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Are NFTs Still a Thing? Down or Dead? Future of NFTs at “Stake” 

By March 23, 2023NFTs

Are NFTs Still a Thing - AIO BotThe only type of “stake” that we like our NFTs to be is actual NFT staking. Other than that, we’re not interested. So, hearing about the future of NFTs being “at stake”, can be a bit worrying. However, is the future really in jeopardy? Are NFTs still a thing? Are they down or dead? So many questions surrounding the fate of non-fungible tokens in 2023. And, we’re here to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

All of these questions began with the most recent market crash that happened in 2022. At that time, everyone was so sure that non-fungible tokens were reaching a flatline. But, this crash came after an unprecedented, never-been-seen-before market BOOM in 2021. Everyone who could get their hands on a fraction of an NFT was buying their way into the crypto space. On the other hand, NFT rug pulls were on the rise and the weirdest collections were releasing. All in all, it was pretty messy.

Yes, the market did change. But, what does that mean for the future of non-fungible tokens in 2023? Are NFTs still a thing this year? Let’s take a look at what made NFTs boom and what caused the market to change. And, based on that, we’ll make a decision.

But first!

NFT_Future - AIO BotWe’ll get into the question of: are NFTs still a thing… in a MINUTE. Before you get into it, you have to know that despite everything and all the rumors; people are making money! People are still making a lot of money from NFTs online.

And we’re talking a LOT of money.

So, regardless of everything that’s happening, one thing’s for sure: NFTs are here to stay. It’s all about filtering and fine-tuning now. But, if you play your cards right, you’ll still be able to make money too. All you need is the proper amount of knowledge and information. All of this you can get by joining our FREE hub for NFT knowledge!


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Are NFTs Still a Thing?


Are NFTs Still a Thing - AIO BotSo, there is one direct answer to the question: are NFTs still a thing… YES, they are. Granted, people are not making BILLIONS of dollars in profit from non-fungible tokens. But, they are making MILLIONS… and we’ll take a couple of millions ANY day! However, in being honest, there are a lot of factors that made people ask questions.

  • First, inflation hit all industries like a gigantic truck! It basically cut NFT investor funds significantly which affected trading volumes. Inflation hit everyone, even sneakerheads! So, it was not just non-fungible tokens. This also does not reflect the growth potential of the NFT market!
  • Second, are NFTs a thing that’s sinking? If so, why would the biggest brands in the world invest in it? We now have more retail NFT stores than ever, digital sneakers, and a whole lot more. The more brands invest in this space, the more it stays alive!
  • Third, gaming and blockchain are still in motion and development. Why would people focus so much on growing the Metaverse if there is no place for non-fungible tokens in it? A little food for thought, right?

Basically, what we’re trying to say is that NFTs are still a thing… but, not the same as it was before! Actually, now it’s more than ever about the reality of what they were created for. NFTs will now stand for what they truly represent, not just another way to make money online! If you’re a true connoisseur, you’ll make it through!