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Air Jordan 6 Rings – Why Do People Hate on Them So Much?

By June 7, 2024Food for thought, Jordan

AIO Bot - Air Jordan 6 RingsIf you haven’t been in the sneaker industry for long, the Air Jordan 6 Rings may not crossed your radar yet. And that’s perfectly fine. It’s pretty much common to pay more attention to the hype kicks. Especially when you’re involved in the sneaker reselling business (a smart choice!).

This said, let us introduce you to the Air Jordan 6 Rings and explore the key reasons why this silhouette often faces criticism and hate from people!

What are Air Jodan 6 Rings? 

Are Jordan 6 Rings real Jordans? Believe it or not, this is a question people ask more frequently than you can imagine. And so, let us settle this once and for all. Air Jordan 6 Rings aren’t some fake Jordans. They’re rather 100% legit

Simply put, the Air Jordan 6 Rings are hybrid sneakers. They’re mash-ups of seven different Jordan silhouettes, Michael Jordan wore during his six NBA championships. They combine the features of the Air Jordan 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, and the Air Jordan 14. 

Why Do People Hate This Silhouette? 

Air Jordan 6 Rings Shoes - AIO Bot You see, upon its debut in 2008, the Jordan 6 Rings looked as if they were fake Jordans. Much to the dismay of Jordan Brand’s designers, no one wanted anything to do with them. And though this had something to do with the fact that most sneakerheads look down on AJs outside of the numbered models, this wasn’t the only reason the Rings received much criticism. 

It has something to do with people associating hybrids with poor-quality kicks. Meaning that, despite the great meaning behind them, some think that hybrids are out there to ruin classics. Also, the main reason behind the hype of Air Jordans, specifically, the majority of the first 17 silhouettes, is because Michael Jordan has worn them on the court at some point. 

And so, each and every silhouette of them holds great worth in every sneakerhead’s life. They also happen to be the sneakers that make the most money on the resale market! So, if they’re neither hyped nor do they make resellers money, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when people show little love to the 6 Rings Jodans. 


However, this doesn’t mean that the Air Jordan 6 Rings don’t have their own fans. At the end of the day, these kicks pay homage to MJ’s championship-winning years. They also combine the features of some of the most popular Jordan silhouettes

In addition, this collective hate for the 6 Rings Jordan seemed to have eased a bit when they adopted classic colorways. Its meaning started appealing to some. And, this way, the hated hybrid sneakers gained their own fanbase. 

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