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What Is An Arbitrum NFT Marketplace: An L2 Network Solution

By April 7, 2023NFTs

Arbitrum NFT Marketplace - AIO BotSo, now that we’ve established that NFTs are very much still a thing, there’s a lot to discuss. And, with the growing demand for non-fungible tokens, a growing demand for new scaling solutions. In other words, this is the need for an Arbitrum NFT marketplace.

Basically, Arbitrum is THE most popular and in-demand Ethereum Layer 2 network that has over $1 billion in assets. This includes all kinds of DeFi and NFT applications that need proper marketplaces to buy and sell. Let’s start with: what is an Arbitrum NFT marketplace?



First, before we jump right into an Arbitrum NFT marketplace, we have to understand what an Arbitrum is. So, Arbitrum is a new Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. A New York-based company, Off-Chain Labs, developed this solution to sit on top of Layer 1. Ultimately, this is a solution for cheaper and faster transactions.

Arbitrums reduce congestion and traffic on the main blockchain by validating transactions separately. And then, they integrate these transactions into the main chain. The concept for an Arbitrum NFT marketplace launched last year and has since then gotten a lot of traction! And so, we’ve had several Arbtirum solutions to hosting their dApps. Don’t be confused! Let’s explain more.

How does ARBITRUM work?

Next, the second part of understanding what an Arbitrum NFT marketplace work is understanding how Arbitrum work. So, basically, Arbitrum works by combining multiple transactions into one. This lowers the all-in-all cost of on-chain transactions and boosts scalability. 

Ethereum blockchain works on 14 transactions per second. On the other hand, Arbitrum works on close to 40,000 transactions per second.
Where a transaction on Ethereum can cost up to several dollars in gas fees and other fees. Arbitrum transactions cost up to a few cents at most. 

So, the way that an Arbitrum NFT marketplace works is by using “optimistic” rollups. All of this means that they work and settle transactions on the side of the chain. And then, they feed them into the main Ethereum blockchain through Arbitrum.

Advantages of an Arbitrum NFT Marketplace

  • Lowering operating costs
  • The growing expansion of the dApp ecosystem
  • More extensive range of developer tools
  • Lower gas fees than Ethereum
  • Reduce the load on the Ethereum mainnet

Top Arbitrum NFT Marketplace Picks

An Arbitrum NFT marketplace is a great choice for Layer 2 Ethereum solution. So, if you want to make non-fungible token transactions at lower costs and faster speed, this is for you. All of this helps you on your journey to making money online with NFTs and maybe even earning passive income. But, Arbitrum or not, there are a lot of things to learn when it comes to non-fungible tokens.

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