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Sell Your Yeezys NOW! Are Yeezys Losing Their Value & Hype? [2021]

By September 10, 2021July 21st, 2023Adidas, Yeezy

Are Yeezys Losing Their Value - Are Yeezys Dead - AIO BotAre Yeezys DEAD? Are Yeezys losing their value? Should YOU sell your Yeezys ASAP? Calm down! Do not freak out. Just keep reading to find out more about the buzz-generating sneakers!

So, Yeezys have been in the game since the year 2012. Although Kanye West began his sneaker-journey with the Swoosh, two years later he joined the Three Stripes ranks. But, the thing that made people want them, even more, was their value on the resale market.

Kanye is a marketing genius that has helped build his 1.8-BILLION dollar empire! This also made his sneakers literally EXPLODE on resale. Here are a few examples to prove:

Adidas Yeezy Model Date Released Retail Value Avg. Resale Value
Yeezy Boost 350 Turtledove 06/27/2015 $200 $1641
Yeezy Boost 750  Light Brown 02/14/2015 $350 $2006
Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Ararat 06/26/2020 $75 $581
Yeezy Slide Desert Sand 12/06/2019 $55 $385
Yeezy 700 V3 Azael 12/23/2019 $200 $757

So, obviously, you can see that Yeezys made a whole lot of money for people who copped at the time. It was so easy to make at least a grand flipping ONE Yeezy. But, since we’re feeling so scientific and analyzing shit, let’s check out more recent Yeezys:

Adidas Yeezy Model Date Released Retail Value Avg. Resale Value
Yeezy Foam Runner MX Cream Clay 08/02/2021 $80 $312
Yeezy Slide Core 04/26/2021 $55 $226
adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Sun 01/23/2021 $240 $539
Yeezy 450 Cloud White 03/06/2021 $200 $446
Yeezy Desert Boot Taupe Blue  03/29/2021 $200 $310

Are Yeezys Dead? The Analysis

So, what does this mean for Yeezys? Are Yeezys dead?  Looking at the charts, you can obviously see that between 2015 and 2019; Yeezys were at an all-time high! 

You could have literally run your sneaker bot at ONE release to cop ONE Yeezy and make CASH money! But now, there are some drops that you should cop two or three to make the same resale.

What does this mean? Should you sell your Yeezys while you still have the time? We’re here to actually give it a lot of thought, and analyze Kanye West’s Yeezy brand. Adidas seems like it has one foot in the grave, and the promised return is still pending. And then, with them offloading Reebok recently, things do feel a bit scary. To say the least.

Thus, let’s put this all to rest once and for all. Are Yeezys dead? What should we expect moving forward? And, should you sell your Yeezys NOW?

Are Yeezys Losing Value?

2019 2020 2021
Model Avg. Resale Value Model Avg. Resale Value Model Avg. Resale Value
Black $534 Earth $403 Light $275
Hyperspace $459 Flax  $370 Ash Blue  $297
Cloud White $417 Cinder $398 Mono Ice $289

Why would people think that Yeezys are losing value? Well, if we take a look at one of the most popular Yeezy silhouettes – the Yeezy Boost 350 – you’ll see. 

Let’s compare the last three years and the top three Yeezys with the best resale value. Looking at them side by side does definitely raise some questions. Note that they all retail for $220 and have almost similar release criteria. So, what caused this change?

A lot of people credit this to the Yeezy supply and demand chain. You see, a long time ago, Kanye made a vow that EVERYONE in the world will have Yeezys. He wanted to make sure that, at some point, everyone owned a pair. And, he’s making sure to do just that with Yeezy restocks and general stock level. 

If you wanna read more on the Kanye supply/demand strategy, click on the button below.

Learn-moreIs Kanye Losing IT?

Mental health is something you can never joke about. But, losing your mind for a while is so much different than losing your touch. And, let’s face it, Kanye has been through a lot of shit in the past two years. Did this affect the hype and genius-ness behind the Yeezy?

Kanye had to go through
– Trying to keep up his mental health battle
– A global pandemic due to COVID19
– Getting a divorce from an 8-year long marriage
– Having said divorce from Kim Kardashian herself!
– He had to move out over 500 pairs of Yeezys out of his home
– Living in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium while working on his new album
– Rekindling his beef with Drake who leaked a ‘Donda’ outtake

That is definitely a lot to take, even for a man like Kanye West. And people feel the vibe, makes them feel anxious and toys with the resale. Whenever Kanye says or does anything, the resale takes a hit. So, are people really getting bored of the ‘Ye rollercoaster?

Where Did the Yeezy Marketing Go?

Are Yeezys Dead - AIO Bot#1 Rule: Never think before you speak your mind on social media
#2 Rule: Get other celebrities to wear your merch
#3 Rule: Get other celebrities to dress up as YOUR WIFE dressed up in your merch
#4 Rule: Nudity is the way to the most epic marketing
#5 Rule: Give away free stuff in armored trucks!

Kanye West is a self-proclaimed Christian Genius Billionaire, and he truly is! Also, for a long time, ‘Ye has schooled us in the art of out-of-the-box marketing. We’ve all had Marketing 101 classes without even realizing it…

Now, although his ex-wife Kim K still sports his Yeezys, his approach to marketing is completely different. As a matter of fact, it seems like he went off the rails of marketing. He was even spotted wearing some Nike Vandals! Either that’s extremely reckless or super genius. We have no idea.

The Truth of the Matter

So, are Yeezys dead? Short answer: No.

Are Yeezys losing their value? Also no.

In short, Yeezys are not dead and they have not yet lost their value. As long as Kanye stays Kanye, we can’t ever expect them to disappear. Yeezys are still one of the most coveted sneakers in existence with a long history to back them up! And just because ‘Ye says he wants to make them available to ALL, doesn’t mean he can. Let’s not forget, we’re the ones with the bots.

No, you can’t make a thousand dollars off of one release. But, thanks to sneaker bots and epic proxies, you can cop Yeezys in bulk. This will still make you a lot of money. Whether we like to admit it or not, hypebeasts and Yeezy-heads still keep the empire running. And, honestly, the day Yeezys die is the day that Adidas goes under. No cap.