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Are Sneaker Bots Illegal? Find Your Answer Here!

By July 15, 2021August 12th, 2023Bot, Food for thought

Are Sneaker Bots Illegal - Answered - AIO BotSo, this is an age-old argument amongst sneakerheads starting out in the game. A random question that pops up in sneaker cook groups every now and then. Are sneaker bots illegal? Let’s be real for a minute. You know, sometimes this idea crosses your mind as you’re getting your bot set up. It makes you a bit anxious! But then the release starts, you cop some heat, and you forget all about it! 

Fr, though. All jokes aside. If you’re going to the slammer, which sneaker would you choose to take with you? One sneaker out of your entire sneaker collection! Now THAT’S tough… 

Anyway, we’re here to finally put this debate to rest once and for all. Are sneaker bots illegal? We’ve got all the answers you need. 

Are Sneaker Bots Illegal?
Getting the Orange Jumpsuit Ready!

Are Sneaker Bots Illegal - The Greatest Flex - AIO BotCan we be real with you a bit? Don’t freak out, though. We’re just thinking aloud and putting all the possibilities in. Are sneaker bots illegal? There must be reasons why people would question this, and it’s totally reasonable!

Sneaker bots don’t “steal” the sneakers from the websites you’re buying from. They don’t magically buy sneakers at discounted prices. And, they definitely don’t make retailers lose money! The only things that shoe bots “steal” are opportunities from the slowpokes running manually.

That’s definitely not illegal! 

Are sneaker bots illegal because they help you cop in bulk? HECK NO! Yes, yes, we totally know about the “one sneaker per buyer” rule, but we’re not breaking the rules here. We’re bending them a little. Utilizing a few of the best proxies to cop multiple sneakers is NOT illegal. If it were, proxy providers would basically be like secret dealers! People are just mad they didn’t do it first. Proxies have been used for so long for stuff like research and shopping retail. So, it’s not just us!

And besides, store policies state that each person gets one sneaker. Well, each proxy is virtually a separate person! No harm, no foul.

Talk Legislation to me

How to Make Money From Home - AIO_BotAre sneaker bots illegal? Let’s check the big rule book! 

According to the 18 U.S. Code 668 – Title 18, Part I, Chapter 31
A person who—
(1) steals or obtains by fraud from the care, custody, or control of a museum any object of cultural heritage; or
(2) knowing that an object of cultural heritage has been stolen or obtained by fraud if in fact the object was stolen or obtained from the care, custody, or control of a museum (whether or not that fact is known to the person), receives, conceals, exhibits, or disposes of the object,
—shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

Sneakers are artwork, are they not? Well, maybe not technically, but close enough. Still, they definitely did not mention sneaker bots. There is no mention of any type of shopping bots in general! We checked!

Speaking of laws, the huge reason behind the illegal buzz is the 2016’s BOTS Act. But don’t let the word BOTS fool you. It’s actually a law for ticket sellers – it stands for Better Online Ticket Sales, not actual bots. But, either way, we ain’t buying tickets. So, don’t panic! Just because it says BOTS, doesn’t mean it’s sneaker bots.

So, are sneaker bots illegal? No. Sneaker bots are NOT illegal. They do not violate any law, they just annoy a group of people in the industry. But, that’s why they use anti-bot security systems like Akamai – to level the game!

In short, to all them haters, we’re here to stay! If people get to keep Walmart bots, we’re keeping sneaker bots.

Now that you’ve got that peace of mind, how about getting yourself a sneaker bot as a reward! If there’s one thing we think should be illegal, it’s overpriced bots! Botting should make you money, not cost you money. Trust us on this. We know that a proper-working sneaker bot shouldn’t be expensive. Don’t bother waiting for an expensive-ass restock! Press the button below and find all of the best available bots for sale right now!