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ANTA Kyrie Irving Deal: Uncle Drew’s Really Living His Best Life!

ANTA Kyrie Irving AIO BotToday is a good day. You know why? Because we finally have news of Kyrie Irving’s latest business deals! If you’re a basketball and sneaker fan, then you already know what went down in 2022. You see, the Kanye Adidas breakup drama triggered a chain reaction. And that eventually led to Nike suspending Kyrie Irving over a controversial tweet. But now, it seems that Irving moved on and is ready to take on a bigger role when it comes to his signature line. So, let’s take a look at the ANTA Kyrie Irving deal and what we should expect!

What Led to the 2023 Deal?

If you wanna know how we got to the ANTA Kyrie Irving deal, you gotta know what went down in 2022. Although we talked about it all in detail here, there ain’t no harm in repetition! In November 2022, Kyrie promoted via Twitter a film that had antisemitic connotations. And this led to a backlash, especially with Kanye’s incident the previous month. This led to the Brooklyn Nets suspending Irving for 8 games. But that wasn’t the worst of it, because Nike immediately cut ties with Kyrie. That was really sad because y’all know how popular Kyries were, and still are, in the NBA.

ANTA Kyrie Irving: Will It Change the Equation?

On July 12, 2023, Kyrie took to Twitter to announce his new shoe deal with the Chinese brand ANTA. However, according to him, this is more than a shoe deal, and he’s right! Why? Because he’s not joining the brand as an ordinary athlete. He will actually be the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of the basketball division. That way, he’ll have the freedom to collaborate and even recruit other athletes.

ANTA Shock Wave 5When Will the First ANTA Kyrie Irving Shoes Drop?

Now that Kyrie and ANTA signed their deal, we can expect new signature kicks. However, these aren’t due until 2024. In the meantime, sources said that he will wear the ANTA Shock Wave 5 during the 2023-24 NBA season. And if we’re really honest about it, this silhouette fits perfectly with Kyrie’s personality. It even looks like some of his older Nike Kyrie designs, so there’s that.

How Does This Deal Affect the Brand and the Market?

If Kyrie and ANTA play their cards right, this partnership/appointment will send waves through the basketball industry. You see, the Chinese sneaker market is breaking through the location barrier on retail and resale levels. In fact, ANTA already has contracts with multiple NBA players, including Klay Thompson. And with Kyrie’s new appointment, more athletes will definitely join in. So, for now, all we have to do is sit back and watch how this all will unfold next season! In the meantime, check out these beach shoes to live your best summer life!