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The Allure of Supreme Apparel

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  • November 15, 2016

Supreme Apparel

Supreme Apparel first opened its doors with a single location on Lafayette Street in Manhattan. In just over twenty years, it has grown into one of the more iconic streetwear apparel designers. The company now has nine locations, including Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo, and its fans line up overnight to purchase new releases as they become available. The company’s fall/winter collection is proving to be no exception to this trend.

Supreme Apparel

Supreme x Blade Fall 2016 Apparel

For portions of its Fall 2016 collection, Supreme collaborated with the Bronx graffiti artist, Blade, to produce hooded sweatshirts and long and short sleeve T-shirts that feature the artist’s iconic designs. The rapper, Gucci Mane, also appears on one of the shirts in this collection.

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Supreme also extended its joint development with Levi’s that had previously generated bright floral denim designs for summer wear jeans and jackets. For the cooler fall season, Supreme and Levi’s introduced a fleece-lined trucker jacket featuring a “Life’s a Bitch, Then you Die” badge, and matching light and dark-colored 505 jeans.

Supreme Apparel

Supreme x Aquascutum 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

Supreme is rarely comfortable with one or two design themes in its collections. Reflecting its appreciation for classic styling and design as well as for modern street style, Supreme teamed up with the London luxury brand, Aquascutum, to produce custom fit raincoats, vests, flannel shirts, long sleeve polos, and cashmere/wool blend scarves. Aquascutum has been a London luxury mainstay since its founding in 1851. The company cemented its reputation with waterproof trench coats that were favored by the British military through the first half of the twentieth century. Aquascutum pushed itself into modern styles with a signature Club Check pattern that it introduced in the 1970’s. Its collaboration with Supreme catapults it further into the psyches of streetwear trendsetters.

Supreme also continued its collaboration with Vans shoes to introduce updated Sk8-Hi Pro and Authentic Pro silhouettes. The Supreme and Van rework of these two classics features printed pattern that combines Supreme’s eye for modern fonts and typography with Van’s trademark checkerboard design.


A quick glance at Supreme Apparel’s website reveals the company’s stylistic preferences as well as the broad range of apparel, shoes, and accessories that the company currently offers. The website minimizes text and clutter in favor of showing off the full line of the company’s products. The site’s opening page features little more than a solid black background with small-font typeface and the company’s white-on-red logo. Individual product pages emphasize visual depictions of the apparel with no accompanying text descriptions. This style and design reveals the loyalty of Supreme’s fanbase, which further explains the high demand for its products and the difficulties that fans encounter when looking for them.

That high demand often causes the websites of retailers to crash or to respond very slowly when new Supreme products become available and fans rush to the website simultaneously to purchase those products. A fan who is dedicated to producing Supreme apparel can utilize an “Another Nike Bot” (“ANB”) or an “All in One” (“AIO”) bot to repeatedly ping a retailer’s website until a connection is established and a product is purchased and paid for. These bots remove the difficulty and frustration that a Supreme Apparel fan might experience when attempting to purchase the company’s products online. They were first developed to assist collectors to purchase hard-to-find sneakers. The bots are equally effective in helping collectors to purchase apparel from companies like Supreme that produce desirable products in limited quantities.

Feel free to contact us for more information about how our ANB/AIO bot can help you connect with the retailers that have an inventory of Supreme products. Our bot will do the work for you and allow you to enjoy Supreme’s iconic styles without having to line up and wait overnight to buy them.

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