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Amazon Freebies Bot: Your Ticket To Scoring Free Products!

By November 29, 2023December 1st, 2023Bot, Retail

AIO Bot - Amazon Freebies Bot - Amazon Freebies BotSo, if you like to buy or sell off Amazon, you might’ve come across Amazon’s Freebies and Deals, or Free Stuff page. And if it weren’t one of the best and most popular E-Commerce platforms out there, you would’ve definitely thought it was some kind of a scam. At the end of the day, seeing items listed for 10 times less than their original price or even priced at $0.00 just doesn’t sit well with you. And we can totally get it. However, one thing you gotta know is that getting free stuff from Amazon is a thing! BUT you gotta put in some work to achieve that. You see, you might need an Amazon Freebies bot to start your journey of scoring free stuff! 

How To Catch Free Stuff From Amazon?

Will you need an Amazon Freebies bot every time you go looking for free items on the retail platform? Well, not really. As we’ve just mentioned, Amazon actually has a “Free Stuff” and “Freebies” sections on its website. 

However, those stuff, even at a price of $0.00 or $10 don’t actually make a difference in your life. For example, you can score some free audiobooks, a Kindle e-book, or a pendant. Not bad for free ietms. But that also means no free PS5s or a Smart TV for you off that page… Yet, who said you can’t actually score even those for free or for one heck of a steep price? 

You got that right, you still can! And all you’ll need is a good Amazon Freebies Bot. And we’re here to give it all to you! 

Amazon Price Errors 

You see, there’s Amazon’s free stuff page and an Amazon Freebies bot. Then, there’s Amazon making errors while pricing products. Yes, this actually happens more frequently than you can imagine. And so when some people caught on that, they took advantage of it. All part of being a human being you know… 

This said, these people were able to come up with what is known as an Amazon price error bot. Which helps buyers score those wrongly-priced items in record times and at nearly 100% off. And other than benefitting from getting items they’ve always wanted nearly for free, buyers also benefit from them in other ways too- ways that make money– and that is through reselling them for great profits.

What Are The Top Freebies Bots 

So, there are certain criteria you have to consider when choosing the best Amazon Freebies bot for you. And you gotta start by looking for availability. Because just like sneaker bots, they tend to run out of stock, which leaves you with two options: buy them off the resale market, rent them, or simply say  “Thank you, next” and look for other options.

After that, you have to monitor their checkouts over the past month, in the least. This will give you an overview of what you’re getting yourself into- a winning or a losing game. Bots usually post such information on their X accounts and discords. Finally, you can check out their reviews via trusted online marketplaces, like Whop. Add them together, and making up your mind about which bot you should pick would be a piece of cake. 

However, you don’t have to go far in search of such information. We’re here to make your life easier by compiling a full list of the best Amazon Freebies bots out there with all needed information included. The list also includes the best cookgroups you can join! 

Enven Bot

Amazon Freebies Bot - Enven Bot


Deals, Discounts, and Freebies Bot
Price: $75 / month + $275 initial (OOS)

Frozen Freebies

Amazon Feebies Bot - Frozen Feebies


Amazon Freebie Software (With Free Discord)
Price: $179 initial + $49.95 / month

NOTE: You’ll need to get some practice into mastering using this bot. Meaning that, it might seem difficult to use at first, but the more you do, the faster you’ll get the hang of it. And to make the most out of deals, we suggest you sign up for Amazon Prime. 

Freebie Frenzy

Amazon Freebies Bot - Freebie Frenzy


Price Error Automation Software
Price: $50.00 / month

Refract Bot



Similar to Prism: scans the internet around the clock. Locates the best deals. Then, automatically buys them
Price: $99 one-time setup fee, $50 / month 


Amazon Freebies Bot - OriginAIO Bot


Automatically Searches Amazon for the Best Deals
Price: $34.99 / month (7 days free)

Horizon Freebies

Horizon Freebies


Another Amazon Freebies Bot: Amazon US Freebie Bot (You can test it out for $5 a week)
Price: $50.00 / month

NOTE: You might come across reviews like this one: “I bought this bot 11/26 i tried to give this bot a chance but almost 2 months later no one is yet to cook anything i believe the Devs are planning an exit soon in 2 months the devs only released 3 updates and only chat once-twice a week avoid this bot at all cost plz.” So, you can go for it at your own risk. 


FlipFlip - AIO Bot


Everything Reselling, From Life Hacks, Discounts, Price Errors, Free Food, and Price Errors, to Glitches. Also includes a FlipFlip Freebies Pro bot.
Price: $10.00 / month for bot + $100 / month for membership

Best Freebie Communities – Best Freebie Cookgroups

Profit Lounge


Focused on Freebies, Price Errors, and Deals
Price: $90.00 / month



Focused on Deals, Price Errors, Food Promos, and more. Freebie ACO
Price: $40.00 / month

Blaze Freebies


Focused on Price Errors, Freebies, Deals, Flips, FBA, and more.
Price: $5 / week

Plugged Inn


Focused on Sneakers, Electronics, Tickets, Freebies, Deals & Discounts!
Price: $11 / week, $38 / month

NOTE: Their discord doesn’t focus much on price errors and freebies.

AK Chefs

Amazon monitor, Frozen Freebie monitor, Bestbuy deals, Walgreens deals, Twitter deals,, Food monitors and promo, Dominos monitor.


Amazon deals, Freebies (across many sites), Travel deals, Gas bot.
Includes an ACO for Freebies or Major Deals.


Amazon, Bestbuy, Macyseals, Target, Walmart, and Freebies deals, and discounts.


Amazon Deals, Food Deals, Price Error Deals.

Soflo Supply

Includes Deals From Random Sites, Food Deals, and Sneaker Deals.
Use Vanity Flips bot and Horizon freebies for info