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Amine New Balance: A Kid From Portland Has His Own Sneaker!

By June 7, 2023August 26th, 2023New Balance, Sneaker News

AIO - Amine New BalanceWe do love some OG sneaker collaborations. But the excitement that comes with a new collab, such as the new Amine New Balance collaboration, just hits differently. Amine has been an Ambassador for NB since 2022, and now he has finally sealed the deal as he’ll be getting his first signature sneaker with NB: New Balance 610 “The Mooz.”

Although Nike dominates the sneaker industry, as it holds nearly 30% of the market share, that doesn’t make them the ONLY epic brand out there. Matter of fact, there are hundreds of sneaker brands in the industry. Some of which are so underrated, they’re still trying their best to punch above their weight. 

However, when it comes to New Balance, we can’t say there’s anything underrated about them. They’ve been making their way into the hall of fame for some time now. And there are times when they steal some of the limelight from the sneaker giants themselves. 

Amine New Balance Collaboration

Adam Aminé Daniel, aka Amine, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. The artist was born and raised and born in Portland. His biggest hit, “Caroline,” a single he debuted in 2016, made his career kick off back then. And that’s when Amine’s name hit the music industry in full force. 

Now, a singer collaborating with a sneaker brand should not surprise you, anymore. Because it became like a ritual, at this point. So, as we mentioned before, Aminé has been New Balance’s ambassador for a while now. He’s been featured in multiple New Balance campaigns. And NB will feature the New Balance 610 silhouette in this launch. 

Amine blew the cover off this Amine New Balance collaboration in a dope way. He posted a promo video on social media featuring him and his friends standing in front of a billboard in his hometown. The billboard reads “A kid From Portland Has His Own Sneaker,” with wooden baskets filled with bananas featured next to it. 

As for how the kicks look, they come in a Brown and Banana Yellow color scheme, which pays homage to the Pacific North West atmosphere. Yellow and Black cover the base, while different brown shades form the overlays. Other details include a double-branded tongue and a floating banana on the heels. Finally, New Balance 610 Mooz will drop on August 25th, 2023, for $160.

Amine New Balance
Release Date: August 25th, 2023
Color Scheme: Desert Palm – True Yellow
Style Code: ML610TAM
Retail Price: $160
Average Resale: $276

Amine New Balance