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Top Air Jordans for Wide Feet: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

By November 20, 2023Sneaker Tutorial, Sneakers

AIO Bot - Air Jordans For Wide Feet - Air Jordans For Big FeetHave you ever thought about why people with wide feet need special shoes? Well, it’s all about comfort and foot health. The unique structure of their feet demands extra space to accommodate their broad width. Therefore, the right footwear for them isn’t just a matter of trend, but an essential requirement. An ill-fitting shoe can lead to all sorts of discomfort, from bulging sides to unexpected pinch points, and even provoke foot problems. But if you won’t compromise on style, you gotta find that sweet spot. Lucky for you, there are plenty of Air Jordans for wide feet that’ll help you flex all the way, without any pain. But before you get to that, check this guide to learn how to measure your foot size.  

Best Air Jordans for Wide Feet

When choosing one of the best Jordans for wide feet, it’s necessary to consider your own foot width. For those with wider feet, the selection process may be a bit more challenging, as many shoes are designed with a standard width in mind. Good news is, with recent advancements in footwear technology, most top brands now offer options especially designed for wider, bigger feet.

So, are you looking for the perfect pair of Jordans to accommodate your wide feet? You’re in the right place. Here’s a quick rundown of the best models for you!

Best Jordans for Big Feet:

  1. Air Jordan 1: Not only is it a classic, but the Air Jordan 1’s design also comfortably caters for wide feet. The spacious toe box offers plenty of room without compromising the stylish silhouette the Jordan 1 is known for. Looking to stylishly lace up your big-foot Jordan 1s? Check this out.
  2. Air Jordan 4: Another great option for the wide-footed sneakerheads. The Air Jordan 4 boasts a wider fit, especially in the toe area, offering plenty of space and comfort for broader feet. And in addition to comfort, Jordan 4s by Tinker Hatfield, are almost as iconic as the 1s. Making them a great option for all stylish bigfoots!
  3. Air Jordan 11: This model is designed with a patented leather upper, creating a sleek appearance and a luxurious feel. In addition to the generous fit. The shoe is also sturdy and supportive, ideal for those active sneakerheads with wide feet. 
  4. Air Jordan 13: A popular choice for wider feet, the Air Jordan 13’s unique design and construction allow for a more relaxed fit while maintaining the signature Jordan style. 
  5. Air Jordan 5: One of the most beloved in the sneaker community, the Air Jordan 5 deserves your consideration if you’re searching for a broader fit. Jordan brand has thoughtfully designed this shoe to ensure a comfortable and flexible fit, regardless of your foot shape.

How Wide Are These Wide Air Jordans?

Now all we said was nice and cool, but how about some numbers?

To be actually dubbed “Jordans for wide feet,” you gotta know the actual width of these shoes. So the table below is a reference to give you an idea of how wide these models actually are. All are based on US Men Size 9. We also squeezed in 3 different sneakers for you to know exactly how wide our recommended Jordans are.

Sneaker: US Size 9 Men Width (inches) Width (cm)
Air Jordan 1  ~3.81 ~9.7
Air Jordan 2
~3.75 ~9.5
Air Jordan 3  ~3.75 ~9.5
Air Jordan 4 ~3.85 ~9.8
Air Jordan 5  ~3.86 ~9.8
Air Jordan 11  ~3.94 ~10.0
Air Jordan 13 ~4.13 ~10.5
Nike Dunk Low ~3.94 ~10.0
Adidas Samba ~3.58 ~9.1
Yeezy 350 V2 ~3.66 ~9.3

Pro-tip: As with any shoe, and whether your feet are wide or not, it’s always a good idea to try them on in-store if possible. Or maybe purchase from a retailer with a flexible return policy. That way, you can be certain your Jordans are a perfect match for your unique feet.