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All White Yeezys: That’s One Way to Keep Your Options Open!

By August 18, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

All white Yeezys AIO BotAlthough the Adidas Yeezy partnership ended, that ain’t stopping us from keeping it in our mind. You know, just the way we keep rewatching Friends when the last episode aired almost two decades ago. So today, we’re gonna go over the list of all white Yeezys that previously dropped! You’ll probably be pretty confused when you see the kicks and you’ll probably be wondering: How did Kanye West get away with all of this?

You see, looking at these kicks will feel like seeing doubles and triples. But oh well, if it pays, it pays. And Ye might like tonal colorways, but they don’t even hold a candle next to all white Yeezys! You’ll see what we mean if you continue leading. And, before you question it, no we did not post the same picture multiple times. Ladies and gents, here are all the white Yeezys you should know about!

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All White Yeezys

Before we get into the whole white Yeezy mess, we gotta give you a heads-up. This is not your average listing of sneakers. We’re gonna go through all the silhouettes, and see what all white Yeezys we have there. You see, they’re many… 25 pairs to be exact. We’re not even counting the off-white variations of some of these kicks. And well, we’re pretty confident that you’ll find something you like here without recruiting the salts and the sails! Now, let’s check them out, silhouette by silhouette, and maybe you’ll find your favorite pair today.

Yeezy 350 – The Hub of All White Yeezys

It seems like Kanye believed that there’s no such thing as “too many all white Yeezys”. And because of that, we have not one, two, not even three white Yeezys. We have a whopping list of 13 DIFFERENT white Yeezy 350s. Of course, the sneaker industry didn’t miss that notion and certainly tore Ye down for it. But hype always wins, and well, all these 350s eventually sold out… all thirteen of them!

all white yeezys 350 AIO BotYeezy 380 – The Black Sheep of the Line?

Can we say that we’re lowkey glad that this silhouette didn’t end up becoming the 350 v3? Nevertheless, the kicks are comfortable as heck (and some even put it ahead of the 350s). So if you want a pair that’s comfortable and won’t break the bank, the 380s are your “it” shoe. In fact, you might be able to find a pair of the 380 Calcite Glow for under retail!

white yeezy 380s AIO Bot450, 500, Who’s Counting?

Two of the relatively most controversial Yeezy silhouettes. Why? Because they both lack the Boost cushioning that we all love. But well, it seems like everything looks better when it’s in white. Why? Because Yeezy 450 Cloud White and Yeezy 500 Bone White are really nice and would go with anything!

white yeezy 450 500All White Yeezys Include All Versions of the 700s!

So, you know how people have mixed feelings about the Yeezy 700 line… right? And well, we get it, nothing can ever compare to the OG Waverunners. But honestly, you gotta give these babies a chance. In addition to being available at a range of prices, you can choose the silhouette YOU love the most. So, gotta thank e for that kind of determination, huh?

all white yeezys 700 AIO BotWho Can Say No to a Pair of Foam RNNRs and Slides?

No, but for real, the Foam Runners became a sensation. Really, the shoes are just weird, and everyone was digging that weirdness… and the comfort. And what’s a better colorway to launch the line with than all white Yeezys? Exactly. That’s not all though, because another sensational comfort footwear is the Yeezy Slide. Naturally, it’s gonna be a great addition to your lineup of white kicks.

white foam runners

Yeezy Slide Bone white AIOHow to Get These Babies?

We’re almost there! It’s kind of refreshing to see all white Yeezys in something other than a 350. For some reason, they are so much more appealing. Although the 350s will always have a special part in our hearts, other silhouettes can be a fresh change! And when a marketing genius like Kanye was at the helm, we all knew that it was gonna sell regardless of the color. Sadly, the partnership ended, and Adidas was left with too many kicks on its plate.

So, it made sense for the brand to make the decision to sell the kicks to minimize the damage. After all, investors were threatening with lawsuits, and that’s never good for anyone. But what will happen after the last wave of Yeezy drops ends? Will it be the undoing of the hype culture? Or will Nike and Jordan Brand take the lead (again)? Well, keep it locked to our blog to hear the latest about the industry and more!