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Air Jordan 34: Bred, The Air Jordan Legacy of 2019

By September 18, 2019June 22nd, 2023Jordan, Sneakers

Air Jordan always strives to help sneakerheads fly without wings!
This mindset grew after its first global market release 30 years ago with the legendary Air Jordan 4.
Remember “
The Shot”?
And so, Nike recently revealed the release of Air Jordan 34. The lightest, most dynamic and innovative pair of kicks ever! Could it be the end of the Jordan era? The last chapter of the Jordan legacy? The final Air Jordan?

The Air Jordan XXXIV is the future of flight!

AJ34 FeaturesThese sneakers come in the OG classic Jordan colorway, “Bred” and will be available at Nike and Jordan select retailers! It also comes in another futuristic color “Blue Void” which really gives us Back to the Future vibes!

These dope kicks are for the most savage sneakerheads looking to dominate the basketball court! The motto for this design is “Make less more”, which is why the designer stripped all unneeded materials off these kicks! So this makes the Air Jordan 34 the lightest sneaker to date, weighing only 13.1 ounces for a size 9!
That’s like three-fifths the weight of a basketball!
If it’s not necessary, it’s gotta go!
The whole upper is basically covered in see-through mesh taking away most of the weight. There also happens to be a gaping hole right in the center of the midsole. This gap connects two cushioning Zoom pads on the forefoot and the heel.

And, for the fly factor, an Eclipse plate is installed at the midsole to give the piston-like springiness for those last-second dunks! If you haven’t heard of the Eclipse pad yet, it’s because this is the upgraded version of the Flight Speed for better control and traction.
Also, Nike seems to have learned from their past mistakes! The anatomy of the human foot won’t change anytime soon. And so, the Fastfit System used on the Air Jordan XXXIII is behind us.
We still have to use the good ole shoelaces to tie our sneakers. Beats getting your feet stuck in your shoes!
Can’t really exercise the ‘reductive design’ with shoelaces.

These Pair has lots of key stats!

AJ34 release date

This might be Jordan’s last sneaker; so Nike made sure we never forget them. Every part of these kicks has some kinda message.
Like the infamous number 23 in Morse Code on the vamp of the shoe!
Or the subtle print of the J4-34, 2.89 – 19 on the outsole representing the 30th anniversary of the release of Air Jordan 4 in the 1989 All-Star Game.
Or the futuristic look of the XXX4 on the upper!
Maybe it’s the crash pads on the ankle bone? Which may or may not remind you of the Curry 4. Just sayin’.
And let’s not forget about the classic Jumpman logo on the forefoot and tongue which, AGAIN, gives us major AJ4 feels.
This is the solid definition of a basketball shoe at its finest.

So, we’re pretty stoked about this release. But we’re also a bit… nervous?
Not saying that Nike didn’t come up with some pretty epic sneakers in the past, but they’ve also had some major screw-ups. And we’re talking MAJOR. Like the huge flop of the Adapt BB after having “technical issues”. Or the Nike PG 2.5 that burst open on Zion Williamson’s foot giving him a serious knee injury.

So a sneaker this light-weight really does raise a lot of eyebrows, but then again, this is Nike we’re talking about. Nike is one of the biggest sneaker names to start the sneaker culture.
So, we’ll have to wait and see how it performs.