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All Yeezys 2020: Count & Cop 40+ Must-Own Pairs!

By June 19, 2020July 21st, 2023Adidas, Sneaker News, Yeezy

ALL YEEZYS 2020 AIO FEATAll Yeezys is a sneaker hyperbole that’s tricky to wrap one’s head around. And fit into one storage unit. Without the threat of bursting and going penniless! But all Yeezys 2020 is more reasonable to the ears and affordable living spaces. Especially with Kanye’s creative unpredictability. What you’ll discover below is a divided list of all Yeezys to have released so far. And all Yeezys yet to shock or surprise us in 2020. Uncharted as the future is, bear in mind that the second half of the list may change. So, keep posted for your Yeezy dose of certainty. And we promise to be gentle about potential shockers. 

For Yeezy enthusiasts, this is for you. Along with this ultimate guide to Yeezy history and the Best Yeezys Colorways. And for those of you who want to catch a quick recap of everything sneakers, check here

Supply, Demand, and Kan-YAY…?

If you’re a Yeezy reseller or a Yeezy fan, you’d want to know where to buy Yeezys and where the market is headed. That kind of knowledge is as important as choosing the perfect Yeezy size. For the feet you cherish. Full owner of the Yeezy brand Kanye West juggled celebrities, social platforms, and quality to make all Yeezys hype. Did you know that 2 out of the 12 most hyped sneakers of this year’s first quarter are Yeezys? West benefited from his rep and fame. To deliver his Lamborghini-infused sneaker vision. Not to mention his family! Because frankly, sometimes all it takes is sticking Kim’s feet into a pair of Yeezys. 

So, he got the world’s attention and swallowed it whole. With limited stock releases. Yeezy success competes with the timeless Jumpman. Sneakerheads carry around a mental chart of hype Yeezy colorways and rare models. Because scarcity and style made Yeezy what it is. 

But take a look below at the wave of new Yeezy releases. Does this look post-pandemic? Because the COVID-19 impact on the industry was not kind. This can go three ways. Either there are large units of the pseudo-limited sneakers tucked away. Hence the severe Yeezy restocks. Or, Kanye pulls the card of unreleased Yeezys. To fill in for time. Or, similarly to New Balance, his plan to move production to the US did pay off!   

When Mass Production Bombards Scarcity

All Yeezys for all! Sounds familiar, right? Apparently, that’s Kanye’s brand mission. But don’t you think it’s a bit ironic that he started putting that mission into action ONLY after he gained the hype he wanted? Something to think about. Because supply, demand, and Kanye weren’t so YAY at first. When he was slowly feeding buyers the illusion of hot limited stock. Bottom line, if you’re a fan, good for you friend! But if you’re a reseller or want to join the reselling business, let’s just hope this illusion lasts a while longer. Before you can’t tell the difference between retail and resale prices. 

All Yeezys 2020 That Dropped So Far! 

Yeshaya 350

Release Date: 1/25
The first Yeezy after the New Year! The rep around this Yeezy is so tied around its so-called bleach incident. That it’s hard to accept as “ neutral grey”. Reflective and Non-Reflective versions were released. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Marsh 350

Release Date: 2/1
After the design fallout of Yeshaya, Marsh followed up in a decisive mustard colorway. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Triple Black 700 MNVN

Release Date: 2/8
The first 700 MNVN of the year dropped in-store only. And witnessed its first restock on May 23. The hype around nylon-made sneakers is a grey area. But it seems to be working for Yeezy at $333 on resale!

Yeezy Quantum Basketball

Release Date: 2/14-16
Dropping exclusively on All-Star Weekend is the first-ever Yeezy Basketball sneaker. Surely enough, it restocked on the adidas App on May 15. And is furthermore expecting a global restock in September. Resale value out the window? We’ll let you decide on that. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Earth/Flax/Tail Light 350

Release Date: 2/22
The year’s first dose of regional Yeezys and Kanye hit us up with three! To stay in the regional loop, the Yeezy Flax restocked in Asia/Africa recently on May 9. Know more about these three Yeezys here.

Orange 700 MNVN

Release Date: 2/28
Orange is the New Black? Yeezy got that right. After the in-store drop of the Triple Black colorway, Orange nylon dominated the market 20 days later! Know more about this Yeezy here.

Desert Sage 350

Release Date: 3/14
A break in the 350 routine is how we perceived Desert Sage. It’s a combination of four different tones that complement each other. Plus that orange collar really made it pop. Know more about this Yeezy here.
New Yeezy 350 - Desert Sage

Yeezy Cinder 350

Release Date: 3/21
There are three release levels to this tinted moneymaker. The Non-Reflective version dropped on the date stated above. The Reflective version revealed itself on 4/4. And it joined in on the famous or infamous Yeezy restock on May 9. Asia-exclusive, mind you. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Yeezy Mist 380

Release Date: 3/25
The first Yeezy 380 of the year and the second in existence (wait till you read the full list) boasted its reflective powers first on 2/29. Ever head of glow-in-the-dark mist? Know more about this Yeezy here.


