleats and children’s shoes. So, one would understand how certain aspects of the brand may get lost over the years.
The doubtfully accidental incident took place right after the first OG Retros dropped in 1994. The Air Jordan 2 then lived in the fear of never being able to recreate another retro. But the fact that the brand was able to recover the model by 2004 suggests that it was destroyed, not lost. And to fans’ surprise, that was the year a retro of the Jordan 2 High OG came out. Reselling for up to $600 in 2020. 

What Truly Destroyed Air Jordan 2

Although Air Jordan 2 releases took place after 2004, notice that the official Jordan page jumps from 2004 to 2015. And we all know unusual time gaps don’t serve any brand well. The lack of consistency destroyed fans’ expectations. And although the Air Jordan 2 collaborated with Don C in 2015 and featured super limited colorways, the hype didn’t extend beyond that. Even though the Arctic Orange and Blue colorways are reselling for $1,358 and $630 respectively.
The model failed to build up its image and rep over the decades. The AJ1 is an eternal flame. The AJ3 has animal instinct written all over it. The AJ4 is a collaborative magnet. And the AJ5 is a timeless Retro loop. How many times have sneakerheads drooled over retros of the Fire Red, Grape, and Metallic colorways?! Point made, right? And the list goes on. 

Conclusion, Because You Need One

The Air Jordan 2 was destined for greatness, we can tell. It was made in the luxurious hub of Italy with premium quality leather and maximum cushioning. If the silhouette was handled with the care it deserved, it wouldn’t have gone through middle child trauma. But being destroyed or “lost” for a span of ten years and not investing the effort upon its return makes hype nearly impossible. What with its other siblings aiming for the stars. 

It’s not the sneaker’s fault it wasn’t taken care of, but we can’t expect it to be a fan-favorite either. Maybe the fact that it’s relatively limited to other Jordan retros might serve a purpose. We’d like to see an auction in the horizon for this neglected model. Or call up Eminem for another collaboration. Maybe call it “The Way You Are” this time. 

In the meantime, catch the Off White Jordan 4 dropping tomorrow!