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Air Jordan Prices: How Much Are Jordans Retailing For? [2023]

By September 18, 2023Jordan, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Air Jordan PricesThe sneaker industry is one vast world. Which means that everyone has a place in there. From giant sneaker brands, underrated ones, and sellers, to resellers, you can find them all there. But one thing all of them have in common is that they know their sh*t. And so part of being knowledgeable enough about the industry is having an idea about the retail prices of one of the most hyped brands out there: Jordan Brand. So, scroll down for a full list of Air Jordan prices!

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Air Jordan Prices (Retail) 

It’s mindblowing to think that at some point, Air Jordan 1s used to retail at $65 when they first debuted in 1985. Then, Air Jordan prices started increasing gradually. For example, the price of the AJ1s increased by more than 100% over time. And that’s mainly because of the ongoing inflation that has been hitting sneakerheads for years now. But that doesn’t deny the fact that they’re still pretty much profitable, resale-wise. Let’s elaborate on that, shall we? 

It’s worth noting that sneaker reselling starts with comparing retail prices to resale ones to know whether the drop is worth a cop in the first place. And when it comes to Air Jordans, the silhouettes that make the most money on the aftermarket are the 1s up to the 12s. But keep in mind that performance and resale don’t necessarily have to do with each other. Meaning that, you might find the new FIBA 38 as the best performance shoe, but resale-wise it’s not doing that good. 

So, picking the best kicks to collect or wear differs from buying the Js for the main purpose of reselling. And let’s tell you, you could start making thousands of dollars just by kickstarting a sneaker reselling business. So, to know how to do it, click on the button below for a full guide! button_learn-more

Air Jordan Prices 

Air Jordan Prices - Air Jordan Retail Prices - Prices Of All Air Jordans - AIO Bot Air Jordan Retail Price: And The List Goes On 

  • Air Jordan 13 $200 – $210
  • Air Jordan 14 $210
  • Air Jordan 15 $190- $225
  • Air Jordan 16 $250 – $275
  • Air Jordan 17 $300
  • Air Jordan 18 $225
  • Air Jordan 19 $225
  • Air Jordan 20 $220 – $225
  • Air Jordan 21 $135 – $180
  • Air Jordan 22 $175
  • Air Jordan 23 $260
  • Air Jordan 24 $190
  • Air Jordan 25 $170
  • Air Jordan 26 $170
  • Air Jordan 27 $220
  • Air Jordan 28 $150 – $250
  • Air Jordan 29 $225
  • Air Jordan 30 $185 – $200
  • Air Jordan 31 $185
  • Air Jordan 32 $185
  • Air Jordan 33 $160 – $185
  • Air Jordan 34 $180 – $200
  • Air Jordan 35 $175 – $180
  • Air Jordan 36 $185
  • Air Jordan 37 $175 – $185
  • Air Jordan 38 $200

This pretty much sums up all Air Jordan prices. For more sneaker guides and updates, make sure you keep it locked on our blog and Instagram @aiobot