Alvah 700 V3

Release Date: 4/11
This model is the Yeezy definition of scarcity. Only two available colorways YET. Azael takes on a white colorway and Alvah completes its kin in black. A picture of balance. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Linen 350

Release Date: 4/18
If we were to locate the most neutral Yeezy representative, this would be it. The basic colorway, design, and model choice define the brand’s character. Rumor has it that a Reflective version will drop this year. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Phosphor 700 MNVN

Release Date: 4/24
The soulmate of the “Orange is the New Black”star! It dropped exclusively in NYC, London, and Tokyo. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Sulfur 350

Release Date: 5/9
Talk about QS! We’re still wondering why Kanye chose to drop this Yeezy alongside the restock stampede. Instead of dedicating a spotlight. It’s pretty plain. But passes off as a classic any day!

Tyrian 500 High

Release Date: 5/16
Not to be mistaken for Tyrion Lannister, this shell-dyed inspiration is the second high-cut of silhouette 500. Know more about this Yeezy here. Pretty short on resale value. If you know what we mean.

All Yeezys 2020 Expected to Drop!

Foam Runner

Release Date: June
Also known as the Yeezy Clog made partially from ocean algae. Kanye purchased a foam factory for the likes of this one. In pursuit of sustainable production. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Quantum Barium

Release Date: 6/25
After the massive release of the first Quantum, it’s pretty ballsy of Kanye. To drop a second colorway in the same year. This one takes after a chemical element. And guess what…also three other Yeezy models! Know more about this Yeezy here.

Zebra 350

Release Date: 6/27
If you feel that this is the fifth time you’ve read that Yeezy name, you’re on point! Yeezy Zebra is releasing for the fifth time in three years this June. Worth copping after the money hype’s been shot cold? Ball’s in your court. So here’s a guide for you. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Blue Oat 380

Release Date: July
The third-seen colorway of Model 380 was set to drop on June 20. But due to the tragic circumstances, it got pushed back. But since it’s oat going through its dye-my-hair-blue phase, how much will it value? It’s quirky so it might surprise you. Know more about this Yeezy here.
Yeezy 380 Blue Oat

Zyon 350

Release Date: July
That’s an Oxford Tan-lookalike on Travis Scott Air Max 270 timing! Remember how many times that hype kept us waiting? So Zyon was first set for May 30. Then Yeezy Mafia gave us hope for June 13. But it’s understandable that due to the tragic circumstances it would be pushed back to July. But that’s it, pretty please! Know more about this Yeezy here.

Bone 700 MNVN

Release Date: 7/11
We can explain. This Yeezy was set to drop alongside the Phosphor colorway. Except it was set a day apart for LA, Paris, and Shanghai. Some higher Yeezy power decided to give the bone to LA on July 11. And this is us accepting that fact. Know more about this Yeezy here.

Israfil 350

Release Date: August
Israfil has been long anticipated. It brings back the Desert Sage vibe with its multicolor design. First set for summer, we’re looking at the cup half full for August!

Sky Blue 380

Release Date: Summer
Sky Blue and Blue Oat were announced as a combo. But for some reason, their releases are parting ways. We have no release date yet. But isn’t this easily one of the dreamiest Yeezy colorways ever?! Know more about this Yeezy here.

Anticipated Yeezys FW20!

ALL YEEZYS 2020 ASRIELAsriel 350
Release Date: September

PEPPER ALL YEEZYS 2020Pepper 380
Release Date: September

ALL YEEZYS 2020 CALCITECalcite Glow 380

ALL YEEZYS 2020 HYLTEHylte Glow 380

ALL YEEZYS 2020 AZUREAzure 380

ALL YEEZYS 2020 ABEZAbez 350
Release Date: October

YECHER ALL YEEZYS 2020Yecher 350
Release Date: November

ONYX ALL YEEZYS 2020Onyx 380
Release Date: 11/27

ALL YEEZYS 2020 ELIADAEliada 350
Release Date: December

What the Yeezy Should You Do Now?!

All you have to do now is check out all Yeezys anticipated. And keep an eye on the market. We’ll take care of the rest. By providing you with release dates and early links. But it’s our bot that will actually take care of the hard work for you when and if these sneakers drop! And as for summer sneakers, RT our COVID-19 response and benefit from free updates. We can’t promise you they’ll last till the holidays. But we’ll keep posting giveaways and core update announcements. On our Twitter page. So stay locked! Also FYI, unrevealed images of a rumored Yeezy 380 Lmnte and Supcol are starting to make some noise. Along with a NEW AND IMPROVED Yeezy Basketball!
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