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Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott Drops in 2 Days [2019]

By October 10, 2019July 12th, 2022Jordan, Sneakers

Travis Scott, Houston-bred legend, is climbing up the steps of fame two at a time! From launching his own label Cactus Jack in 2017 to debuting on top of the Billboard Hot with Astroworld. Then from his NFL Super Bowl halftime show performance to headlines for his tour dates. And now from releasing his own Netflix documentary “Look Mom I Can Flyto, most importantly, SNEAKER RELEASES.
Coming up in 2 days is the infamous Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott, which should release at select Jordan Brand retailers and online at in full family size!
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Travis Scott x Nike

Before you rush into things, you HAVE to know the Travis Scott sneaker history! This isn’t his first rodeo!
So take a look at some of his previous collabs, his new October release, and the upcoming long-awaited AF1s!

Air Jordan 6 Travis Scott, 2019

This is the third Air Jordan that Travis Scott and Nike have created together!
And it’s dropping on the 11th of October, 2019.
The Air Jordan 6 comes in earthly tones of olive green with some bold contrasting infrared accents.
It also comes with a small cargo stash pocket at the ankle collars and glow-in-the-dark outsoles!

How cool?

The iconic lopsided smiley face is hidden underneath the flap of the stash pocket of the Air Jordan 6 and the branding goes along the inner part of the pull tab!
Now if you haven’t already caught on that Travis Scott is going BIG, so you gotta jump on the train early, get yourself a bot and cop yourself a pair of these kicks!
Let’s be real though, we’re not saying these AJ6s are going to be as insanely rare as the Friends & Family 4s, but still, the resale price has already started going wild! With prices going up to almost $2.5K so far!
Flipping these kicks is a sure-fire way of making megabucks, and we mean MEGAbucks, real quick.
Buut, if you play your sneaker cards right, and hold onto it for a Lil’ while then you’ll have yourself a feast fit for kings.

Also, on the other hand, if this combat-ready looking Air Jordan 6 doesn’t really do it for you; there’s always the upcoming  Nike Air Force 1!

Nike Air Force 1 Travis Scott

You’ve definitely heard that Travis Scott himself gifted a lucky fan his VERY OWN pair of AF1s during his Made in America festival performance.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock? Or in a sneaker-less cave perhaps?
That fan, now the most envied human amongst sneakerheads, is the new owner of the Nike Air Force 1. La Flame had already given us a few sneak peeks of the sneaker on his social media account before insanely takin’ off his shoes on stage and giving them to his fan!

AJ 6 Travis Scott

They’re, hopefully, dropping in October. So, make sure you’re ready by then! Bring your A-game and your A-bot to cop these sneakers, then flip ’em at prices you can’t even imagine!
And if you’re serious about your resell game, then you need a serious bot. And there ain’t no bot more fit for the job than the All in One (AIO) Bot, that literally does it all. You can thank us later when you’re done rolling in cash.