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What are Backdoor Sneakers, and How Can You Catch Them?

By May 25, 2023Food for thought, Sneakers

AIO - Backdoor SneakersBackdoor Sneakers: what are they, and how do people catch them? You see, after sneakerheads threw a fit after Nike canceled Jarritos Dunks orders, theories on why they’d do such a thing arose. And one of those theories was that some retailers managed to backdoor a number of these kicks that there weren’t enough left for the orders made on Nike SNKRS

They do say the sneaker industry is all about connections. So, whether you know someone important in the industry or you join a good cook group, it will definitely come in handy, later on. At the end of the day, no one would say no to buying a bunch of pairs of hyped Jordans. But when you’re not the one with the connections, you tend to feel the real burn. So, let’s see what backdoor sneakers are, and what advantages it brings retailers.

What are Backdoor Sneakers? 

Backdoor Sneakers NikeNo sneakerhead would ever feel okay buying a pair of fake sneakers. But what they hate more than seeing a pair of cheap knockoffs is taking Ls on copping days. So, just like they came out with sneaker botting, some came up with the idea of backdoor sneakers. 

So, backdoor sneakers are basically limited-edition sneakers people attain before or on the day they drop. They do that so they wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of sneaker copping online, or waiting in line to enter a raffle

Moving on, sneaker backdooring happens when sneaker stores sell their stock before the official release time. This results in a very low supply for people who have been waiting ages for the drop. In other words, backdooring became an issue since some individuals issued complaints about unfairness in distributions. 

In addition, backdooring is mostly associated with skate shops. They usually give early access to hyped releases, and buyers pay them a particular percentage for every pair get, in return. Store managers also usually sell in bulk, and that’s due to the fact that most backdoor customers are resellers. Loyal customers deserve special treatment and some exclusive access, you know… 

The Massive Backdoor Sneakers Scandal: Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room

Two years ago, Marcus Jordan- MJ’s son- collaborated with Nike on the Air Jordan 1 Chicago. The result was an Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room– named after the name of Marcus’s skate shop. So, Nike limited the Air Jordan Trophy Room to 12,000 pairs. However, sneakerheads started flexing these kicks on social media way before the official release date. 

This didn’t sit well with many, as they blamed Marcus for allowing access to backdoor sneakers. They also accused him of reselling them for hefty prices on resale platforms, later on. In response, Marcus accused thieves and implied they stole them from Nike’s distribution center. Thing is, the shop didn’t just backdoor a pair or two. However, Trophy Room backdoored thousands of AJ1 Trophy Rooms to the point where they hardly left several thousand pairs for the official drop that took place on Nike SNKRS.  

Air Jordan 1 Trophy RoomMarcus’ Response to it all? “If it ain’t got a blue lace, they didn’t come from us,” he declared. Mind you, the blue-laced Trophy Rooms were exclusive for Friends and Family… 

All in all, backdoor sneakers won’t and can’t just disappear in the blink of an eye. So, if you’re a sneaker-enthusiast, you got two choices: either complain about unfairness and quit the game, or learn the way others are succeeding at it. But since it’s a little bit difficult to develop a connection with sneaker store owners, you can always play it smart and get yourself a great sneaker bot! Click below for your ultimate guide on how to buy sneakers AT RETAIL on drop day. 

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